Blue Tree

Today was a family day! We haven’t had a family day in quite a long time so it was nice to go out with the family and do something. We left late in the morning and decided to go to the mountains and have a picnic and go for a hike and stuff. It was soooo nice outside, like 68 degrees, with a slight breeze.


We went to Blue Tree Group Camp and ate some sammiches there. Sadly, I did not see any blue trees 😥

That would’ve been awesome to see and take photos of x) But instead my lens made friends with some cacti, pine cones, flowers, and random shrooms along our hike.

Enjoy these photos from my nature hike today(:





8EF2F580-7156-4AE7-A159-D5D02EDBA183-9939-000007D402DEEDE4_zpscab21468 9645419C-46A1-4E4B-B826-D24D03CC9333-9939-000007D3FABD162D_zpsaf8e959cF730B8B9-4F26-43E8-AD8A-209DDEAA01E2-9939-000007D3BBCB5F38_zps0aa22afe




Hope you enjoyed my photos!(:

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