Bunionectomy: 7 Months After

It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve talked about my bunionectomy and osteotomy surgery that I had earlier this year, but I thought I should give those who have followed those updates a recent update of my foot, it’s mobility, and physical appearance before I go on and talk about anything else.

My foot is 100% completely healed and I can walk just fine with perfect mobility. I don’t have any foot discomfort or pain at all anymore. My big toe is still just a little stiff and I can’t fully curl it all the way down. But I’m fine with that. I don’t need to curl my toes that far anyway x)

I do still have my tailor’s bunion, which is just another bunion deformity located on the opposite side by my pinky toe. (Illustrated in the photo below.) So I guess my feet still don’t look ‘normal’, but that’s okay. At least the main problem that was causing me pain is finally gone and the bones in that part of my foot are straight and mended together.

So here’s a recent photo of my foot.


My scar healed up real well and looks kinda cool x) I do have three screws in my foot that held it together and you can actually feel the top of one screw if you run your finger over part of the scar.

My doctor says the only thing that could possibly happen is that the screw can start to bother me since it’s so shallow under my skin, but if it causes me any problems I can just go into her office and she’ll make a small cut and remove that one screw. So it’s not that big of a deal.

Right in the middle where part of the scar looks like a circle, is where you can feel one of the screws.


— — —

On a more recent note, on December 17th I went in for a quick xray of my left foot, the one with the bunion, and set up my surgery date for my next bunionectomy and osteotomy. The date is Friday January 17th at 7am. A week before that date, I have to go into her office to sign off papers and stuff. But it’s set. I’m finally having my final surgery to fix my problematic bunions.

So it’ll be the same thing again. Six weeks of not walking or going anywhere… but this time hopefully I won’t get as bummed and depressed.

It’s less than a month away, so it’s definitely coming up fast! I’m glad that I can finally have this surgery then not have to worry about it anymore. After I’m healed from this surgery, I can finally move on and search for and hopefully have a full time job. As of now, I just have a seasonal/part time job and a couple odd jobs since that’s really all I can have. I didn’t want to get a full time job then have to take all that time off. But who knows, Hot Topic may keep me on after the season. Idk about that yet, but I did put in for time off just in case it comes to that.  I do like working there though, and they really like me, so I’d be glad to stay.

Please enjoy this random photo of me at work in our weird restroom/storage closet.

I will certainly try to make more posts in the meantime and during my recovery from surgery. I really do miss writing ._.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!(:

3 responses to “Bunionectomy: 7 Months After

  • Rusha Sams

    Thanks for posting this. I’m due for a bunionectomy in the near future . . . and dreading it! Hope your New Year is a happy one! http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  • Amanda

    I am about to have one done and I have to have 1 screw put in my foot…im freaked out! do the screw bother you?

    • aliapplejack

      I’m sorry for such a late reply, but no the screws in my foot do not bother me at all. I have 3 in each foot and it’s like they’re not even there. However if i roll my finger over part of my scar, I can feel the top of one of the screws in both feet, which is kinda cool to me. lol but even that doesn’t bother me or cause discomfort in any way.
      Hope everything is going well with your surgery!

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