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Spring Mountain Ranch

Last week my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite places in Las Vegas and walked around to take some cool photos. It was fun to share my favorite place with him, even though it was hot and would have been much nicer in the fall or winter. But I’m glad he wanted to go with me.

Here’s a compilation of some fun shots we took together that day. Hope you enjoy!


The ranch house




Inside the bedroom in the ranch house



FullSizeRender 7-1






FullSizeRender 8-1




Shot by my boyfriend







Lake Harriet

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An Overview Of The Last 8 Months

Let me take you through the last 8 months with me and just briefly explain all that I’ve been doing and share some photos along the way.

Since I take photos all the time, my camera and phone are a big help here because they can tell me exactly when I took a photo since they have time stamps. Which saves me a lot of time trying to figure out when the heck something happened. So yay for time stamps!

As I’m typing this up, I’m just now realizing this could be a lengthy post. But let’s get started(:

On March 29th, I went to the Extreme Thing Sports and Music Festival here in Las Vegas. Which I pretty much go to every year and it’s pretty cool. It’s always at the same place at Desert Breeze Park and the festival features 6 stages where different music acts come to perform and showcases national musicians, rising bands, and Dj’s. And that day was fun for the most part. I brought my Canon with me so my main focus being there was to get photos, not so much be in the crowd cause I obviously don’t want to risk damaging my camera. But I honestly didn’t get to take too many photos because someone was dragging me down and trying to ruin my day x) But here are a few photos from that day.

Volumes at Extreme Thing 2014

— — —

On April 7th, I spent the day with my friend Timmy again, and we went around the town and took photos of different parts of the city. We went to Fremont Street and the Downtown Container Park, walked the Vegas strip and went to The Linq for the first time. That was a super cool day going out to shoot with my friend.

— — —

April 12th, the family went up to the mountains and we just had a little picnic and went for a hike.

— — —

On May 20th, I received my new penny board in the mail. I was wanting one for the longest time and I finally had the chance to get one(: The one I got was part of the organic collection so if I ever decide I hate my penny board I can just put it in some soil and it will break down and become one with the earth since it’s biodegradable. But that won’t ever happen cause I freaking love cruising around on my penny. The deck was originally a dark green color with white trucks and yellow wheels, but I decided to spray paint it a different color. And now it’s a bright sea green kinda color.

— — —

Starting in June, I spent my summer as a lifeguard at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino after getting certified in April. It was honestly a really cool experience and I had a lot of fun this summer and got to work with some really cool people. I have a lot of crazy fun memories with the people I worked with and I’m glad I got to be a part of something like that. I’m excited for another season of lifeguarding next summer!

June 19th, I went to Warped Tour again. Cause I go every year; and it was pretty fun for the most part. I really didn’t take much photos that day because early in the day when I was in the crowd watching Yellowcard’s set, I got thrown into a big dude and somehow my left contact fell out of my eye xD Lol like how does that even happen?! So I had to go through the whole day with only one contact and it was pretty bad. My vision was getting progressively worse every hour and by the end of the night I was basically freaking blind. The only decent photo I managed to take was of Yellowcard, probably a minute before my contact decided it wasn’t suited for my eye anymore.

— — —

I turned 20 on August 2nd, and I spent my birthday at work and it was honestly a really good day. Definitely one of the oddest birthdays I’ve ever had but I’m glad I got to spend it with my coworkers. They got me a little birthday cake that my lead ended up putting my face into, and my friend Keegan got me a sick hat with my name on it, which was freaking cool of him(:

— — —

On October 14th, I got a tattoo on my arm which I absolutely love, but I’ll make a separate post about that later x)

October 16th, I went to go see Yellowcard with Memphis May Fire and Emarosa at the House of Blues. It was such a good show. I don’t really listen to Memphis May Fire but they did put on a very good show and I enjoyed it a lot. And I was excited to see Emarosa live because I’ve never seen them before and they were so good. I also picked up their latest album, Versus, while I was there too, which is now one of my favorite albums at the moment(:

My Halloween was pretty cool too. I spent the whole day with my cousin and friend Keegan and we went out to eat together and just chilled until we picked up our other friend Brian from work and we all went to Frightdome together. And my cousin had a panic attack like 2 minutes in and I thought she was faking it at first xD But then she blacked out and I was like WTF. She was alright after the medic people fixed her. Lol but other than that, it was a pretty chill night with cool people.

On November 16th, my cousin and I took a little road trip to California together to see Hoodie Allen in Santa Ana, since he wasn’t coming to Vegas on his tour. And it was seriously one of the greatest experiences of my life. But I’ll probably make a separate post about all our adventures in California a little later.

— — —

Definitely a lot more stuff happened in between all the things I just talked about but I don’t want this post to be ridiculously long so I’ll just end it here x)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great day!

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Random Photo… #7

Howdy doo(: Please enjoy this photo I took last week in the mountains(:


Blue Tree

Today was a family day! We haven’t had a family day in quite a long time so it was nice to go out with the family and do something. We left late in the morning and decided to go to the mountains and have a picnic and go for a hike and stuff. It was soooo nice outside, like 68 degrees, with a slight breeze.


We went to Blue Tree Group Camp and ate some sammiches there. Sadly, I did not see any blue trees πŸ˜₯

That would’ve been awesome to see and take photos of x) But instead my lens made friends with some cacti, pine cones, flowers, and random shrooms along our hike.

Enjoy these photos from my nature hike today(:





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Hope you enjoyed my photos!(:

Random Photo… #5

Walking again is fantastic! I got to enjoy today’s sunset in the mountains with my dad. And it was awesome(:



And here’s my dad jumping into my photo. Lol


Mountain Day


Today I went up to Mt. Charleston and hung out for a bit. It was cold and quiet and peaceful(:

Enjoy these photos from today(:






Family Adventure


Elephant Rock at Valley of Fire

So today was extremely fun! It was a family day and we all decided to barbecue and hang out together at Valley of Fire. We haven’t been there in YEARS so it was nice to go back and see everything again.

Hope you enjoy these photos from earlier today(:


Our chicken and ribs lunch(:



‘The Cabins’




Canyons in the scenic trail in ‘White Domes’


Now this one’s my personal favorite. It’s named ‘Balancing Rock’, however I don’t think that name does it justice. What do I see when I look at this scene? A DINOSAUR, obviously! It’s head’s turned, it’s body and long tail. Can you see it?

It should be renamed because when viewed properly, you can clearly see a dinosaur, not just a balancing rock. Unless it’s just my imagination?…

And lastly, here’s my family and I at the visitor center(:


I had a blast today with my family and I can’t wait to spend more days like today with them(:

Happy Family Adventuring!(:

A Day with Nature


Today was beyond awesome! My dad, brother, cousin, and I went up to the mountains to see the snow. There wasn’t a ton of snow but we did find a few spots to mess around in. We found some broken, left over sleds and cardboard and tried to slide down the hill on them. Cardboard worked better than anything else. The weather wasn’t too harsh at first. It was 40 degrees on the mountain and after nearly an hour of playing in the snow, my toes and fingers were ready to fall off.

Nonetheless, I had a great time. I actually hadn’t been up to the mountain in a few months and I haven’t seen snow in awhile either. And getting to share it with my family made it even better. We always have the best times together.



I enjoy nature and being outdoors but it’s things like this that freak me out.


THESE TREES HAVE EYES. Swear it’s like they watch you walking around in their (forest) home, and are just waiting to attack if you do something wrong.

And of course, my family loves taking fun, derpy photos.


Random Photo…

Hi, thanks for viewing my blog! Please enjoy this photo I took at Red Rock Canyon last weekend(: