My Mornings

Hi guys! So the other day someone asked me what my mornings were like, which was a little strange to me because I always thought my mornings were fairly normal; but this girl was intrigued by the things I do. My mornings usually start out the same but my daily routine will be different depending on what I have to get done; but still, I thought it’d be interesting to go through what I do in the morning(:

After the obvious wake up, I

– Lie in bed for another 10-15 minutes. Just because I’m too lazy to get up right away.

– Get up and open my window. Cause I love the smell of cold fresh air in the morning.


– Turn on some calming alternative music.

– Go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of green tea. And maybe a light breakfast, like a bagel or a muffin.

– Go back to my room and eat. Whilst taking in that fresh air and soothing music x)

– Grab my phone and check all my notifications. Gotta check my messages, emails, and instagram and posh notifications

– Go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, fix my hair and makeup.

– Put on bummy ‘day outfit’, for when I’m being a home critter. Usually denim shorts and an old but still nice vneck. (But always have another outfit, preferably cute, planned out for if I happen to go out.)

– Make my bed, nicely. I have 9 pillows and a few plushies on my bed and I always have to set them up nicely and not just throw it together.


– Get whatever needs to be done, done. (e.g. checking the mail, cleaning, putting dishes away, shipping out packages, grocery shopping.)


And that’s pretty much my mornings. Don’t know why that girl found it so interesting x)

If mine’s interesting, I wonder what her mornings are like… o_o lol

I actually enjoy my mornings. It’s when I actually get to have alone time and just chill before the day gets started and family members start reining in. Mornings should be peaceful.

— —

I feel like doing a ‘guide to having a good morning’ post now. Maybe I’ll do that one next x)

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