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Desert Shores

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good October! Please enjoy a few photos I took a few weeks ago at Desert Shores here in Las Vegas. I went in the early morning because I knew the water would be still and make for some cool reflection shots(:









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The Linq & Flamingo Las Vegas

Please enjoy these photos I took last week while I was walking through the Linq and the Flamingo in Las Vegas(:

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FullSizeRender 5-1








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Spring Mountain Ranch

Last week my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite places in Las Vegas and walked around to take some cool photos. It was fun to share my favorite place with him, even though it was hot and would have been much nicer in the fall or winter. But I’m glad he wanted to go with me.

Here’s a compilation of some fun shots we took together that day. Hope you enjoy!


The ranch house




Inside the bedroom in the ranch house



FullSizeRender 7-1






FullSizeRender 8-1




Shot by my boyfriend







Lake Harriet

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Random Photo… #10

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve done a random photo post. The last one I did was on February 24, 2014 ._. 

So that’s what I’m doing today! 😄

Please enjoy this photo I took of my pet hedgehog at El Matador beach in California(: 

It was his first trip to the beach and he looks a little grumpy but he ended up walking around and playing in the sand a bit.

I also made my hedgehog his own instagram page where I post his adventures and where he’s been and all his travels. Feel free to follow him by clicking here!(:

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First Creek Canyon

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing photos from yesterday during my little hike at First Creek Canyon at Red Rock here in Las Vegas.

First Creek Canyon is a simple 3 mile walk across the valley, which takes you to a nice waterfall with willows and shaded trees. At this time of year, the waterfall isn’t as big and flowing and it normally is when I hike there, but it was still nice(:

Please enjoy some random photos from that hike(:

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Sunday Adventures

On Sunday I got to meet and hang out with my new friend Timmy. Our plan was to bring our cameras and go shoot together around my side of town. It was a super fun day roaming around the park and taking random photos and sneaking into people’s yards to photograph their flowers x)

I had a great time hanging out with a new friend and exploring(:

Here’s some photos from that day.


















Evil cows ._.


Adventures With The Cousin

So it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog x( I actually do have a lot to post about, I’ve just been too lazy to type them up and post them. But today I’m just going to talk about my week with my cousin and post photos of our random adventures together(:

Saturday night, when I picked her up, we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and ordered the most delicious plate of our lives! (So far. lol) We had the Island Grilled Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp, which was BEYOND amazingly tasty. The fish was so freaking good, and holy cow, the shrimp was so beautiful and succulent. We both love seafood, so this dish was absolutely perfect for us x)

(Described on the menu as wood-grilled, wild caught mahi-mahi and a shrimp skewer brushed with a papaya-BBQ sauce and topped with fresh pineapple salsa.)

And of course, their biscuits are so yum(:

Sunday, we walked to the park across from my house and took some photos there and hung out since it was such a beautiful day, then went back home shortly after cause my gramma cooked lunch and was coming over later. And I think that’s pretty much all we did on Sunday x)

Here’s a couple photos from that day(:


Just a cool random car in my neighborhood.


Looking out from the park’s amphitheater.

On Monday, we didn’t want to stay home all day so we went out for a walk and explored the neighborhoods and streets around my area. We walked for about four hours straight, stopping to take photos along the way of random things, saw some nice farmland scenery and made friends with horses. Lol

I took her down this street that I had only been on once before. It’s all farmland and ranches and it’s a nice, quiet street with trees down either side of the road, with some horses and cows, and just nice air. It was just a really nice day to be out(:

We ran into a bunch of horses and hung out with them for a while and took some photos. We passed by a lot of farmland, a cemetery, lots of old, shack like houses and random objects.

Here are some photos from that day(:


Horsey :3


Such an adorable horse with his tongue out x)


Cutie :3



My cousin, the horse whisperer.


I don’t know what this even was x) It was a weird face on a tree.

Then after we came home from our four hour walk, we ordered Pizza Hut cause we were starving. We got a cheese stuffed crust pizza with beef, mushrooms, and bacon on it x)

Tuesday, we tried something new and went to eat lunch at Teriyaki Madness for the first time. We both got teriyaki chicken bowls and they were so damn delicious! 😮 I love teriyaki and this place is right down the street from my house. I’ve been living in this house for over two years and I’ve never tried it ._. But it was so good, and a great experience.


My food from Teriyaki Madness

After that we just hung out in that area, went to Petco to look at fish cause we wanted to get another betta and a bigger tank for him. Then we went to the clothing store, Bath and Body Works, Claire’s, Sally Beauty Supply, and Tokyo Discount. I ended up buying a little Eren Jaegar keychain plushie :3 I was stuck between a titan and Eren, but decided to go with Eren. They were too expensive to get both x)


Cute little Conure at the pet store


Then Wednesday, we just walked to Von’s across the street and made some money by scanning stuff with our app, then just went home had a late lunch, mum made salmon, which we both love, and we just watched tv and hung out and listened to music for the rest of the day and night.


And Thursday we basically did the same thing and went to the store to make money scanning things, then went to Bath and Body Works cause I wanted to buy a new lotion, and then we took my cousin home x(


I’m glad that I was able to spend a lot of time with my cousin since we don’t get to see each other all the time.

The Past Week

I guess you can say I’ve been busy lately. Over the last week, I’ve done a lot of things; lots of family time and I even had a few new first time experiences that turned out to be quite awesome.

So I’m just going to rant on and tell you about them and how my week went(:

Here’s a little list of things I will cover:

1. Goodwill

2. WinCo

3. Double rainbow

4. Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

5. Boulder City Historic District

6. Morning mountain mumbo jumbo

— — —

So my first new experience was going to a Goodwill thrift store. I’ve been to a few thrift stores in town and I have my favorites, however as well known and mainstream as their name is, I’ve never stepped foot into a Goodwill store. BUT, last week I did. And I’d say it was a mostly positive experience. I was surprised at how store-like the place really was. It actually looked nice like a department store at the mall. The most an item of clothing would be is $7, which was kinda cool. I ended up finding something I was looking for too, a plus.

The only downfall to this experience, and this happens with all thrift stores, was that the smell got to me after while. Anyone who’s been inside a thrift shop knows the scent I’m talking about. That subtly rancid stench of old clothing that starts off light and less intense then within an hour seems to consume your nostrils and you as a whole and gives you a headache cause it’s probably eating your brains out. Lol I started to feel really light headed and sick after awhile of being in there.

Overall though, the majority was a positive experience(: I’ll definitely be going back to see if I can find other things I’m looking for.

— — —

A few days ago I went with mum to the WinCo down the street. I knew what WinCo was but I’ve never been in there. I really don’t like the idea of discounted food and items. I’d rather pay full price and trust what I’m buying. But that’s just me. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club and WinCo or whatever, with the whole big warehouse discount food/everything shopping is just weird to me. But I went with mum because she wanted me to.

There was, however, one particular thing I really enjoyed about it, and that was their candy bar. It was awesome! x) I love candy! I got a bunch of strawberry sour belts and Laffy Taffy’s. And of course sampled what I was getting to make sure they were good, even though the signs say not to sample them. Whatever. But yeah, that was pretty cool.

All that candy I got is already gone btw x)

— — —

Then we came home that same day and low and behold, a double rainbow was right outside my house. Lol

The first one was super bright and pretty and a FULL freaking rainbow, which I’ve never actually seen; and the second was more faint and not a complete rainbow. You could see both the left and right side of it but not the top/middle of it.

I tried to take a photo of it using the panorama, and this is what I got.

It kind of just looks like a bubble… but I still think it looks pretty cool(:


And here’s a random photo, taken at the same time as the rainbow mini panorama, but facing the opposite direction towards the sunset.


— — —

My last first time experience this week was hiking through the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail at Lake Mead. Well it wasn’t really a hike, I suppose. It was more of just a really long walk that took us through some old tunnels and break spots where there were some historic information, and the trail leads all the way to Hoover Dam. But still, I’ve never been on this trail so it was pretty cool to do something new with the family.

I also saw some bats in the tunnels! Which I’ve never seen before either. They were squeaking and making bat noises and flying around and being weird.

Here are some photos from that day(:




— — —

After our little hike, we went to the Boulder City Historic District, which is probably one of my favorite little places. It’s the cutest little ‘perfect for tv’ town where the people are all nice and happy, the grass is always green, no crime at all kinda vibe. Seriously, this little district looks a little too perfect in appearance. It probably holds some dark, sinister secret like all the movies with perfect little towns do.

I love that they have cute little shops and eateries.

We ate at this cute pizza place and I made friends with a cow at the ice cream shop(:



— — —

Then this morning, my dad took me and mum up to the mountains and went for a little hike/walk around thing. The weather was perfect. Super cloudy, a little cold, and almost stormy(: And we just hung out.

And here’s some photos from that outing(:




— — —

So yeah, that’s pretty much all of the outings I’ve had within the past week. It’s been fun and pretty tiring. Every night when I come home I just want to shower and go to sleep and not participate in life the next day…

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful week!(:

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Random Photo… #7

Howdy doo(: Please enjoy this photo I took last week in the mountains(:


Blue Tree

Today was a family day! We haven’t had a family day in quite a long time so it was nice to go out with the family and do something. We left late in the morning and decided to go to the mountains and have a picnic and go for a hike and stuff. It was soooo nice outside, like 68 degrees, with a slight breeze.


We went to Blue Tree Group Camp and ate some sammiches there. Sadly, I did not see any blue trees 😥

That would’ve been awesome to see and take photos of x) But instead my lens made friends with some cacti, pine cones, flowers, and random shrooms along our hike.

Enjoy these photos from my nature hike today(:





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Hope you enjoyed my photos!(: