Just a Little Appreciation Rant

Hi guys!(: I basically just wanted to say thanks to anyone who has stopped by, clicked on, or randomly stumbled upon my blog. And thank you for so many views and visitors within the last few weeks. I really appreciate it(: Thanks for leaving me comments and feedback, and thanks for 115+ blog followers and counting!

I started this blog in February, so it’s only been about seven months since I’ve had it. I just passed my 100th post on here, this would be the 102nd post, and it’s pretty awesome to see my blog grow along with my followers(: I’m always happy when I get new notifications of others liking my posts or those beginning to follow me. I’m glad that I can entertain you with my little space on the internet.

I will most definitely try and keep up with my blog and try to post more each week! I have some product reviews and DIY stuff that might be coming up soon, if you’re interested in that. Any suggestions as to what you guys would like to see me write/post about are always welcome. Just leave me a comment and I’ll check it out(:

Again, thanks so much for stopping by :3

Enjoy this random selfie from yesterday.

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