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Bunionectomy: 10 Weeks

I apologize for the late update on my Bunionectomy this time around! I’ve been going out a lot and haven’t had time to write up any posts. And I’m kind of lazy x) But at the moment I am free and not doing anything of great importance, so I’m here typing up a few different posts for you guys(:

This one is obviously about my second Bunionectomy surgery that I had in mid January.

It is now 10 weeks post op! After 6 weeks is when I could start walking again, so I have been on my feet for nearly 4 weeks now. And just like last time, I didn’t have any trouble getting back on my feet. I just put some pressure on it and started walking just fine. Of course with a limp though because I had the big clanky walking boot on for about a week more. But since the swelling in my foot isn’t that bad at all, I was able to fit my foot into my vans shoe and wear them(: So yay for being back in my shoes! 😀

Of course with my normal shoes at first, I still walked with a limp because I wasn’t putting full weight on it and it also wasn’t familiar with the natural bend at the toes movement while walking since it’s been a while x) But because I’ve been walking A LOT, and I can’t stress A LOT enough, my foot got its groove back and I’m walking normally now.

My foot’s obviously not 100%, but it’s well enough where I can be out and about, walking around and even jog a bit. I’m still not able to stand on my toes of course, that’ll take another month or two to get that ability back. I actually forgot that I couldn’t do that yet and when I was at the store I was standing on my toes with my weight mostly on my right foot, and I set that foot down so my weight was on my left foot now and since I couldn’t hold up my weight with my toes yet, my foot kinda fumbled and I was like.. Oh yeah.. Forgot I can’t do that yet. It’s kind of like when you’re standing or walking and your leg gives way at the knee and you stumble x)

I feel like I haven’t talked about my Bunionectomy in the longest time, I don’t even know what to say about it. Lol

But just to sum it up, everything is well. My recovery is happening very fast, must faster than last time, I’m healing properly, and everything looks good. I’m not having foot pains when walking or anything.

Here’s some photos I took of my foot earlier.



My scars next to each other x)



Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and stayed on top of these updates and my other posts!

Have a great day, everyone!(:


Bunionectomy: Sweet Relief

Today is day 18 post op, and I went to the doctor for some xrays and to get my stitches removed. After telling my doctor about my fall the other day, she looked at my xrays, told me that everything looked fine, however the screws in my foot did move a little bit out of place. She says it shouldn’t effect the overall healing of my foot, but there is a lot of bruising and swelling going on from it. She says I was lucky that my bones didn’t split. I was pretty relieved to know I didn’t damage my foot too bad.

After that, she removed my stitches, put more of that white antibiotic cream over my incision, which she said looked really good, then put new dressings over my foot.

And that was pretty much it. I didn’t get to take photos of my foot from today cause things moved pretty fast and I wasn’t really thinking about it. I was just glad my foot was alright. Maybe I’ll take photos in a few days just to record the progress.

My next appointment is in 4 weeks on March 5th, which will be 6 weeks post op, and 6 weeks means I can start walking again. Four weeks is going to feel like forever though. These last two weeks have felt like a month and it’s sucked, so four weeks, ugh. I seriously have little to no patience.

Bunionectomy: 2 Weeks

Ugh. The last hour was very, very traumatic.

I was in constant, severe pain after I fell off my knee walker and took a step with my bad foot. Like, I literally fell to the side and put my foot down and put so much damn pressure on it. I’d say about 75% of my body weight. I did have my boot on, but man, as soon as I pressed that foot down with that amount of pressure, I was lying down and crying on the floor hysterically. I was horrified. I had to call my dad and wake him up to come to my room and help me relax, get up, and ice it.

This makes me really worried. Could it be bruised? Could I have messed up the healing process of the inside of my foot? My foot is, of course, still swollen but I know I didn’t rip my incision because thankfully there was no bleeding. If there was bleeding after that step, I most definitely messed something up.

I am on strict orders of ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT BEAR for 6 weeks. Today marked exactly 2 weeks. That’s especially too soon to even think about having any kind of pressure on my foot. There’s a reason why there’s supposed to be no weight bear for 6 weeks; the tissue needs to heal, and so does my bones, which has three screws in it. Putting any kind of weight on my foot this early can disrupt the healing process, making it even longer, and very possibly fracture my bones surrounding the screws, or the screws could move out of place and my bones will heal incorrectly in the wrong place. All of these are possibilities.

I really just hope I didn’t mess anything up by taking that intense step.

It’s been a little over an hour since it happened and my foot is still in a lot of pain, even though I am currently icing it and took a pain pill. It’s intensely throbbing and I’m feeling very sharp pains. I’m hoping that icing it will keep my foot from swelling even more, if it is, and just keep my foot alright until morning. I guess I’ll just see what happens tomorrow, if I have any more pain or if it’s bruised or anything.

I visit the doctor for the second time on the 4th, and I’m taking xrays and having my stitches removed, so hopefully my doctor will be able to tell me whether or not I disrupted anything.

Btw, this is why I try my best to not move much or at all and just stay in bed unless I need to pee. I never want to risk getting hurt, bumping my foot, or experiencing what just happened. All I was trying to do was turn the light on, and I paid the price for it.

I just hope everything will be alright with my foot.

[Next day update: My foot is still in pain from last night. It’s not as painful as it was, but still way more painful than it has been for the normal days. I’ve been icing it all night and I am currently still icing it, hoping it will make a difference. The pain has moved from under my foot, where it really hurt last night, to the top of my foot on the right side where my incision is. It is also a little red near the middle of the incision where the screws are. Honestly don’t know what this means, but hopefully everything will be alright.]

Bunionectomy: Day 10

I’m starting to feel a lot better. Today is day 10 post op and my pain is finally starting to die down and be a tolerable amount where I don’t need my pain meds anymore. HALLELUJAH!

My days consist of literally staying in bed all day and watching movies on my laptop, watching tv, or just sleeping. I only get up from bed to go to the bathroom. Then I come back to my bed and just relax. That’s the best thing I can do for myself and my healing foot is to just relax. Even the littlest movement will start to cause me pain, so it’s best to just stay still and rest.

I did take photos of my foot yesterday and it looks kinda gross cause of the antibiotic cream my doctor put over my incision. The cream is white so over my incision and over my stitches and over some blood, it looks grossly awesome.

You can see better in these photos what I was talking about in my previous post where the pain I was feeling felt like my incision was ripping apart and it actually was. At the top how there’s ugly dried blood on the bandage, that’s coming from the very first stitch. My skin was ripping apart right there from the swelling and it still leaks foot juices sometimes.



Next week I go back to the doctor for some xrays and to get my stitches removed, so I’m excited for that. It’s only been ten days since I’ve had my surgery but it seriously feels like I’ve been this way for 3 weeks, which is a sucky feeling. But I feel like I am healing very very fast, just like last time.

I don’t have much to say about my foot so I guess I’ll just end it here x)

Have a great day, everyone(:

Bunionectomy Day 5: Frankenfoot

Today is day 5 post op since my Bunionectomy and Osteotomy, and also my first doctor’s visit revealing my foot for the first time after surgery.

Disclaimer: This will probably be a lengthy post because I have a lot to say about today and what happened. So bear with me here.

Warning: This post contains photos of my foot just 5 days after surgery that may be graphic to some people. There is some blood, stitches, bruising and swelling, and I would suggest stopping at the last warning towards the bottom if you are not comfortable looking at surgery photos.

But just like last time, I post these photos to show the progress of my foot, and to give my readers a look at how my foot is healing, its appearance, and what to expect if they are having this surgery done. Hopefully these posts will be useful and helpful to anyone who is curious about or is having this same surgery. These are just to show you my personal experiences.

To see previous posts regarding my surgery the first time, done on my right foot, you can visit the categories section in the left column of the page and click the ‘First Procedure: Right Foot’ sub-category to view them, or CLICK HERE to be redirected in a new tab.

All bunion related posts will be categorized in the ‘All About The Bunion’ category, but also sub-categorized into whether it was the right foot or left foot, since they are different experiences.

Let’s get on with today’s post!

This time around, this experience with my left foot has been very different from last times experience with my right. This time I do have pain. Very very intense pains that are a little hard to describe. I definitely need my pain medication this time and I’m real glad I have them.

Today started off around 4:30am with me waking up to some foot pains. I hadn’t taken any pain medication the day before because I honestly didn’t need them. The little bit of pain I had was tolerable, so that extreme dose of meds was not necessary and I was able to go through the day, fall asleep without them and not have extensive pain. But then I woke up around 4:30 with these weird and annoyingly painful foot pains that literally felt like my foot, where the incision had been made, was pulling/peeling apart and ripping open. And THAT was not a pleasant feeling. But then I was like, ‘No, that can’t happen, it’s just surgery pains. My incision isn’t ripping and pulling apart.’ But I’ll explain later that I was wrong and that indeed did happen.

I called my dad and woke him up to tell him I definitely needed my pain meds now, so my mom came in and gave one to me. And I was able to fall asleep a while after around 6am-ish.

Then I woke up later around 1pm with no real foot pain. I’m just glad that I was able to go to sleep and not feel anything, and actually have a good rest.

My doctor’s appointment was at 4:00 today so we had to leave the house around 3:30. At 3:00, I wheeled myself to the bathroom so I could get ready and look decent, so I just fixed my hair and makeup.

I should probably mention that I do have my knee walker again from last time, so no crutches for me. But even though I do have my knee walker to rest my knee on, enabling me to move freely around the house more efficiently, after being on it for just a couple minutes I start to feel really sick and exhausted. My leg and foot starts to tingle and my foot starts to ache and I have a different kind of pain in my ankle that is pretty painful. So I can’t move around too much, or at all really. Not that I try to. The most moving around I do is when I get out of bed to shuffle to the bathroom. And that takes an immense amount of energy. Seriously.

But after I fixed myself up a bit, I sat back down on my bed and elevated my foot, and my foot was leaking this half blood half something else liquid substance. It was brown like dried blood and it kind of freaked me out because I was thinking ‘Wtf is this? I’m going to the doctor today, it should be dried up and healing, not leaking fluids…’ Last time I did have blood flowing profusely out from the bandages the first day but that was because I set my foot down for a second the first time I tried to go to the bathroom. But this was the fifth day and that leaking shouldn’t be happening. So I was a little worried.

When we got to the doctor, luckily I was taken back right away. The nurse started to unwrap my bandages and dressings and oh gosh, I started crying because my foot started hurting so bad. It’s not because the nurse wasn’t careful or gentle, because she was; but my foot was just not having it. It was throbbing and then began this constant pain generating from the incision area that was just awful. She removed the splint, thank goodness, and continued to remove the bandages.

The last clean bandage was removed and the next one was covered in blood. She removed what she could and stopped when the bandage was stuck to my incision cause she didn’t want to pull anything.

Shortly after, my doctor came in and we talked for a bit. I described to her what I had been feeling the last five days and how my foot was leaking earlier and how in the morning it felt like my foot was peeling apart. After looking at my foot, she sprayed some solution on the bloody bandages that were stuck to me from a glob of blood and said that it would help to loosen it so she can easily remove it without it snagging or pulling. It came off clean, and after inspecting my foot, she told me everything looks great(:

Of course there is a lot of swelling going on, but my bone is straight. Then she continued to explain that what I was feeling about my foot peeling apart was pretty accurate. She told me because of the swelling, my foot is obviously expanding and what it’s doing is literally pulling on my stitches, causing me all that pain and causing that excess blood drip and glob in the bandages. My foot was so swollen, it actually was putting pressure on my stitches and yanking them, which she could see from looking at the top of my stitches.

She put an antibiotic cream over my incision and put new dressings on it, and put me into a walking boot. I was very relieved to be in a walking boot rather than that splint because my foot couldn’t breathe in it. It’s just great to have that option of taking the boot off for a bit and letting my foot breathe than having to have it on all day.

My ankle is also very swollen and it hurts just as much as my foot. Turning my foot to the side when I have to get out of bed to pee is painful because of it.

At the doctor’s, we also talked about how different this experience has been so far compared to the last one, as far as pain goes. I explained that last time she had given me a numbing block after surgery and that literally lasted me like two days and was a big help and played the main role as to why I wasn’t having any pain; and how this time when I went home from surgery, I was able to FEEL my foot. It wasn’t numb at all like last time. Before I left the hospital, the nurse pressed down on my toe and I could feel everything, like it wasn’t even numb at all. Which ultimately contributed to me feeling the pain. I wasn’t supposed to feel that pain because my foot was supposed to still be numb like last time, but that wasn’t the case. My doctor was a little startled that the same day of my surgery when I went home, I was able to feel my foot and move my toes.

She told me that last time for my right foot, she had personally injected my foot with the numbing block, and this time she had the nurse do it because she was stitching me up. The nurse obviously missed her mark or didn’t do it right because I went home being able to feel it completely.

But overall, everything went well with my foot, it looks good, and all should heal fine in time.

And now for photos!(:

Warning: If you don’t like seeing surgery photos, I would suggest you stop reading here. The photos are of my foot, with some bloody bandages, and then of my swollen foot and toes, my incision and stitches.

I personally don’t think these photos are too bad, but out of respect for others, I wanted to put warnings letting them know what these photos are.


This is just a photo of the nurse beginning to take off my dressings. You can see at the top of the dressings some blood is coming through.


Front view of my foot with the bandage stuck on it from the blood. But you can see that the first metatarsal is very straight(:


Side view with the bandages still on.


Close up of ugly bloody toes and the glob of blood that was gluing that bandage to me. You can also see on my big toe where the blood was leaking and dripping down.


Here’s my Frankenfoot after the bandage was removed. You can see all the swelling and bruising going on on my foot and under my second and third toes. Look at those meaty sausage toes! My stitches are blue and you can’t really see it, but at the top is where it was swelling and pulling those stitches and ripped the skin just a little causing it to bleed. You can also see how swollen my ankle is 😦


Wow, that second toe is really fat. Lol

— —

Well that’s it for today’s update. I will continue to update you on my foot as time passes. I believe my next doctor visit is in 13 days, so February 4th, I believe. And that’s when I’ll be getting my first set of xrays done and having my stitches removed. I’m excited to see the progress of my foot within those days. I just hope that the pain will die down and won’t be too much for me where I need to take the pain meds. I hate those and how they make me feel.

I will stay in my bed, limit my mobility to just going to the bathroom, and keep icing my foot so that the swelling will go down in both my foot and my ankle.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great night, everyone(:

Bunionectomy: Day 3 and Movie Boredom

Today is day 3 since I’ve had my second Bunionectomy and Osteotomy surgery on my left foot, and I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been taking my antibiotics as prescribed and my pain meds if needed. I try not to take my pain meds cause I don’t like how they make me feel, but sometimes the pain is a little too much to tolerate.

My extreme pain meds are the strongest ones you can possibly get and once they start kicking in, about an hour later for me, I start to feel like the room is spinning, my eyes are heavy and closing, I’m just loopy and drowsy and not all there and my speech starts to slur like I’m on drugs. Well, … I basically am x)

Since I can’t go anywhere or do anything or barely move around my room without feeling sick like I’m about to pass out, I’ve just been in bed watching movies on my laptop and falling asleep here and there. So I thought I’d share with you the movies that I’ve been watching since I’ve had my surgery.

Here are the movies I’ve watched so far, complete with their original movie trailers(:

1. About Time

I hesitated on watching this one since the previews didn’t seem to interest me, but I decided to watch it because it has Rachel McAdams in it and she’s definitely one of my favorite actresses. And I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I really enjoyed it. It was funny, cute, sad, and just all around a good film to watch. I thought it was an almost perfect film(:

2. Fast & Furious 6

Big big fan of all the previous Fast & Furious movies so I had to watch this one since I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters. It definitely delivers with the explosions and the car chases. I’ve always loved these movies and this one was just what I was expecting. In a good way, of course.

3.The Bell Witch Haunting

This movie is just as bad as all of the Paranormal Activity movies. Yeah there’s a couple ‘jump out at you’ startle you scares, but that’s it. There’s really nothing to it. I’m also not really a fan of ‘documented’ or ‘found’ footage type movies. They generally just suck. And this one definitely sucked. And I almost peed myself from laughing so hard at one of the dates they put down. I took a photo of it. ‘January 21th…’ Enough said x)


4. Her

Okay, am I the only one who thought this movie sucked? Like really, reallllly sucked. This movie was just terrible to say the least. Freaking terrible. Tragic even. I didn’t like it at all. It was strange, awkward, tedious, annoying, and just outright boring to me. Most of the time the guy’s just lying in bed talking to his computer. Nothing about this movie stood out. So it’s weird when people say it was beautiful and heartfelt and I’m sitting here like, ‘ wtf we obviously didn’t watch the same ridiculous movie’. But hey, to each his own.

5. Frozen

Honeslty, I thought this movie was cute, but not much else. It’s just what you’d expect from a recent Disney movie, and that’s not a compliment. They’re all the same now if you ask me, and this one is really nothing special. It’s alright.

— —

Those were some movies that I’ve never seen before and wanted to check out.

And now, here are some other movies I’ve watched within the last few days of my surgery that I’ve already seen before and just wanted to watch again(:

1. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

Possibly my favorite Scooby-Doo movie of all time. I can always watch this movie and never get tired of it. Most of the time I find myself narrating the entire thing x) And I like the music in this one. Lol

2. Evil Dead (2013)

I saw this ‘remake’ in theaters with my best friend Michi and I enjoyed it. There was definitely a lot of blood and gore, which can sometimes kill the movie, for me, but overall how the film was shot and put together I thought was pretty cool.

3. Dead Silence

The first time I watched this movie was with my cousin Kehly and we were staying over our gramma’s house. We both really like this movie and since it was like 10 ‘o clock  at night when we watched it, we definitely squealed like little girls a couple of times x) Our gramma was probably like WTF. Lol

4. Reincarnation

This is a Japanese horror film that my cousin showed me a while ago and it’s definitely a good one. Actually a lot of the Japanese horror-thiller films are much better than American made horror movies or American remakes of them. The Japanese horror films are more of a movie mind game, which is a factor I LOOOVEE about movies like this. They make you think. I really like this movie and you should definitely check it out.

— — —

You might have seen the reoccurring horror, thriller, suspense genres in my list of movies. That’s because I really do enjoy those kind of movies, but only when they’re done right. Some of them seem to mainstream and predictable and just dumb, e.g. the Paranormal Activity movies for me, or boring and ongoing where nothing even happens. I’m just really picky about my horror films. I really like the psychological horror films that make you think about what’s happening and actually figure it out because there’s something more to it, instead of just ‘watching’ it in front of you or watching a slasher film with nothing but overly bloody bodies and random naked women for some appeal. There has to be more to it for me.

Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of movies so maybe I’ll make another movie boredom post about the following movies I’ll watch after posting this.

Have a great day, everyone!(:

And be sure to check out some of these films(:

Bunionectomy: First Night

Man. I was wrong. When I had a Bunionectomy done on my right foot last April, I didn’t have any surgery pain, just some pain from the splint digging into me. But this time, holy crap I thought I was going to die from my panic attack.

My mom says that even though it was the same surgery, just on my left foot, that all surgery’s are different and could react differently. Which was true. Because my right foot was basically pain free, but my left, was in total extreme pain.

I was having real intense foot pains last night. And it was only the first night .__. The pain was not from the surgery since it wasn’t revolving around that area; instead it was from the splint again. It just seemed like it was squeezing my foot into a freaking sausage roll. It was so bad I couldn’t even sleep and I couldn’t stay still.

I know the point of the splint is to keep everything in place, but damn, it caused me so much pain. I was crying and my breathing was out of control. I just felt like I was hyperventilating and having a panic attack. So I woke my mom up and she called my doctor to see what we should do. My doc told her to give me a Lortab for the pain since I had already taken the extreme pain pill, but that didn’t help. I ended up vomiting it out anyway.

After a lot of icing my foot, the pain started to slow down, I got my breathing under control and I was able to fall asleep. My mom stayed in my room with me until I fell asleep and came back to check up on me every hour to make sure I was okay. I’m just real glad she was there for me cause I don’t know what I would’ve done. So thanks mum! ♥

Bunionectomy: This Time Around

I’m lying in the back seat of the car right now as I’m writing this in the notes app on my phone x)


I just left the surgery center and my surgery went real well(: It was just under 3 hours long like last time.

I did have this Bunionectomy and Osteotomy surgery at a different place than last time so a couple things happened differently, but ultimately the same. Such as, last time they had already given me the anesthetic  before going into the operating room. So I was already knocked out beforehand; whereas this time I was wheeled away into the operating room and was fully conscious and saw the room and everything before being given the anesthetic that knocked me out. 

After surgery, I woke up in the recovery area, unlike last time when I woke up during part of my surgery. Lol

The nurse had me stay for another 30 minutes before I was able to go home. During that time, I drank 3 little bottles of water and had a couple oat bars cause super starving.

The major difference in the appearance of my foot after surgery, from what I could see as the top of my toes were all that were showing, is that my big toe is purple ._. It’s nothing to worry about though. It’s just discolored but not, like, dead. It does look pretty strange and a little scary though. The nurse talked to my doctor just to make sure everything was alright with it and it was. Cause when the nurse touched it or lightly pressed down on the top of the big toe, it turns pink, then back to purple. Which indicates there is blood flow and my toe is fine, just discolored.FE545318-6535-46DE-BE66-6B8F12A9E781_zpsilzdx6ic

Other than that, everything seems to be the same.

Oh! And I can actually wiggle my big toe a little. Lol Actually I can wiggle all my toes, except for the pinky toe cause it’s hiding under the wrapping so I can’t really see it x) I remember I think it took a few days before I could wiggle my toes last time.

We’re pulling up to my house now.

I’m actually writing this and saving it as a draft for now until I can get to my laptop and make some changes and take a couple photos. So maybe reading this all at once will sound weird since I went from in the car to almost home, to posting this while I’m sitting at home in my bed .__.  Whatever. lol

As far as pain goes, I expect it to be just the same as last time. The only pain I had was from the splint digging into my foot. Of course I still have my extreme pain meds from last time in case I happen to need them. But I doubt it. The mild pain pill did the trick for my splint pain.

I really appreciate all the love and support I get from having this Bunionectomy. People tell me all the time that they’ve had it done too or someone they know has had it done and it’s the most painful surgery ever, they hope I can handle it and stuff; but I think I’ll be fine. I’m not too worried about it.

Well I’m just kinda lying in bed right now with my foot elevated typing up the rest of this post and I’m really hungry so mum’s making me a hot ham and cheese sammich(:


It’d be nice to just take a nap or something but I can’t cause

1. I’m wide awake

And 2. Our realtor guy called and there’s people who want to see our house and they’re coming at 1:30ish. So I have to be awake. I can’t like, just be sleeping while these people come over and look at our house. Lol

But I’m fine with that. I can sleep later.


I shall keep doing random updates on my foot like last time for those who are interested in my Bunionectomy and for those who may be having one done(:

And for anyone who wants to know specifically what I had done, I did take a photo a couple weeks ago of one of the papers I had to sign. It just says on it the type of Bunionectomy I’m having done as far as the proper name for it. It says my diagnosis is a bunion deformity, properly called Hallux Abducto Valgus and the procedure I’m having done is a McBride Bunionectomy Arthrodesis 1st MC Articulation.


Surgery in the morning

I have my second Bunionectomy and Osteotomy surgery in the morning. My surgery’s at 7am so I have to be there at 6.

Right now it’s about 11:30pm and I’m friggen starving ._.

One of my pre operative instructions is to stop eating solid foods after 7pm, and no liquids after midnight. And this is the time that I usually sit around my room with two different bags of chips, some ice cream and candy. Lol so I’m dying right now.

Yes, I’m glad that I am finally able to have this surgery, and this is the last one, but still, it’s foot surgery so I won’t be able to walk for over a month. Which is disappointing. I already know what to expect since I’ve done this before in April of last year. It’s not much to expect, pain wise; it’s really just mentally exhausting.

If you want to read my previous Bunionectomy surgery updates from last year, CLICK HERE(:

I don’t have much to say honestly. I guess I’ll just write an update tomorrow after I get home from surgery or maybe the day after(:

Have a great night, everyone!(: