Product Review: Paper Mate InkJoy 100 Stick Ballpoint Pens


Last week I stopped by Target and picked up a new small notebook and some Paper Mate InkJoy pens. I absolutely LOVE these pens(: Paper Mate claims their InkJoy pens give you effortless, smooth writing and indeed, they really do. I bought these pens because I hate when I’m writing with a pen that requires a lot of hand pressure to have a more visible ink writing. It’s so annoying and tires my hand 8731E2E8-02A7-4DB1-BFA8-E45E6DD537A1-177-00000009AC236806_zps006a5d9aout. And I also obviously bought them because of the super fun and bright colors x)

But really, with these InkJoy pens, it really is effortless writing. The ink just glides perfectly out of the pen on it’s own when it hits paper, but not in an overly inky, blobby way where it will smudge or smear all over the place. I’ve had no smudges since using these pens. You can literally write effortlessly with the lightest hand and still achieve a perfect saturated line.

Another plus, these pens are super cheap! Which of course also attracted me to them. I got this pack of 18 InkJoy pens for only $3.80 at my local Target.

Now when I do reviews, I don’t really pick apart every little detail about the product like I’ve seen a lot of people do. I really don’t care about those little things; they don’t even matter. What matters is if I liked the product and whether or not it worked for me the way it was advertised/described.

But in case you’re super anal about dumb things, I’ve made a little list of some random things serious pen-goers might pick at.

1. The pen is kind of triangular shaped; not the traditional circular shape.

2. The pen doesn’t have a grip, if you even care about that..

3. If you’re picky about caps, the cap is pretty snug, which is great, but it takes a little more effort and you have to push harder to get the cap on all the way. I really don’t care, as long as it’s on and it’s not going anywhere x)

4. The barrel is translucent but the cartridge that holds the ink inside the pen is white, not clear. So if you like seeing the ink in your pens, I guess you’ll be disappointed.

Honestly, I don’t see why people would care about those dumb little things. As long as it writes the way it’s supposed to and I like it and it’s comfortable to me, then I don’t care what shape it is or whether or not it has a rubbery griD833F7A0-5AD0-4F74-B8A1-AED421FC1975-177-00000009BB731D49_zpsa42ae781p.

But next time, I want to get the retractable InkJoys. I’m just so used to those ones over caps x)

Overall, I think these are great pens with great colors for a great price and I recommend them to anyone who wants to try them(:

Happy writing, everyone!(:

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