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Snow Heaven


Today was fabulous! In town, the weather was rainy, gloomy, and just a little chilly. I love when the skies are grey and rainy. It’s perfect for me. When my dad came home, we decided to go up to the mountains to see the snow. It was raining the entire time coming up the mountain, but the rain quickly turned into flurries, and we saw that the mountain was covered in snow!








Alpaca loves snow :3


A Day with Nature


Today was beyond awesome! My dad, brother, cousin, and I went up to the mountains to see the snow. There wasn’t a ton of snow but we did find a few spots to mess around in. We found some broken, left over sleds and cardboard and tried to slide down the hill on them. Cardboard worked better than anything else. The weather wasn’t too harsh at first. It was 40 degrees on the mountain and after nearly an hour of playing in the snow, my toes and fingers were ready to fall off.

Nonetheless, I had a great time. I actually hadn’t been up to the mountain in a few months and I haven’t seen snow in awhile either. And getting to share it with my family made it even better. We always have the best times together.



I enjoy nature and being outdoors but it’s things like this that freak me out.


THESE TREES HAVE EYES. Swear it’s like they watch you walking around in their (forest) home, and are just waiting to attack if you do something wrong.

And of course, my family loves taking fun, derpy photos.