Tonsillectomy Post Op: Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5:

Early this morning around 4am I got really freaked out. I had woken up with an awkwardly moist throat and it felt very uncomfortable. I had to swallow repeatedly and that scared me because that means that my throat could be bleeding. I got up to go check and shined my phone’s flashlight down my throat and saw that it was indeed bleeding on one side. It scared me for a second, but it wasn’t like gushing or really dripping or anything. Otherwise I would have freaked the hell out big time. This is why I always do my research with surgeries so I know what to expect and what could happen.

I ended up drinking some cold water at first, and tried to spit out the blood as much, and as gently, as I could. I wasn’t sure exactly how long my throat had been bleeding for and how much of it I had already swallowed; but I didn’t want to swallow any more of it and risk getting really sick. After a short 30 minutes of carefully swishing my mouth with some cold water, and spitting up blood, my throat had finally stopped bleeding.

Then I went back to sleep; for about 45 minutes, then I was having another problem ._. I began choking and coughing every time I would inhale. Every time I would, it felt like a little something was stuck on the side of my throat. It felt like a little rock or something. I imagine maybe it was a dried blood clot from the bleeding on that side earlier, or maybe a tiny part of the scabs were starting to dry and fall off and every time I inhale it wiggles a bit in my throat just enough to irritate it and make me choke and cough. That’s all I could think it could be.

I choked and coughed lightly, trying to maybe move it around gently without further hurting my throat or making it bleed again. I drank a bunch of water in hopes that would help move something, but that didn’t do anything for me. I decided to just stop trying to mess with it, even though it was really bothering me and choking me making me all watery eyed; and just tried to go to sleep. I did end up falling asleep, thank goodness! And when I woke up again, that irritating feeling had gone away(:

It started to make sense to me as to why I’ve been throwing up everyday in the morning. If my throat had been bleeding when I was sleeping, even a little bit, and I was swallowing it, then that itself would make me sick and cause nausea and vomiting. That’s what I figure has been happening since I can’t think of anything else rational and logical. I did read on the little aftercare paper that my doctor had given me, that if my throat were to bleed and I swallowed it, it would cause me to vomit. It makes sense though because I had a feeling it was bleeding and I was swallowing way too much. It was a different feeling. However, today is the only day I was actually able to see a blood blotch from where the blood could have been coming from earlier.

Here’s a photo after I woke up from the bleeding and irritation.

You can see how on one side, it’s like red and pale at the top and it looks like a part of the white scabs are missing. That’s where it was bleeding from. And my uvula was terribly fat and swollen ugh

I did notice that throughout the day, my throat was healing itself and healing fast because by the end of the day, you couldn’t even see the blood spot/missing chunk anymore because the new scabs were forming and covering it so fast.

Here’s a photo from the same day, just about 8 hours after I took the first photo. You can see how the missing chunk… isn’t missing anymore. And it’s covered with the white/yellow ugly scabs. Please excuse my disgustingly yellow tongue, I had been eating scrambled eggs all day xD You can also see the swelling in my uvula went down a lot and it’s not dumb and fat anymore.

Overall, after I had woken up, I had a very very good day(: I got up, had some banana slices for breakfast, took all my meds and antibiotics like I’m supposed to, took a shower, which revived me so much and made me feel amazing afterward; and even though I spent the whole day on the couch alone, it was a good day because I felt good and looked a lot better than my previous days where I looked like I was dying.

But that greatness and happiness couldn’t last for that long of course. Not in my life anyway. Something had happened and I don’t know at all why or what led up to it. It just came out of the blue and it kinda hurt because I know for a fact I have not said or done anything to this person, so I am confused as to where this accusation and stuff is coming from. As much as I don’t want to be upset about it, I honestly really am because this person is one of the most important people in my life and this happening is a big freaking slap in the face to be attacked and not even know why or what the heck is going on. I know I did nothing wrong, and there’s nothing I can do about another persons random and negative feelings and attitude towards me. And if this person no longer wants to be in my life and be mad over something I don’t even know about, then I’m just going to have to let her walk away if she’s gonna be that dumb. Even if she is family and my best friend and very important to me, I don’t need your drama and problems in my life anymore if this is how I’m going to be treated. You can figure out all your problems on your own and drown in your own sorrows because I’m done saving you and telling you that it’s going to be okay. I can’t make things better for you, and if it’s something that I can’t change then there’s no point in worrying about it I guess.

Day 6:

Today I woke up and everything was neutral. My pain level was almost nonexistent, which was great, but a little weird considering I hadn’t taken my pain meds since midnight the previous night and usually by this time I would be crying and dying from an intense burning throat. But this was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Here’s a photo from today

Today has been all smooth sailing honestly. Just been drinking lots and lots of water so I can be on my way to a speedy recovery. But my pain level has been extremely low so there’s not really much to say I guess.

I’m hoping all the days for the rest of my recovery will be this smooth because I am done with all that throwing up, gagging, burning throat, swallowing glass bullshit.

I’m so glad that the worst part is over.

Have a great night everyone and thanks for stopping by(:

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