Mini Haul


I never do hauls, mostly because I don’t really go shopping. But I have taken advantage of my awesome employee discount at Hot Topic and almost every time I work I buy a couple things for myself x) And my new sweaters also came in the mail a couple days before that.

So I thought I’d share the things that I got(:

With my employee discount, I got a new navel ring, a Peter Pan and Wendy tank top, a Jaws tank top, and a Sharknado shirt.

I usually show up to work about 15 minutes early so I always have time to look through our store if I want. I checked out our body jewelry section and picked out a cute navel ring. I chose this cute yin yang dangly one(: And I ended up paying just under $6 for it.

Then while I was working I saw something else I wanted. There was only one small left in this cute Peter Pan and Wendy tank top so I threw it over my shoulder and kept it with me for the last 15 minutes I worked until I could buy it. It definitely makes me think of All Time Low’s song ‘Somewhere in Neverland’. x)


— —

Then on a different day when we went to the mall, I got a new tank top and the cutest Grumpy Cat plushie :3

I was browsing around and looked up and saw the back of a Grumpy Cat plushie I’ve been wanting for some time now, so I grabbed it cause I was definitely going to buy him. I absolutely hate cats, but that grumpy cat was so ugly and miserable I just had to have him. Lol


The tank top was on clearance and it’s pretty thin, sheer and flowy, with an open zipper back, so I guess it’d be more for summer if I were to wear it as is. But for now, I just wear it under a cardigan or jacket. But it’s cute on me and I like it(:


— — —

Then last week at work, I picked up a couple more things for me.

I got this dark grey Jaws tank top(:


Then in our novelty section I found a Sharknado shirt. And I was like .__.

Lol Sharknado’s a movie and if you’ve ever seen it, you’d know that it’s probably one of the most ridiculously bad movies ever made. It’s so bad it’s comical. Sharknado? C’mon really? x)

But naturally, I had to have it cause it’s a retarded movie shirt.

I honestly don’t like wearing t shirts. You’ll rarely ever see me in one. I always just cut the sleeves off and hem the shirt. And that’s what I did with this.


— — — —

And in the mail came a couple holiday sweaters(:



— — — — —

And that’s it for now.

I love my employee discount so much. The fact that everything I buy is basically equivalent to a buy one get one free sale for me, is just awesome(:

But the season has ended and my surgery is coming up next Friday, and since I was a seasonal employee, they had to let me go, which worked out perfectly with how my surgery was scheduled x) But after I’m all healed and can walk again, my manager told me to come back and reapply and they’ll hire me again. So that’s good to know.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing my random mini haul of things I’ve recently purchased.

Have a great day, everyone!(:

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