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Hey guys! So I’ve decided I kind of want to separate my photography from my blog. When I first started this, I had intended it to be a place where I could voice my thoughts and opinions on topics or however I happen to be feeling, and somehow I slowly ended up making it more about my photos, posting more about that than what’s on my mind.

I will still post the occasional photo or two on here, but as I’m beginning to build a portfolio for my photography semi professionally, I have created my own website where I can showcase my work for potential clients or really anybody to view and contact me.

I hope everyone who has continued to enjoy my photography will also check out my website as I will be posting the majority of my photos on there!

Happy viewing!(:

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Desert Shores

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good October! Please enjoy a few photos I took a few weeks ago at Desert Shores here in Las Vegas. I went in the early morning because I knew the water would be still and make for some cool reflection shots(:









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Hey guys! Hope everybody has been having a great week! Please enjoy a few photos I took at a friend’s party last week(:








Spring Mountain Ranch

Last week my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite places in Las Vegas and walked around to take some cool photos. It was fun to share my favorite place with him, even though it was hot and would have been much nicer in the fall or winter. But I’m glad he wanted to go with me.

Here’s a compilation of some fun shots we took together that day. Hope you enjoy!


The ranch house




Inside the bedroom in the ranch house



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FullSizeRender 8-1




Shot by my boyfriend







Lake Harriet

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Exploring The Calico Ghost Town

It’s been a very long time since I wrote about photography or posted any of my adventure photos on here. So let’s go back in time a little, to April of this year, and check out my photo collection I took from my family day trip to the Calico Ghost Town(:

I believe this is also the first collection of photos I took with my new Canon T6s and I love how they came out. Hope you enjoy(:

— —

























Random Photo… #12

Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m feeling too busy to type up a real post at the moment since I’ve been back in California with my boyfriend for awhile now. I’m basically here every month now lol like I live in Hollywood but work in Vegas πŸ˜‚

We’ve been hanging out everyday and having adventures so I don’t have much time to post about a lot, so how about a quick random photo(:

Please enjoy this photo I took of my pet hedgehog Ralph, using my phone to check his Instagram page(:

Feel free to follow him on Instagram HERE!(: 
Have a great day everyone!(:

Random Photo… #11

Hello and good morning! Please enjoy this photo of my pet hedgehog in his new pineapple house(:

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And have a great day(:

Early Mornings

Being in Hollywood for two weeks at a time every couple of months kind of changes your mindset slightly. Maybe it’s because there’s so much to do there and I want to do everything. And it’s made me want to be more healthy, work out even more, and eat better. Well, actually it was my boyfriend who makes me want to be more healthy, but I feel like being in LA just added to it cause everybody there seems so active lol

When I’m in Vegas I’m so used to sleeping in till noon or 1pm, until I have to go to work at 4 and I’ll just wake up, get ready and leave without even having a day to do anything. Then when I come home at 1 or 2am I work out for a little bit but I’m so tired from being at work all day. I would try to do it every night when I came home but a lot of the time I was just too tired, and I ended up working out two days out of the week. Which sucked cause I never had time for anything.

But since coming back to Vegas on Saturday evening, I’ve decided to change my lifestyle a bit and work on being healthier.

Since Sunday, I have been waking up every morning at 7:30am, eating a light breakfast, and leaving the house around 8:30am, to go jog to the park and work out outdoors. And it feels way better, in my opinion, to work out outdoors in fresh air and enjoy nature versus being indoors. 

And since I eat a light breakfast before I leave, I take my protein bar with me and a big smart water to help keep me satisfied until I get home to make a real breakfast.

I’ve been waking up around this time for the last few days that I was in Hollywood and it felt good to wake up early and actually have a full day where my days seem longer. So now, I’m just making better use of that morning time.
I jog to the park, which gets me all warmed up, then I find an area in the park to stretch and do the rest of my work out routine. Which mainly focuses on butt and abs. 

I usually stay at the park for a couple hours and jog back home around 10:45/11:00, then make myself a couple eggs and toast for a real breakfast, then shower and go about my day.

And it really feels good to be awake that early and enjoy mornings and also get a good work out AND still have a full day.


Anyways, I hope everybody is having a great morning! I need to start getting ready so I can leave the house soon for my jog.

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Random Photo… #10

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve done a random photo post. The last one I did was on February 24, 2014 ._. 

So that’s what I’m doing today! πŸ˜„

Please enjoy this photo I took of my pet hedgehog at El Matador beach in California(: 

It was his first trip to the beach and he looks a little grumpy but he ended up walking around and playing in the sand a bit.

I also made my hedgehog his own instagram page where I post his adventures and where he’s been and all his travels. Feel free to follow him by clicking here!(:

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First Creek Canyon

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing photos from yesterday during my little hike at First Creek Canyon at Red Rock here in Las Vegas.

First Creek Canyon is a simple 3 mile walk across the valley, which takes you to a nice waterfall with willows and shaded trees. At this time of year, the waterfall isn’t as big and flowing and it normally is when I hike there, but it was still nice(:

Please enjoy some random photos from that hike(:

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