The Liebster Award :D

Just the other day I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. This is actually the second time I’ve been given this blog award, the first being in May, but silly me didn’t follow through with it. 20130824-230839

But this time I will! Obviously, since I’m here, and I’m writing this x)

First off, I want to thank Mia at The Life Stories for nominating me this time around(: Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and check it out and read some stuff(:

So other than thanking the blogger who nominated you, the rest of the rules following this award are:

1. Posting the award badge on your blog.

2. Answering the questions from your nominator.

3. Nominating other bloggers.

4. Posting ten questions for them to answer.


So here are my answers to my nominator’s questions(:

1. Action movie or rom-com movie? Depends on my mood, really. I love action movies with all the suspense and explosions and normal people somehow being indestructible when the world is ending; but I also enjoy a good romantic comedy too, if it’s done right. Like if the dialogue is well written and snarky or incredibly witty and sarcastic, then I’ll go for it.

2. Do you like the genre metal? If yes, what are your favorite bands? I love metal. Progressive metal to be exact. My favorite bands from that genre would have to be Gru and Tool(:

3. Are you addicted to anything? Like a hobby or any food or anything? I’m kind of addicted to being outside. Like I don’t care what I’m doing, I just have to be outside and not cooped up in a house somewhere. Being outside makes me happy x)

4. What do you prefer more- Graphic novels or novels without any illustrations? Novels without illustrations, for me. I like when I’m reading and can mentally illustrate in my head what’s happening in the novel, without the help of already there illustrations.

5. In a theatrical play, would you rather be backstage or under the spotlight? It really depends on what the play is about. If it’s something I’m into or interested in, then I’ll be on stage. But working backstage would be super fun as well.

6. Are you open minded about the paranormal? Or do you not believe in anything you can’t prove? I’m kind of a skeptic of all things, not just paranormal or supernatural. I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts or spirits or demons but I certainly don’t deny the fact that they could exist.

7. Best phase of your life- High School or College? Neither. High school was pretty bad, and I probably won’t be attending university any time soon, but whatever. But the best phase of my life, was probably last autumn. When I accomplished so many things for the better.

8. What’s your favorite ice cream? Mint chocolate chip, if it’s in a tub. And Strawburry Shortcake if on a stick.

9. If you could go out on a date with one famous celeb, who would it be? Oprah!

10. How many languages can you speak/read/write/understand? Just English. I’d like to learn other languages but I honestly feel like I’m just completely unable to learn another one fully.


I chose to nominate the five following blogs:



The Spinky Kitten

I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Pierrick Ferjani

Be sure to stop by each of those blogs! They’re all awesome bloggers and definitely worth checking out.


And my ten questions for my nominees are:

1. If given the opportunity to travel to the past and change a course of your life, would you? What would you change?

2. Would you rather know when and how you’re going to die, or just find out when the time comes?

3. Favorite music genre and why?

4. What do you do when you’re all alone in your room?

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

6. Have you ever done something and regretted it right away? If yes, what was it?

7. Biggest turnoff in a man/woman?

8. What’s been your favorite part about today, so far?

9. Is there a food you absolutely refuse to eat?

10. What are some of the first things you do when you wake up?


And that’s it!

Thanks again for nominating me for this award! I’m looking forward to reading my nominee’s answers(:

Have a great day everyone!(:

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