Lucid Dreaming


‘In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.’ -Steven Kloves

I am a master when it comes to lucid dreaming. I dream lucidly almost every night. For people who don’t know what lucid dreaming is, it’s basically when you become consciously aware that you’re dreaming. It’s when you know that everything that’s happening in your dream is all just in your mind and you’ll eventually wake up from it.

Mind awake, body asleep.

Dreaming lucidly can be a beautiful thing; but it can also be your worst nightmare. For me, it’s really a place where I can escape to freedom and be whatever or whoever I want to be or have whatever I want to happen, happen. I personally LOVE lucid dreaming. I love being aware that I’m dreaming when I’m dreaming. It’s really the coolest feeling. It’s almost like starring in my own little mind movie that only I can see.

People often think lucid dreaming and dream control are the same thing. These people are mistaken. They’re completely different. However, the more you lucid dream, you can start to feel like you have somewhat of a control over certain things in your dreams. But it’s also possible to lucid dream, be completely aware that you’re dreaming, and not have any control over what’s happening. It all depends on your mind and body. In my case, I can’t always choose whether I want to control what happens in my dreams. It just depends. I never plan to go to sleep every night and dream lucidly, it just happens for me. It’s like before the dream even starts I already know that it’s just a dream and none of it is real and weird things are gonna happen, but it’s all in my mind. It’s been that way for me ever since I was little. Lucid dreaming was always something I was just able to do.

When I lucid dream, and I’m in my dream doing whatever it is that I’m doing, sometimes I can see myself sleeping. That sounds really weird, but it’s almost like a second sight or an out of body experience. Like, I’ll be completely aware that I’m dreaming when I’m asleep, and I can see myself lying in bed, asleep. I don’t know if I’m even explaining this properly, but it’s like I’m not even there and I’m like standing in the corner of my room or over my body, and I’m just watching myself sleep when I’m… asleep …? That just sounds creepy now, I don’t even know how to explain this x) It’s like my soul is getting away from my body and it’s the weirdest experiece to be able to watch yourself sleep. But it’s also not a good thing and definitelu not something you want to do or would want to happen. Because when this happens and you are watching youself sleep, your soul basically is completely detached and separate from your body, and each body can only have one spirit. Meaning that if your spirit is out of your body, that leaves a window of opportunity for other things and other ‘spirits’ to enter your body and take it over. Think, possession. And yeah that shits not good.

But aside from LD’s, another skill I’ve been lucky enough to develop is dream recall, the ability to remember dreams. Dream recall is a big factor when it comes to lucid dreaming. They definitely work together and can really give you a full lucid experience. I almost always remember my dreams when I wake up. And while it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ll write everything down in detail in my dream notebook, where I keep records and stories of all my dreams; or if I don’t feel like doing that at the moment, I’ll type it down, including all major details the best I can, in the notepad app on my phone. If you record your dreams, it can sometimes help you to lucid dream the following night and have a continuation of the previous nights dream or even have the same dream again because you have all the details written down. The more you do this, you will start to see patterns or recognize things in your dream that will trigger your mind and make you realize that you’re in a dream.

Then, you can enter the world of lucidity.

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