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Hey guys! So I’ve decided I kind of want to separate my photography from my blog. When I first started this, I had intended it to be a place where I could voice my thoughts and opinions on topics or however I happen to be feeling, and somehow I slowly ended up making it more about my photos, posting more about that than what’s on my mind.

I will still post the occasional photo or two on here, but as I’m beginning to build a portfolio for my photography semi professionally, I have created my own website where I can showcase my work for potential clients or really anybody to view and contact me.

I hope everyone who has continued to enjoy my photography will also check out my website as I will be posting the majority of my photos on there!

Happy viewing!(:

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I Have Too Many Thoughts

Today I decided to type up some of the random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the day and some of the things I think about on a daily basis when something happens. I always have a lot on my mind, but I don’t always express it. I just have too many thoughts and I don’t feel like I need to bother anyone with all my thoughts or questions on different things.

So anyway, here are 20 of some of the random thoughts I have:

  •  When I make my hedgehog look in the mirror does he know it’s himself or does he think it’s another hedgehog? I definitely underestimate him but I still don’t know just how smart he is. But swear, one time when I was super drunk he looked at me like he knew all my secrets.
  • Why do I own so many clothes when I only wear about 50% of them? And why do I still keep the things I don’t normally wear, as if I’m gonna magically start wearing them again?
  • It’s so annoying when people think they’re right about fucking everything and can’t admit they’re ever wrong. So they just argue about it and call you names because they don’t want to back down and just admit that they were wrong. Like stop being a stubborn little child and grow the fuck up.
  • I really suck at non physical communication with friends and people. I just don’t like texting or talking on the phone or messaging or anything like that. If it’s not an in person conversation, I basically have almost no desire to talk to you. I’ll receive a message, look at it, form a response in my head, and then not reply back. I mean, not always of course. I do reply sometimes but only if the other person is interesting and can hold an interesting conversation for a bit and not be boring. But even then I don’t reply right away.
  • I wonder what I smell like to dogs. Do I actually smell like my wild Madagascar vanilla lotion to them? Do they even know about vanilla?
  • I wonder what my hedgehog’s voice would sound like if he could talk. I hope he’d have a cute voice and not a super deep old man voice.
  • I LOVE blogging and writing and getting my ideas down on paper, or on the internet, but most of the time I’m consumed in life and having a good time that I feel like I don’t necessarily have time to write. Which is untrue because I totally have time, I just don’t take the time to sit down and blog. I honestly use that time to sit in my room and listen to music while I daydream or dance around. I like to think I’m too busy to come up with posts, but I really have a lot on my mind and a lot to talk about that I don’t actually say.
  • I don’t care if this makes me sound like a total bitch, but it’s honestly so satisfying to see someone I hate struggling in life. Like yasss bitch, you deserve it. I don’t care where you are or what you’re doing with your life, but if I happen to see you struggling and having a hard time, GOOD(: How can you expect bad things not to happen to you when you’re a shitty person? You struggle and your life sucks because you suck lol. But to everyone who I don’t hate, and those who have personally never done me wrong, I hope life is good and you all have great days and you feel loved and happy.
  • I really like potatoes. I should go eat potatoes.
  • People who complain at rock shows are annoying. Like I don’t get the people who go to hardcore shows or festivals like Warped Tour and complain that they ‘got hurt’ lol like you’re in the crowd what did you think was going to happen. That’s part of the experience; you have to expect it. I’ve been tossed around and kicked in the head and fell on by people too big to crowd surf countless times at shows and I never complain. I’m in the pit, of course that’s gonna happen. I’m used to it and I love it. I wouldn’t want to go to a show if it’s going to be boring and everybody is just standing still and not getting into it. But if you can’t handle that then you should just watch on the sides tbh.
  • Why do people insist on copying you, the things you have, and the things you say and do? Like you really have no personality at all that you have to try and take mine? I personally know a couple people who have no personality and no opinion on anything so they just copy everything I like, everything I say, and everything I do. There was this time I told someone a little detail about something I went through and now they’re using my exact words and phrases and telling it as their own story lol like what the fuck. Not only did you steal my memory but you had to use the very specific phrase I used to describe it and think I wouldn’t know. Retard.
  • It’s weird to me that I have shopping phases where I won’t want to buy anything and don’t buy anything for a few months, then all of a sudden I want to go out and buy everything I see that I want. (Of course I don’t do that, but still)
  • I find myself daydreaming a lot. Like is this normal? Does anybody else daydream profusely or is it just me? I will literally wake up in the morning, kill time on my phone by opening Spotify, listening to music while checking my emails, browsing through Instagram and Snapchat and my blog. Then I’ll just be consumed by random thoughts and start to daydream about something before deciding to come back to reality and participate in life. Or when I’m watching tv or eating, I start to daydream randomly.
  • I love counting my money everyday. Because I make so much money I literally love to count it every day. It sounds silly, but bringing out a big ass stack of 100’s and counting how many thousands I have everyday is so satisfying. And then when I get paid every week and get to add at least another thousand to it is even more satisfying.
  • I like being alone and I don’t mind it at all. I’m happy when I get to be by myself and I’m perfectly fine with that. But I’m also really happy when I get to be around friends. However, in all honesty I get bored of people so fast, or I’ll just get annoyed being around a lot of people so I’d rather be alone and enjoy my own company. Unless it’s my boyfriend, then that’s different. I really enjoy his company, even if we’re just sitting at home doing nothing; and he doesn’t annoy me at all lol
  • I hate how easily I tan. I know everybody wants to be tan and they try so hard to achieve a perfect tan, but me, on the other hand, I try my best to stay as light as I can. I’m not white or pale by any means; I naturally have a little tan to my skin, but I’m still considered really light. But I just never want to tan or get darker.
  • Props to the people who actually have the courage to come up and talk to me WITHOUT being a fucking idiot. Most of the time people are too scared to talk to me so they’ll just awkwardly stare at me as if I can’t see them and they’ll never actually say anything to me. Or I get the people who come up to talk to me but they just act stupid and think they’re the shit. Like, it’s totally fine to introduce yourself but don’t be dumb.
  • I’m really not sure why I love plushies and stuffed animals so much or why I have so many of them. I don’t ‘need’ them, but I obsess over their cute, derpy faces and I have to have them! I don’t think it’s a comfort thing, more like I love collecting and having a bunch of cute ass plushies with adorably derpy faces.
  • I love watching makeup tutorials and sometimes I’m like ‘hey that’s cute, I’m gonna do my makeup like that’ but then I remember I’m actually not that into makeup and don’t have the patience to do any of that shit. Just simple bb cream, bronzer, and mascara works for me(: I look better with less makeup anyway.
  • I’m very territorial. Like just in general. If it’s mine, don’t touch it, don’t use it, don’t even think about using it. Sharing is my least favorite word. Especially when it’s a material object and I know the person either has one of their own, or could easily go buy one. Like what the hell, do I look like a fucking Goodwill to you? How about if you want one go freaking buy it yourself because no, you can’t use mine. Again, my boyfriend doesn’t count. I don’t mind if he touches anything of mine because I know he respects my stuff. But anyone else wanting to use something of mine pisses me off so much. What’s mine is mine, including my boyfriend, so don’t touch him either lol

— —


Hope you enjoyed my ranting about some of the thoughts I  have, and thank you for stopping by my blog(:

Twenty Two

So I turned 22 years old yesterday. Not that it really means anything because I still look like I’m 16 lol

Thanks to my boyfriend, I actually had a pretty dope birthday. I woke up with my boyfriend wishing me a happy birthday again, I went to go see my parents in the early afternoon and they took me out for lunch and dessert, then I went home for a bit to see my cute boyfriend and kiss his face, but he was out grocery shopping cause he was going to be cooking dinner for us. (How romantic) He basically told me that I couldn’t be home from like 6-7 so he gave me $100 of guilt free money to spent on anything I wanted at Sephora lol

I went to the mall and got some stuff I’ve been running out of and also some things I’ve been wanting to try but too lazy to go buy it myself.


I ended up getting a new glow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I got my palette in ‘Sun Dipped’, which comes with bronzed, summer, tourmaline, and moonstone and they’re all gorgeous as fuck!


I bought a new Sephora eyebrow brush. It’s just a normal angled eyebrow brush so I didn’t feel like taking a photo of it lol

I got a pair of Huda lashes in Samantha #7. They’re really long and pretty and more importantly, they’re wispy as fuck. I don’t normally like false lashes since I have eyelash extensions, but recently I’ve been letting my extensions naturally fall out so I can get a new set completely. So in the meantime, if I’m wearing false lashes I want the good shit.


And lastly I picked up the Benefit They’re Real mascara to try it out. I’ve been wanting to try this mascara out for a while now but I haven’t gone to buy it until now. I got the small travel size one because I only put mascara on my bottom lashes so I felt like if I bought the regular sized tube it would have just been a waste. It’s so cute and small and I think it’ll be perfect for my bottom lashes.


My boyfriend said that I had to spend the whole $100 guilt free but I only spent $88 at Sephora. I couldn’t find something I wanted to use the rest of the $12 on cause the other things I wanted were like $50.(I actually ended up using that left over money on gas today)

I came home at 7 like my boyfriend said to and he came out to greet me at my car with a little crown and a happy birthday balloon(: He ended up not making dinner, but throwing a little surprise party instead with our friends. I didn’t know he was going to be surprising me with a party but then people starting popping out of bathrooms and closets lol

And the rest of the night consisted of getting drunk, playing beer pong and Cards Against Humanity, and weird conversations. It was an awesome surprise and a great night with great people. Thanks to my boyfriend for putting that together last minute(:

— –

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hope everyone has a great day(:

I Finally Moved Out

Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog post. I know I’ve been gone for a bit since I had my wisdom teeth removed but I have been kind of busy to be honest. Other than recovering from having my teeth pulled out, I returned to work for a bit, and, the main point of this post, I FINALLY MOVED OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE. Yay! I’ve actually been living in my new apartment for a little over a week now, but still. I’m excited(:

My boyfriend ended up moving back to Vegas along with his cool cousin and we all got an apartment together. And let me tell you, I’ve been wanting to move out of my parents house since I was like 16 years old; but I wanted to do it right and wanted to be comfortable in that situation. Sure, I had the means to move before, but just because I was unhappy didn’t mean that I was going to do anything dramatic and try to move out on my own.

But now that I’m older, getting to move out and getting to live with my boyfriend is suuuuuper liberating. Like this is all I’ve been wanting. To move out, have my own place, live with my boyfriend and be fucking happy as fuck lol

Seriously though, I’m even happier now that I get to come home to my cute ass boyfriend, cuddles, and Law & Order SVU like DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!? He freaking cooks for me and is literally the best ever and I appreciate him so much. I’m actually excited to go home now. I actually WANT to be home lol as much as I love going to work and making lots of money, I think I love coming home to my boyfriend and his love way more.

But yeah, just thought I would share some of my happiness and excitement with you guys(:

— —

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Have a great day everyone(:

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

I finally got all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I was totally terrified to be honest. Any surgery involving my face or mouth just freaks me out. But my doctor was really nice and funny and before I knew it I was knocked the fuck out lol I don’t even remember falling asleep; which is weird because with my previous surgeries I’ve always felt myself dosing off, getting loopy, and finally going under, but this time I instantly knocked out.

The procedure lasted about an hour with no complications at all, and before I knew it I was completely awake in la la land. After I woke up with gauze hanging out of my mouth, I don’t know why I started snapchatting everything. I have very vague memories of what happened and the things I said, but I don’t actually remember filming anything or doing those things.
I was talking about weird things like how I was a walrus, how I wanted to eat pizza, and needing to buy deodorant lol

My snapchat started with me going back to have my surgery, then after I wake up I’m all confused because I actually went in with a bun and when I woke up my bun was gone and my hair was down so I was like mindblown😂
I was also trying to look for my wisdom teeth because I wanted to look at them but they weren’t there and that made me sad.

I had no pain leaving the surgery center of course, and when I got home my parents put me on the couch and let me just chill there and drink water. I was loopy for maybe another hour before it wore off and then I fell asleep for a couple hours and woke up super hungry so I ate some scrambled eggs, took my amoxicillin so I don’t get an infection, and just chilled on the couch all day. I couldn’t feel the entire bottom half of my face, it was completely numb for a few hours after. Even parts of my ears were numb 😂

After I had eaten and began talking even more, I did notice that the numb feeling in my face was going away slowly. I did start to feel a little more soreness with my jaw. I can’t say it was painful since I have a very high pain tolerance and surgery pain never really effects me anyway. But for the average person, they would probably be in pain and need the paid meds. But again, I’m totally anti pain meds, so I don’t take them unless absolutely necessary. The soreness wasn’t bad at all, it was just a slight lingering type of soreness.
While the rest of my face had already been back to normal, the left side of my bottom lip was somehow still numb. It was still tingly when I touched it.
It wasn’t until 11pm when the numbing went away completely.

As for pain, the only time it got really bad was when I was trying to sleep. My jaw kept throbbing and it was annoying so I decided to take half a pain pill so I could sleep. Other than that, I’ve felt fine. I just have to take my amoxicillin every 8 hours and eat soft foods. Basically I’ve been eating scrambled eggs all day.
Today, being day 2, is when I have to do warm salt water rinses 3 times a day and the medicine rinse my doctor had given me twice a day. To be honest, the warm salt water rinse was way worse than the medicine rinse. At least the medicine was minty. It basicslly tasted like mouthwash.

The inside of my mouth looks pretty interesting. The top extractions I can’t really see but they just look dark red from dried blood, the bottom left side I could see the stitching and some bruising and the right side where my wisdom was already through the gum just had a big gaping black hole in the spot it used to be in. The only stitching I saw for that one was on the side of my cheek so maybe either the hole wasn’t able to be closed up or maybe it came undone from all my blabbering on the way home lol
But either way it seems to be doing just fine.

I do plan on uploading a new video probably tomorrow about my wisdom teeth experience via my snapchat, which will basically just include all of my snapchats from yesterday after I was done with my surgery. Once I upload it, I will do another post and embed it so you can watch it(:


As always, if you guys have any questions about this surgery or any previous surgeries of mine, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! And I hope everybody has a great day(:



Wisdoms Pt.3

Good afternoon and welcome back to another new blog post! Now the last time I talked about my wisdom tooth situation was at the end of February; which you can read here(: I mentioned how one of my bottom wisdom teeth had broken through my gums, but at the time I was not feeling any kind of pain or discomfort. I wish I could still say the same thing. A few months later now, and my mouth is in so much pain. Obviously the wisdom is coming in more and my gum behind that tooth is swollen and inflamed. Basically it’s so difficult to eat, and almost every time I chew I bite on a chunk of my gums back there. The other night I couldn’t even enjoy a nice acai bowl because it was too painful to eat. I had to stop because my gum started bleeding 😦

Shortly after my last wisdom tooth post, I had a dentist appointment to take new xrays and to be recommended to the oral surgery place that would be taking them out. After going to see the oral surgeon, I will have to take all 4 of my wisdoms out, and it will cost me a total copay of $550. Which is super disappointing because before we had to switch over to a different insurance, my brother had gotten all 4 of his removed and it only costed $175 in TOTAL. AND he didn’t pay for it. My parents paid it for him. But no, for me it’s $550, and I have to pay for it myself, without any offer to help from my parents. Like okay, I know you favorite the first child, but damn.

After getting the quote on what it would cost me, the surgery place had to send out paperwork AGAIN to my insurance so that they could pre approve it. So I had to wait even longer to get them removed.

A few weeks later I get a call saying they have the pre approval and to call them back to set up an appointment to get them removed. YESSS FINALLY!! But, of course it wouldn’t be that simple for me. I had asked if the quote I received during my first visit was still the total, and if I could make payments on it. Usually dentists are pretty helpful about doing a payment plan, but no, to my disappointment the lady told me that they don’t do that and I have to pay the total in full before my surgery. Awesome, there goes a decent chunk of my money…

AND THEN, when I asked when they could get me in for my surgery, the soonest was at the end of June. I picked a date that worked out for a family member to be able to drive me, and I settled for Tuesday June 21 at 9am. When I had first made the appointment, it was May 20th. So I had to wait ANOTHER month before I could have them out. At this moment it’s June 11th, so I have just over a week until the surgery.

I’m relieved I am finally getting them removed but I’m also totally terrified. Any kind of surgery involving my mouth or throat is crazy. Like they have to dig into my jaw to get my teeth out.. that’s fucking scary lol

I’m not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to it if you know what I mean.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope everyone has a great day!(:


Vegas shows vs. LA shows

With my recent travels to Los Angeles, I have been going to quite a few shows while I am there. I think I’ve been to enough where I can notice a major difference between growing up going to shows in Las Vegas versus going to shows in Los Angeles.

In my opinion, I dislike Los Angeles shows so much. As much as I love LA, going to shows there is sooo boring. The crowds are lame and no one does anything other than stand around or record everything on their phones. 

Now, I grew up in Las Vegas as a hardcore kid. I went to a lot of rock, punk, and metal shows growing up. I’m used to crazy crowds, moshing, crowd surfing, and getting tossed around or kicked in the face accidentally. To me, that’s a fun show. If I don’t walk away with some battle wounds, was I even really at a hardcore show? Lol

So being in LA and going to some shows, and being in crowds that didn’t interact or do anything was just weird. I went to go see one of my favorite bands, All Time Low, in Los Angeles and they played with Sleeping With Sirens and a few other bands; and I still enjoyed the show because ATL is one of my favorites, but I’m so used to seeing them in Vegas where the crowd is crazy and we’re all jumping around and having a great time together, but that show in LA was just plain boring. Everyone just watched. What’s the point of being there then? If I’m just going to stand and watch I could be at home doing that lol

And then I went to go see Silverstein with Emarosa and a couple other heavier bands in LA, again the crowd was kind of retarded and nothing like what I’m used to.

As much as I don’t like Vegas, going to shows here is wayy better than going to shows in LA. The energy of the crowd, the interaction, everyone is hyped; that’s what I love about going to shows. That’s what I’m used to and that’s what I expect, especially out of a hardcore show.

Even on Saturday when I went to Extreme Thing, it was really refreshing to go to a music festival in Vegas where the crowds are what I’m used to and what I love. I had such a blast being a part of the crazy crowds. 

Deciding to go to Extreme Thing and having the best time there gets me super pumped for Warped Tour this summer! I originally wanted to go to the one in Pomona, CA since I had planned to be in LA for my birthday visiting my boyfriend anyway. But since I went to Extreme Thing, I would actually prefer to go to Warped in Vegas instead just because I know how the crowds are and know they will be awesome as always. So hopefully I can get my boyfriend here for Warped and we can go together. I want him to experience what going to a real hardcore show is actually like since he’s never really been to one lol

Well, I hope everybody is having a great day, and thanks for dropping by!(:

What A Week!

This week has been crazy! As my first week back from being in California with my boyfriend, it was a very productive and long one! I have only been back in Vegas for 11 days but it feels like I’ve already been here for a month since I worked every day for long hours and was exhausted every day. It made my days seem way longer than just 24 hours. But what a week it has been for me! Just as I predicted I made over $3000 for the week and I could not be happier. Thanks to all the people who came to Vegas and made my work week awesome(:

Unfortunately all my bills are due next week so a little over $1000 of what I just made will be gone, but the rest is all mine to save. 

Again, I’m deciding to type up a blog post at the weirdest time; it’s currently 1:50am and I don’t really know why I do this. I’m just kind of laying in bed right now and typing things up as they come to me xD

But yeah, I just wanted to share what an amazing work week I had(: It’s funny to think I’m only going to be in Vegas for maybe another two weeks until I head back to Los Angeles again 😂 but I’m always there anyway. I basically live in LA and work in Vegas. 

I’m really excited for the next couple weeks and of course going back to LA cause that’s where my cuddly boyfriend is, and I can’t wait to see him again(:

I ended up deciding to take the next couple of days off just to relax and reward myself for working as much as I did last week. Plus I have a couple of appointments to go to and things to take care of. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week as well! And thanks for stopping by(:

Late Night Thoughts

Last night when I couldn’t fall asleep I was having random thoughts about my life and decided to type it up on my phone. But again, I was so tired I didn’t actually post it xD So I’m just going to post it now, as I wrote it last night. 

Right now as I’m writing this, it is 12:57 am, I’m so tired and exhausted from work but I can’t sleep, and I can hear my hedgehog crunching away at his food.

I’m having late night thoughts about my life and just how things have been. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little stressed, but that’s just because I have been working everyday for like 10 hours. I constantly come home exhausted and never get enough sleep for the next day; and as much as that bothers me to come home feeling like poop everyday, I can’t really complain because with the crazy amount of money I make, I’m willing to sacrifice my days for. It’s not like I have much to do in Vegas anyway to be honest. My boyfriend currently lives in Hollywood so it’s not like I have him to look forward to or hang out with everyday, and the one friend I have works too so we don’t get to chill a lot. I don’t have much to do so why not be at work and make money?  I pretty much dedicate my time in Vegas to working and making my thousands every week, and just saving everything so I can actually enjoy life and not struggle with money. 

Thinking about how things currently are and what the future holds makes me really happy. I can’t complain about how crazy awesome my life has been and how positive things are. I’m making my money, managing my finances, traveling and doing the things I want to do, and I have an awesome boyfriend who I care so much about and adore. Like it can’t get any better at the moment. And I’m so proud of the things I have accomplished in such a short amount of time. I want to stay on the path I’m currently on for a while, and I may never have to work again and just live off my riches. Cause I don’t know about anyone else, but I plan to retire when I’m 30 🙂 I’m not trying to work for the rest of my life lol

It’s currently spring break in Vegas, meaning there is lots and lots of people coming into the city and that gives me a chance to make so much money off of them. I normally average about $1500 a week, but since it’s spring break and super busy at work I’m expecting to make a little over $3000 for the week. So that’s pretty cool. I mean, who cares about not being able to go out and do things when I’m making that kind of money lol 
But life has been good. I’m grateful for everything I have and everything I am able to do because I made it happen for myself. Nobody helped me with anything, or helped me get anywhere, and it feels good to say all the things I have I paid for myself and did everything myself. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way and I’m grateful for the way my life changed so fast, and the life I am able to live. 

It’s like almost 1:30am right now, so I should try and get some rest.

Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog! Have a great day everyone, and here’s to the future!(:

Devil Scratches 

So the other day my boyfriend and I were sleeping and out of nowhere at 5am I get woken up by the sound of loud scratching. It was creepy and it sounded like it was coming closer or like it was right by my ear. I had been asleep but had been hearing it go on for about 10 minutes. I immediately thought devils for some reason lol I was like oh my god is there a devil scratching at the wall or something??? I didn’t even know what to think. 

But then I opened my eyes and looked down to the floor all tired and I see my little pet hedgehog rummaging around on the floor, scratching at a box. And I was like wtf is he doing? What’s he doing on the floor?? HOW DID HE GET OUT OF HIS CAGE??? 

I just kind of looked at him for a minute and was so confused. I got up and went to pick him up but I couldn’t really see him too well, so I walked over to turn on the light and stood there for 5 seconds while my eyes adjusted. 

I walked back over to where my hedgehog was but he was no where to be found. So again I was like WTF. 

At this point I was tripping and thought maybe I was imagining things cause how could he have possibly been on the floor instead of in his cage? How could he even get out of his cage when it’s 16 inches high? I came to the conclusion that I was basically on drugs and seeing things earlier cause he definitely wasn’t just casually chilling on the floor. I go to his cage to make sure he is sleeping in there, but I check AND HES NOT IN THERE. So of course I trip out even more cause I’m still 80% asleep and I’m not sure what the fuck is going on; if I’m seeing things or dreaming this. But I was like okay I saw him on the floor and thought I was dreaming, I checked his cage and he’s not in there, so I must not be dreaming, but I turned around to look at him and he wasn’t even there so wtf is going on here 😂 At the time, I couldn’t make sense of anything lol

So I go back over to the bed to look for him, thinking he’s hanging out in one of the shoes or something but he wasn’t there. I had a feeling he crawled behind the bed since he’s a hedgehog and likes to hide in small spaces. And surely enough after I shined a light behind the bed he was all nestled tightly inbetween the bed and the wall. And then I was like ‘RALPH! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?’ 

I had to wake my boyfriend up so he could move the bed back so I could grab him and put him back in his cage. 

Turns out he did find a way to get out of his cage. He ended up crawling on top of his litter box and climbed up the side and fell 16 inches from the top of his cage. What a little retard. 

So a couple of questions come to mind:

Why was he trying to escape? I give you everything and you’re trying to escape why??

Did it hurt when he fell out of this cage? Cause that’s a pretty big drop and I hoped he didn’t get hurt.

How long was he out of his cage for? We fell asleep around 1am and he woke me up a little after 5. So he could have been cold and hungry the whole time.

Why did he decide to come over to the bed? Which I’m glad he did do, because there are so many places he could have hid and gotten wedged between. Like behind the oven and I would just cry…

Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t be trying to find ways to climb out again, since there’s no food, water, or warmth outside of his cage lol

Long story short, a hedgehog scratching at a box next to your bed at night is scary and sounds like a devil scratching at your walls. 

Never underestimate a hedgehog.

Thanks for stopping by! 

And have a great day, everyone(: