7 Reasons Why I Blog


When I first thought of covering this topic I thought to myself, ‘Do I even have that many reasons?’ ._. But once I started writing, I found it pretty easy to uncover the reasons why I blog.

1. I love to write. Ever since I was little, my life consisted of writing in journals and notebooks and just getting my thoughts and ideas onto paper. Life, stories, experiences, feelings, they were all written down in a bunch of notebooks that I actually still have in our storage closet. So eventually instead of putting my thoughts on paper, I found a blog to be pretty ideal. I do still keep a small notebook to write little things for myself; the things that almost never make it to my blog.

2. Creativity. Writing pretty much opens the door for me to be more creative with my thinking and helps me think outside the box as far as coming up with blog topics and how to write them. It gives me the opportunity to be as creative as I want.

3. Feedback. I was always a little too nervous to let anyone read my journals and notebooks as a kid just because they were personal with my experiences and thoughts and short stories, and I was embarrassed for anyone to see my writing and how I thought about things. But I secretly always wanted some feedback on my writing. As I grew older, that little fear wasn’t a big deal and I wanted to get some of my writing out for people to see. And having a blog was the perfect way to do this. It’s on the internet and everyone can see it. I never aimed to have a certain audience to read my posts, but I think it can appeal to just about anyone. And anyone is able to comment and leave their opinions and I love when they do that. I love and appreciate when people tell me that they enjoy reading my blog along with my way of writing and thinking.

4. Peace of mind. When I write, it’s satisfying. Really satisfying. It’s my outlet and whether I’m writing a story or deep thoughts or a review, or just a random rant, it always seems to give me a peace of mind and I feel great afterwards.

5. Point of Views. I don’t always have time to sit down and read a good book, but blogging is kind of the next best thing. Reading other people’s blogs is a way for me to see anothers point of view, which I love doing, and their style of writing, their own experiences; and it’s like reading short little books everyday. Exploring the blogosphere helps me discover a lot of things about other people and even myself.

6. Good Thinking. I want to be a good thinker and the process of blogging always encourages me to pause and think deeper about topics in the matters of my life. I always have somewhat of a blog hiatus, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say. Instead, I’m in a state of discovering what I have to say.

7. To Inspire. Blogging can change the life of the writer and also the readers in either a negative or positive way. Of course I hope to positively inspire people who come across and read my blog. Over the time I’ve had my blog, I’ve found others who have shared their story after reading my posts by leaving me a comment. The feeling of offering people something more is really satisfying. Putting my thoughts and advice into certain posts to help people was never really a goal but I found that it just comes naturally to share my knowledge and wisdom with people and anyone can take any part of my writing as advice or life lessons if seen a certain way.

So again, thanks to anyone who has seen, stopped by, read a post or two, or commented on my blog, etc(: What I hope is for people to read my blog and take with them any random lesson or discovery or advice and just use it in their lives and way of thinking.

Oh yeah, and Happy November everyone!(:

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