Youtube Short Films

I’ve been slacking on typing up posts like usual, but I have been out of town for two weeks. But now that I’m back home, I’m back with a new post(:

Does anyone else watch random short films on youtube? I actually really enjoy watching a lot of them. I’ve put together my top 5 that I’ve enjoyed watching and embedded them into this post so you can watch them right here and hopefully you will enjoy them as well(:

— — —

1. The End

I love this one by DominicFear. In fact I enjoy all of his short films, but this one continues to be my favorite. I thought the story line was cute and I also loved the moral of this story; to not give up on love or finding someone or relationships just because you got hurt once. If you don’t try, then nothing will ever happen, the good or the bad.

— — —

2. Growth

This is a great short film about how pain and grief doesn’t change who you are. Whatever pains we go through, helps us grow. And that’s what it’s all about. I always find myself coming back to this short film because it’s so real and beautiful.

— — —

3. Ellie Heart

Another one from DominicFear. I love the concept of this one as well. The emotions of the characters in this short film and their conflict, I think is just brilliant and I loved watching everything play out.

— — —

4. Paradox

I thought this one was pretty cool because it reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone, which is one of my favorite tv shows. It had the simplest twist to it at the end and I thought it was entertaining.

— — —


Last, but not least, my favorite of these 5 youtube short films. I absolutely LOVE this one. I loved the subject, the acting, the action and the meaning behind the entire thing. I thought it was very well done and very entertaining to watch and the subject was great to think about. You cannot replace freedom for the illusion of safety.

— — —

These are just 5 of many short films I came across and like to watch. Hopefully you enjoyed them too and continue to search and watch more interesting short films.

Hope everyone has a great day!

And thanks for stopping by!(:

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