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Hey guys! So I’ve decided I kind of want to separate my photography from my blog. When I first started this, I had intended it to be a place where I could voice my thoughts and opinions on topics or however I happen to be feeling, and somehow I slowly ended up making it more about my photos, posting more about that than what’s on my mind.

I will still post the occasional photo or two on here, but as I’m beginning to build a portfolio for my photography semi professionally, I have created my own website where I can showcase my work for potential clients or really anybody to view and contact me.

I hope everyone who has continued to enjoy my photography will also check out my website as I will be posting the majority of my photos on there!

Happy viewing!(:

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Desert Shores

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good October! Please enjoy a few photos I took a few weeks ago at Desert Shores here in Las Vegas. I went in the early morning because I knew the water would be still and make for some cool reflection shots(:









Thanks for stopping by!(:

I Don’t Get Sick?

This is basically the time of year where everyone around me gets sick or has allergies, the flu, the sniffles, sneezes, runny or stuffy noses and sore throats; and then there’s me. Is it weird that I rarely ever get sick? I never have the flu, I don’t have allergies, I don’t get runny or stuffy noses; like I’m always fine lol

As of right now, my mother is feeling really under the weather. She’s sick and has a lot of coughing and sneezing going on. She’s been that way since I got to California, and she says this always happens to her and she can expect to have it for two more weeks. Wtf that means that she will have been sick for a month. 

Note that my mother doesn’t really take care of herself very well. She thinks she does but she really doesn’t. She eats bird sized portions, and she doesn’t actually eat real food all that often. Or ever. She just ‘snacks’, on things like crackers and cheese, or on half of one of those baby ‘cuties’ oranges, or just something very small. She tells me she can have 4 cashews and she’s full and I’m like πŸ˜’ stop.

Basically because she never eats right or at all and doesn’t get her nutrients, I feel like that’s why she gets sick easily and stays sick for a long time. As if her body doesn’t have any defense or immune system to protect her or help fight off any kind of sickness.

And then there’s my brother, who isn’t really sick at all, but he’s been having a lot of allergies so his nose is all stuffy or runny, and he’s sneezing a lot.
And idk, these things are just weird to me because I never get sick like that. 
If I get sick, I’m suffering from a throat infection, my throat is bleeding, or I would get tonsillitis and tonsil stones all at once and I’d basically be dying. If I ever happen to be sick, I get sick with big things. But, the last time I had any of those things was before I had my tonsils removed. After that I never got any kind of sickness with my throat or nose.

It kind of sucks being around these people who are sick cause it’s kind of gross and makes me feel like they’re spreading their grossness and bacteria in the air and everywhere in the house πŸ˜ͺ

Anyway, this was just a random thought I was having this morning. It’s time for me to get ready to go for my morning jog and work out.
If you’re one of those people feeling under the weather, I hope you rest up and feel better soon!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!(:

Canon Upgrade

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share something super exciting with you all! Last week I sold my Canon T3i camera to my friend. I was sad to see it go, but was also glad that it was going to someone who I think will use it a lot and have fun with it. I only sold it because I was ready to buy myself a new camera, and of course, I wanted to sell my old one before I go ahead and buy a brand new one.

I already had my eye on a major upgraded version of my T3i, and did all my research on it before deciding that was the one I wanted to purchase next. I looked up the prices online to see how much they go for and basically every place was selling it for the same price of $1,049. I saw that my nearest Fry’s Electronics store was selling them, so I decided to go in and check it out and make sure they actually have it in store, which they did, but they only had one. Which didn’t concern me at all, cause I didn’t think anyone other than myself would randomly come in within the next week and drop over $1,000 on a new camera.

After selling my T3i for $500, I was cameraless for about a week, then I went back into Fry’s to go buy my new camera. I went with the Canon T6s, and I’ve only had it for 3 days now and I am already absolutely LOVING it so much! It is such a major major upgrade from my T3i. The first photo and first video I took with my T6s, I could tell the difference in quality right away. The images were definitely more clearer and sharper than the T3i.

The day after I had bought it, my family and I went on a little roadtrip for the day to the Calico ghost town in California, and I was able to get some cool photos there, which I will probably make a separate post about after this; and I also filmed a lot with this camera while I was there, so I might be using that footage to make a YouTube video for my channel and I’ll show you guys around or something.

And just yesterday, I did a cool little photo shoot for my friend Timmy as he cosplayed one of his favorite characters. And I’m so happy with the finished product, the images came out amazing! Which, again, I’ll probably showcase some of those photos later on. But they came out pretty sick!

And here’s what the camera looks like(:



But yeah, I’m super excited to work on some new projects with this camera and go out to shoot more. Since I randomly decided to take a two week vacation again, I definitely have time to go out and get more shots, and I’ll be going back to LA again, so I DEFINITELY have time get out and shoot some stuff.

Anyways, I hope everybody has a great day and thank you for stopping by my blog! ❀

2015 Overview

Today marks the last day of 2015, so I thought I would do a small, brief overview of my life this past year.

Overall, 2015 has definitely been one of the worst years so far. Like, it just sucked. I found myself in constant conflicts with family members; dealing with unnecessary people from the past; lost a few relationships with friends and family; but of course the year wasn’t entirely bad.

Ending a couple of those toxic relationships was a good step to making room in my life for new relationships with different people, and just having a better and less stressful life in general. After moving on with my life, I have much less stress involving other people. I try not to get myself involved too much with certain things because other peoples problems are not my problems, and I can’t make things right for anyone else but myself.

I did end up meeting some cool people, and got a new job making crazy amounts of money. I really enjoy this job and I’m reaching different goals pretty quick. Having my own money and car and the means to do whatever I like is awesome and all thanks to my job. As unconventional as my job may be, I do enjoy choosing when I want to work, when I don’t want to work, when I want to go on vacation and for how long, and to just leave and do it.

I also started a new relationship and got close to someone who I’ve liked for a year now, and he happens to be my awesome boyfriend now. And I’m super thankful to have him in my life. He’s great to be around, he’s super lovable and affectionate, he’s fun, and he’s always a gentlemen around me. I feel safe around him and I love that. I enjoy having him in my life, I think we’re really good together, and I’m looking forward to whatever is in store for us.

At the moment, I’m currently in Hollywood right now, spending time with my boyfriend. I’ve been here since Christmas and I’ll be staying through New Years. He’s currently at work and I’m just chillen in his apartment, watching some Law and Order SVU, aka the greatest show everrrrr lol, so I thought I would use this extra time to blog real quick before I go to the store and grab some things to make dinner tonight. I’m excited to pick up my boyfriend later cause I freaking love the way he looks at me after he gets out of work(:

I hope everyone is having a great day and hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve! I’m looking forward to another year and having many new adventures and seeing where life takes me. Enjoy yourselves, and I will see you in the new year! πŸ˜€

Youtube Short Films

I’ve been slacking on typing up posts like usual, but I have been out of town for two weeks. But now that I’m back home, I’m back with a new post(:

Does anyone else watch random short films on youtube? I actually really enjoy watching a lot of them. I’ve put together my top 5 that I’ve enjoyed watching and embedded them into this post so you can watch them right here and hopefully you will enjoy them as well(:

— — —

1. The End

I love this one by DominicFear. In fact I enjoy all of his short films, but this one continues to be my favorite. I thought the story line was cute and I also loved the moral of this story; to not give up on love or finding someone or relationships just because you got hurt once. If you don’t try, then nothing will ever happen, the good or the bad.

— — —

2. Growth

This is a great short film about how pain and grief doesn’t change who you are. Whatever pains we go through, helps us grow. And that’s what it’s all about. I always find myself coming back to this short film because it’s so real and beautiful.

— — —

3. Ellie Heart

Another one from DominicFear. I love the concept of this one as well. The emotions of the characters in this short film and their conflict, I think is just brilliant and I loved watching everything play out.

— — —

4. Paradox

I thought this one was pretty cool because it reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone, which is one of my favorite tv shows. It had the simplest twist to it at the end and I thought it was entertaining.

— — —


Last, but not least, my favorite of these 5 youtube short films. I absolutely LOVE this one. I loved the subject, the acting, the action and the meaning behind the entire thing. I thought it was very well done and very entertaining to watch and the subject was great to think about. You cannot replace freedom for the illusion of safety.

— — —

These are just 5 of many short films I came across and like to watch. Hopefully you enjoyed them too and continue to search and watch more interesting short films.

Hope everyone has a great day!

And thanks for stopping by!(:

I’m Back!

Alright you guys, so I obviously haven’t posted ANYTHING at all since March of this year and it wasn’t until about a month ago that some of my old friends were asking me why I stopped blogging things. They all told me that they really loved reading my blog and a lot of other random people who have read it before said the same thing too.

I just stopped after awhile because I felt like I never had the time to make decent posts. There’s a process I go through to create and put a post all together to publish and it is a little time consuming and I just didn’t have the extra time between work and trying to see people when I’m not working, and then being tired cause I never got a lot of sleep. But after thinking about it, I really do find myself missing blogging on here, so I wanted to get back to it and post on here every once in a while. Definitely not every other day like I got to do before but hopefully once a week or something I’ll find the time to get shit together to publish.

While I was awake last night, I went through my ENTIRE blog, all 100+ posts of mine, and I read through all of them. And I actually really enjoyed reading my blog as well and it gave me some new motivation and ideas on what to write about next. So I am excited to get back to brainstorming and blogging.

But I do want to say thank you again to everyone who has seen my blog, visited my blog from other countries, followed, and enjoyed reading my posts. That’s pretty freaking cool(:

So thanks guys! And definitely stay tuned for more new posts to come! πŸ˜€

Free Gift In The Mail?

So yesterday I received something in the mail from someone in Calabasas. Not sure how they have my address, which kind of weirds me out. When I checked the mail and there was a package with my name on it I was like ._. Hmm, well I didn’t order anything…

What this person sent me was interesting as well.

There was a brand new vape pen and four e liquids in there. Which is weird cause that’s not something I would buy for myself.

So I guess it’s a free gift?

They sent me a black vape pen and it looks pretty nice. The e liquids that were sent with it were mixed berry, mango, strawberry, and blueberry. I opened all of them to sniff them to see if they smelled good x) And they did. It just reminded me of like, liquid candy.


After charging it and trying it, it wasn’t too bad. I kinda liked it. So I guess it won’t be a waste.

Thanks to the guy who sent this package to me! I appreciate your kindness!(:

Phases, Changes, and Being Yourself


‘Be true to yourself and be less concerned with what others think about you. Don’t accept their definition of you, but grow into a self-definition of your own.’ – Kishore Bansal

Isn’t it weird when people go through phases? Well, it’s not really weird to me, it’s more…. stupid, I guess. I think it’s girls more than anyone who go through the most dumbest of phases, but I’ve seen a fair share of both guys and girls. When people go through phases, it’s like they don’t know who they are. Like they have absolutely no sense of their own personality or what they’re into. And the thing is, people do this because they either really don’t know what they like and they’re still trying to figure out who the heck they are, or they’re just following the trends to fit in and seem cool.

And it’s really weird when you’ve known someone for so long, since they were little, and you watch them go through their phases and see them go from a cute little girly girl, to a slight alternative rocker, to a scene kid, to a hipster, and it’s like >.> Wtf are you doing? You’re dumb. (Yes, I am taking that from a personal reference. Someone who was always close to me happens to go through so many ‘phases’ and changes her mind a lot and she’s just lost and kind of dumb. lol)

When I was in school, I observed people a lot. I felt like I knew more about them then they knew themselves. And I noticed how many kids go through these phases and changes. Appearance wise, it just seems like they were trying to reinvent themselves physically to fit in, or be cool, but it wasn’t really them.
But it’s not just their appearance that would change; their personalities and how they think would change as well.
When someone was a cute little girly girl, they were happy and accepting of all things cute and cuddly and loved flowers and the color pink, then turned into somewhat of a loner when they went through their alternative rocker phase and wore band tees, then got extremely ugly and angry with the world and everyone for no reason and started believing they’re not good enough for anybody and only wore ripped black everything when they turned into a scene kid, then somehow reverted into a dumb wannabe fashionable hipster who willingly wears homeless people’s clothing, and strives too hard to be different by liking ‘vintage’ or old school things and trends.

It’s like everything they ever stood for or believed in, and things they said they would never be into because it wasn’t ‘them’, were completely disregarded and they just created a new person every time they went through a phase.
It’s just stupid. They just don’t trust themselves enough to know themselves. And it’s sad to see people so lost that they can’t even think for themselves anymore, and resort to following what’s popular or reinventing themselves every time a new fad comes up without even realizing they’re doing it.

Me, on the other hand; I’ve always been the same person. All through school, when everybody was changing and trying to be something else, I never changed. I was always just… me. I always looked the same, dressed the same, and thought the same and had the same outlook on everything. I didn’t change, I just definitely matured. The essence of what I am today is the same as when I was ten years old. It’s just maturity. I’ve become a healthier, fuller expression of that essence. And I’m still me.

You see, perceptions are derived from your feelings and your ability to be yourself, to own and trust yourself, and to say what you feel, even when it may be diametrically opposed to everyone else’s opinion. It’s just part of being true to yourself.
But people are too afraid to be themselves and too afraid to be different. They’re insecure about almost everything and it shouldn’t be that way.
People need to be more comfortable and confident in themselves.

Goodbye Jipetto

I’m bummed to announce my cousin and I’s pet betta fish, Jipetto, died on Thursday 😦

We got him earlier this year in February from the pet store. He only lived with me for a short nine months but it was a good nine months.

I don’t think I’ll be getting another betta anytime soon since I have too much going on in my life at the moment. But maybe a while from now I might get another little friend(: