What I Hate About Driving

I genuinely enjoy driving. I’m good at it, I think it’s fun, you can go anywhere you want to go; BUT, what I hate about driving is EVERYBODY ELSE DRIVING.

So let me explain, I had a pretty busy day yesterday. I had work in the morning, ran some errands after, and did a little shopping on the strip. I was basically driving around the city all day. And oh my god, it was THE WORST. Like, did everybody forget how to fucking drive yesterday cause there were accidents left and right, people getting pulled over every 2 miles, which caused constant traffic and people generally just pissing me off with their driving.

So I’m going to tell you the things I hate about other drivers that seemed to happen all day yesterday:

1. Slamming or riding on your breaks for no reason

– Okay, you should not be doing this. Like WTF. You’re going to cause the next accident. I found myself stuck behind a guy who constantly slammed on his breaks for no apparent reason, even though there was definitely 50 feet between them and the next car. What are you doing man? It’s not like you were so close to rear ending the guy in front of you.

2. Failure to use your blinkers

– Now I can see if you’re on the streets and they’re pretty much dead and the lanes are clear and open for you to easily glide into the lane next to you, and you decide not to use your blinker. That’s okay because no one is close enough to care that you’re getting into their lane. But when you’re driving on the highway, in high traffic, and you’re not using your blinker and just diving into lanes, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU. And no, putting your blinker on when you’re already half way into my lane doesn’t count.

3. Swerving between lanes

– What are you doing? Get off your phone, stop eating that sandwich, stop messing with the radio or whatever and actually pay attention to the road. Especially when there’s that many cars around you and you’re in Vegas where every one is a moron when it comes to driving. Pick a lane buddy, and stay in it. Otherwise utilize your turn signals PROPERLY and get in the next lane. (See no. 2 above)

4. Slowing down to see the accident on the side of the highway

– I HATE WHEN DRIVERS DO THIS. And this was the main cause of the terrible traffic yesterday and well, basically whenever there’s traffic. Yes, there were 4 or 5 accidents on the highway, people are dumb, accidents happen, but does everybody really have to slow down to check it out as they’re driving by?? Who cares? I don’t care that there’s an accident, I don’t care if the car is smashed in the front. All I care about is getting to my next destination.

5. When drivers won’t let you over into their lane… or speed up so that you can’t

– You see that sign? Yeah it says this lane ENDS. It MERGES into yours. I have to get in that lane anyway so let me over asshole. Why are you trying to corner me and make it so I can’t even get in this lane. I’m not trying to ride the shoulder of the highway all the way home.

6. People who drive under the speed limit

– Again, what are you doing? It’s 65 on the highway and you’re going 50? Reeeally? You gotta go at least 5 over the speed limit duh. Everyone isn’t passing you for fun.

7. People who drive way too close behind you even though there’s cars in front of you and nowhere for anybody to go

– Why are you right on my butt dude? Am I going too slow for you? It’s called traffic. I can’t speed up, and you can’t go around me, so back the hell up thanks(:

— — —

Swear, I hate driving in Las Vegas. The people here don’t know how to drive, or how to change lanes or communicate with each other on the road, or how to be courteous. And as bad as the traffic is in Los Angeles, I have to say that it was actually a lot easier driving there versus here in Vegas. Like I actually enjoyed my driving experience in California more than my own city.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed my rant on driving.

And as always, thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great day everyone!(:

(And please be safe while driving!)

4 responses to “What I Hate About Driving

  • moonskittles

    I wonder with so many people that do not drive properly, if we should create a ‘good drivers club’ πŸ™‚ I enjoyed your piece. And you too, be safe!

  • Timothy Price

    I share you frustrations, plus I find that driving a fast car in a slow world is especially frustrating. Las Vegas is probably a lot like Albuquerque β€” people drive in ABQ like it’s the wild west. But even our western streets are orderly compared to Madrid, Spain, Rome, Italy and Paris, France. I driven in all those cities, plus I’ve driven all over Spain, southern France and central Italy – it got pretty wild at times, especially when 8 streets all dump out onto a plaza and it’s a free for all to get across the plaza and find the street you need to continue on your journey. Giant round a bouts are a lot of fun, also. The worst was meeting an on-coming commercial truck on a one lane road on a mountain ridge with steep banks that fell off either side and no guardrails. After getting out of our respective vehicles and surveying the situation, we decided it was easier for me to back up a half mile to a turnout, than the truck drive to back up a mile to the nearest turnout behind him. Backing a half mile on a road where I could not see anything on either side of the road because of the steep slopes on either side of the ridge was stressful to say the least.

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