7 Resolutions For Everyone


‘Today is a new day. Don’t let your history interfere with your destiny! Let today be the day you stop being a victim of your circumstances and start taking action towards the life you want. You have the power and the time to shape your life. Break free from the poisonous victim mentality and embrace the truth of your greatness.’ – Steve Maraboli

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and their New Year.

This is my first post for 2014, so hooray! And since it’s still the beginning of January, I wanted to write about some New Year’s resolutions that everyone should make and follow through with.

Now I think these resolutions are more of an everyday thing and people should be living by these anyway, but most people aren’t. And it’s never too late to learn and start the real resolutions that can make or break the happiness in every year.

I’m sick of people doing and saying the same things about the last year and the upcoming year. Stop saying the same ridiculous things as everyone else and actually make resolutions that can change your life and attitude. Stop with the ‘2014 please be good to me’ crap and actually MAKE it a good year. Only you have the power to control that. Every year is not a new beginning. Every DAY is a new beginning.

Here are the resolutions that everyone should make:

1. Let go of the past. Everyone makes mistakes. Some bigger than others. But we get over them and hopefully learn from them and take that with us for years to come. Don’t let your shame or guilt or grudges prevent you from being happy right now. Forget the past and forgive the people that were never nice to you. In the end, you’re just doing yourself a favor and aiding yourself in your overall happiness by clearing out all that resentment in your heart.

2. Enjoy your life right now. Don’t worry too much about the future and focus on your life right now. Enjoy it because right now is literally all you really have. It’s all that truly exists and you shouldn’t wait for the future to be happy when you should be happy right now. Don’t wait to be happy when you reach a certain age and can do more things; don’t wait to be happy when you get a boyfriend or girlfriend; don’t wait to be happy when you find a job. Be happy now. Situations don’t determine how happy you are or can be. It’s how you act in those situations that determine how you feel.

3. Stop worrying. Really, stop with the worrying. Most of the time people worry about things that won’t even happen. And it consumes them. Worrying gets you nowhere. The more you worry, the more fear you’re going to have about things you shouldn’t be worrying about.

4. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself and your life to others. I did a big post about loving yourself, which you can read here. Loving yourself should come first above anything and everything else in your life. You have to love yourself if you want to be happy and enjoy life overall. Almost everyone I know compares themselves to others and comparing yourself to everyone else is just unhealthy and unnecessary. You probably think that other people, your friends or whoever, have a much better and exciting life just from going through their facebook or instagram feed and seeing what they do. But really, all you’re seeing is a highlight reel. But why would you want to be someone else when you could be yourself. You’re the best at being you. And you should love everything about yourself and your life because if you don’t love yourself, no one will.

5. Mind your own business. I don’t know what’s with people and wanting to get into other people’s business. Maybe they’re just so sick with their own lives that they feel the need to talk about other people. What other people are doing and how they’re living their life is frankly none of your business. So stop pointing and judging other people and just mind your own business. Who cares what everyone else is doing. YOU should be the most important person in your life. And when other people don’t mind their own business and say things about you, well, who cares. It doesn’t involve you and you don’t have to deal with it. Someone else’s problem is not your problem. Think positive thoughts.

6. Appreciate what you have. I think sometimes we can get caught up in the things that we don’t have. And I’ve seen it get the best of some people. Life won’t always be on your side, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you not to smile. Most of us take what we have right in front of us for granted. Maybe you don’t have the best of things but that doesn’t mean you can’t MAKE the best of it. What makes you think you deserve more when you can’t even appreciate what you have now.

7. Be considerate and sensor your words. The mouth is a very powerful thing. It can bring kindness and speak beautiful words, but it can also destroy people. Most people don’t sensor their words or even be considerate of what they say to others. Once you say your words and once they’re out there you can’t bring them back. What you say to people ultimately effects yourself. If you’re that person who constantly judges and gossips about others, odds are you’re a very miserable person whether you want to admit it or not. When you say things that bring someone down, you’re bringing yourself down as well. So really, if you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all.

And those are my 7 resolutions worth making that I feel applies to everyone.

I hope everyone enjoys this year and makes the best of everything it has to offer!

Have a great day, everyone(:

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