Ali’s Guide To Having A Good Morning

This is my own personal guide to having a good morning. These are essential to me or else I would have a very unpleasant morning.

But if you’re not a morning person, maybe you can become one or make them a little more enjoyable with the help of my personal guide(:

Let’s start!

1. Ditch the alarm, create a morning playlist. Alarms suck. I haven’t used one since middle school. No one likes being woken up with anxiety from a loud stupid alarming alarm. Instead, create a musical playlist of your choice and set that to wake you up every morning to a different song. Waking up to music or soothing sounds always helps me get myself together in the morning and set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Don’t wake up late, but don’t wake up too early either. Waking up too late can make your day much shorter and make you lazy; and waking up too early can tire you out faster from being awake for so long. Try waking up between 8-9:30. I usually wake up right around 9. Then I get my mornings started and I feel better during the day.

3. Make your bed. This is so simple, and yet it’s honestly something I’ve only recently started doing, like a month ago x) But there’s something about making your bed that makes you feel better and makes you more productive for the rest of the day, or at least you’ll feel that way.

4. Get fully dressed. No, I don’t mean putting on a dress or some slacks. Just don’t wear your pjs all day. Put on proper clothing like some shorts and a nice shirt with little to no stains or holes and you’re good! Getting dressed will make you more awake.

5. Get some fresh air. Step outside for a minute, go for a morning jog, walk to your mailbox and check the mail, just take in some fresh air. I personally open up my bedroom window and let the air flow in. It will enhance your mood. Trust me.

6. Brush your teeth AFTER you eat. This is essential and very important to follow because everything tastes like burnt shit if you brush your teeth and then decide to eat breakfast. It’s terrible. Unless for some odd reason you enjoy the putrid taste of poo, then it doesn’t matter when the hell you decide to brush your teeth; if you even do. Oh! and another exception is water. Water is pretty good after you brush your teeth because it has the same result as if you had just chewed minty gum. The water tastes colder and crisper(:

7. Avoiding all human interaction. I’m one of those people who gets annoyed if people try to talk to me too early in the morning or right when I wake up. When I’m alone in the morning, my mornings are perfect and peaceful. If I leave my room and someone’s like ‘OH HEY YOU’RE UP EARLY. ARE YOU GONNA MAKE TEA? WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST? IT’S NICE OUTSIDE. YOU LIKE MY ROBE?’ I’m just like >.> shuddup. You can say good morning but don’t try to start a conversation with me and we’ll all have a happy morning.

8. Keep the music on. Any kind of music, the same that you chose to wake up to, or choose a new playlist to play while you do your morning duties. I prefer acoustic or something alternative and comforting for me in the morning. Music never fails to brighten up your mood and make you feel better.


And that’s pretty much my guide to having a good morning! Try these steps and maybe you’ll have a better morning yourself.

Enjoy your mornings and have a great day everyone!(:

And also enjoy this smiley photo of me..


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