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Talking to the Prideful

[Disclaimer: This is not an angry rant. I simply just want to talk about an experience with a prideful parent.]

There’s times when I don’t even know why I try to communicate with my parents. I feel like because they’re parents they think they override all, everyone else is wrong and they rule Earth because they’re parents. What they don’t realize is that their way of thinking doesn’t help any situation. When there is a situation, they don’t talk about it rationally and non dramatically the way people should. Instead they play the blame game, or see themselves as the victim and that they never do anything wrong.

You see, the difference between me and my parents is that I know when I’m wrong and I can admit it. They can’t. They’re way too prideful to ever admit that they could be wrong. And I’m not going to deny it, I KNOW I have a little bit of pride in me. I admit it. It’s not a good thing to have but I admit that I can be a little prideful at times. And normally, I’m able to catch myself when I’m being prideful and stop myself from being dumb and arrogant and tell myself that okay, maybe I’m in the wrong here; But there’s a difference between being prideful and taking pride in something. We’re taught to take pride in ourselves and our work, but to be prideful is frowned upon. Prideful people can’t recognize the truth in themselves or anything for that matter.

I can see situations from all points of view and can listen and understand the opposing person, where on the other hand, the prideful one can’t and my perspective gets slammed and attacked simply because I disagreed with what they were saying and they’re not okay with me disagreeing or questioning them. I don’t need it to be known that I’m right, I just want to simply state my case and be done with it. I’m not looking to have some dumb argument about something that shouldn’t be argued about. But that just doesn’t happen when you’re talking to a prideful person.

And honestly, that’s pretty much how it is with my parents. Now I love my parents, I love my family, but they went berserk today over an argument and I feel like things went way too far. I’m not even mad about what happened honestly, I’m really just bummed and sad about some of the things they were saying and how they thought about me and how I couldn’t say anything without being told I’m wrong about everything. And it sucks that I can’t even really talk to them about it because talking to them is like talking to a pile of bricks. They don’t want to hear it because it doesn’t coincide with their opinions and their way of thinking is being called into question. I almost feel like I’m not allowed to have my own opinions, because my opinions are ‘wrong’.

So is it just the human response to become defensive and angry when being pointed out and called into question?


Mum’s Day


‘You wanna talk about mothers!’

Lol White Chicks x)

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to tell your mother how awesome she is and how much she means to you.

I know I consider my mother the strongest person I know and she’s definitely the most inspirational. She’s the supermom that every person deserves to have and I love her to death. So thanks mum for always being the most perfect mother in the world and teaching me so much<3 I know a lot of the time we like to get on each others nerves and purposely push one another’s buttons and piss each other off a lot, but we always know how much we love each other and we will always be there no matter what.

I made a Mother’s Day card for her last night and wrote what looked like a paragraph and gave it to her this morning. What I wrote made her tear up, which made me almost tear up x) I’m just happy she loved it.

Hope everyone treats their mothers like royalty today and everyday. They sure deserve it.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing and beautiful mothers out there!(:

Family Matters

I won’t share any real details about what’s happened in my family because they’re family matters and no one really needs to know. But I have all these feelings and I need to rant about some stuff. But let’s just say that things are going to be tough for awhile. Very tough. For everyone in my family.

The other day when I wrote about how I was sad because I didn’t have my mother that day, and how I thought it was because she had something going on that she needed to deal with. Well, sadly I was right. I knew right away that day that something was wrong because I saw the signs. I’ve been there myself, and I know when something’s wrong but I never thought that it would be as bad as it really was.

Today my parents shared with my brother and I what was going on and how my mother had been keeping it to herself for two weeks and dealing with everything on her own. It was a very emotional conversation between the four of us. It’s a sad and very scary situation that my family’s been put in, and we could lose a lot. For the first time in a long time, I felt real fear.

However, I have to say that we’ve definitely built the strongest foundation under our family. We’re strong when we’re together and we’re very very close. It’s definitely going to test our strength as a family but we’re gonna get through this. And we’re gonna get through it together with each others support. Hopefully without losing anything along the way.

When my mother was telling me what happened, she got emotional and started to cry. Then I started to tear up because it KILLS me to see my mom cry. I have never seen her as low as she was today. She was so emotional and sad and depressed and stressed out and it was upsetting to all of us. It got me emotional because she’s my momma bear. She’s the strongest person in my life and she takes care of everyone and fixes everything, but this is the one thing she can’t fix. And seeing her as sad as she was just killed me inside.

And later when we all took a drive together, she was talking about how she felt so helpless and depressed and EVERYTHING she was saying I could relate to because I’ve been through the exact same emotions when I was depressed. It was terrible to hear that she was going through that. She was telling me how when she got the news she just wanted to drive off the highway and die. She was seriously at an all time low and it broke my heart that she felt that way. I was tearing up and getting all sad but after chatting about it with her, I think I provided some kind of comfort and support when I told her that I’ve been through those feelings too and she’s not alone. It’s really hard for me to actually talk about that part of my life because every time I do, I just start crying. It’s definitely the darkest part of my years.

Mum was saying how it was my dad that made her want to keep going. He just kept telling her that everything will be alright and we have each other to fall back on. But what happened really does change everything for us.

I’m not sure I’m ready for any of this and it terrifies me that we could lose everything. And it upsets me that I can’t even help out because of my current crippled condition.

Nonetheless, we’re all here to support each other and help each other get through this. We just have to stay positive.

When it comes to family, we’re strongest when we’re all together. And I feel like when we’re all together, we can pull through any situation.

Family Battlefields

All families fight. Maybe not physically, but at some point all families have some kind of disagreement or bickering going on. It happens. We can’t be happy-go-lucky rainbowed unicorns all the time. A smooth sailing life, in my opinion, would just be a bore. And sometimes, bickering can be fun. It’s a chance to get your words and thoughts out there and just express how you’re feeling. But other times, things go way too far. My immediate family always works things out. We don’t hold grudges, we forgive, but we never forget. No matter what, we’re always there to talk things out and support each other.

I can’t say the same about my extended family. I’m not trying to bad mouth anybody here, but I know that some of them have never really cared for me. They think I’m a disrespectful trouble maker, and a bad influence, and blah blah blah. I honestly don’t care what they think of me because I’ve never considered them real family anyway. But lately my extended family, I guess, hates me. Our families had a fight, things were said, people were accused, and it turned into this big dramatic mess. My family talked about it, sorted things out, and let it go because it wasn’t a big deal. And honestly, IT WASN’T A BIG DEAL. It should have never gone as far as it did, but my extended family keeps holding on to it. Basically holding a grudge over me and what happened. It feels like they’re trying SO hard to get me into trouble, but that’s not gonna happen. And because they’re holding this grudge, they’re seriously ruining everything. They’re making certain things difficult and it’s pissing me off. Everybody else has already moved on from it and we don’t care anymore, so I don’t see why they can’t just move on too.

Suck it up, get over it, you’re not gonna get what you want.

A Day with Nature


Today was beyond awesome! My dad, brother, cousin, and I went up to the mountains to see the snow. There wasn’t a ton of snow but we did find a few spots to mess around in. We found some broken, left over sleds and cardboard and tried to slide down the hill on them. Cardboard worked better than anything else. The weather wasn’t too harsh at first. It was 40 degrees on the mountain and after nearly an hour of playing in the snow, my toes and fingers were ready to fall off.

Nonetheless, I had a great time. I actually hadn’t been up to the mountain in a few months and I haven’t seen snow in awhile either. And getting to share it with my family made it even better. We always have the best times together.



I enjoy nature and being outdoors but it’s things like this that freak me out.


THESE TREES HAVE EYES. Swear it’s like they watch you walking around in their (forest) home, and are just waiting to attack if you do something wrong.

And of course, my family loves taking fun, derpy photos.