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Hey guys! Hope everybody has been having a great week! Please enjoy a few photos I took at a friend’s party last week(:









Twenty Two

So I turned 22 years old yesterday. Not that it really means anything because I still look like I’m 16 lol

Thanks to my boyfriend, I actually had a pretty dope birthday. I woke up with my boyfriend wishing me a happy birthday again, I went to go see my parents in the early afternoon and they took me out for lunch and dessert, then I went home for a bit to see my cute boyfriend and kiss his face, but he was out grocery shopping cause he was going to be cooking dinner for us. (How romantic) He basically told me that I couldn’t be home from like 6-7 so he gave me $100 of guilt free money to spent on anything I wanted at Sephora lol

I went to the mall and got some stuff I’ve been running out of and also some things I’ve been wanting to try but too lazy to go buy it myself.


I ended up getting a new glow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I got my palette in ‘Sun Dipped’, which comes with bronzed, summer, tourmaline, and moonstone and they’re all gorgeous as fuck!


I bought a new Sephora eyebrow brush. It’s just a normal angled eyebrow brush so I didn’t feel like taking a photo of it lol

I got a pair of Huda lashes in Samantha #7. They’re really long and pretty and more importantly, they’re wispy as fuck. I don’t normally like false lashes since I have eyelash extensions, but recently I’ve been letting my extensions naturally fall out so I can get a new set completely. So in the meantime, if I’m wearing false lashes I want the good shit.


And lastly I picked up the Benefit They’re Real mascara to try it out. I’ve been wanting to try this mascara out for a while now but I haven’t gone to buy it until now. I got the small travel size one because I only put mascara on my bottom lashes so I felt like if I bought the regular sized tube it would have just been a waste. It’s so cute and small and I think it’ll be perfect for my bottom lashes.


My boyfriend said that I had to spend the whole $100 guilt free but I only spent $88 at Sephora. I couldn’t find something I wanted to use the rest of the $12 on cause the other things I wanted were like $50.(I actually ended up using that left over money on gas today)

I came home at 7 like my boyfriend said to and he came out to greet me at my car with a little crown and a happy birthday balloon(: He ended up not making dinner, but throwing a little surprise party instead with our friends. I didn’t know he was going to be surprising me with a party but then people starting popping out of bathrooms and closets lol

And the rest of the night consisted of getting drunk, playing beer pong and Cards Against Humanity, and weird conversations. It was an awesome surprise and a great night with great people. Thanks to my boyfriend for putting that together last minute(:

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Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hope everyone has a great day(:

8 Foods I’m Obsessed With

Hello again!(: I’m here with another random post about me! This time being eight foods that I’m obsessed with.

So let’s start!

1. Blueberry waffles. I can eat the whole box of twenty waffles in like two hours if I really wanted to. They’re soooo good. I always eat at least four at a time. Lol

2. Orange soda. I hate soda. I’m not a soda drinker. The fizz is always too fizzy. It’s weird and I don’t like it. BUT ORANGE SODA, MAN, it makes my ovaries explode. It’s awesome. And it’s probably the only soda I’ll guzzle.

3. Hash browns. I love that you have the option of hash browns in patty form, or shredded. It makes it more fun I guess.Β  Sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll fry myself up a hash brown because hungry hobbit.

4. Bagels and cream cheese. I definitely like to pile on the cream cheese, heart attack style, to the point where you can’t even tell there’s a bagel under it. It’s fantastic and my taste buds go rabid.

5. Mac n Cheese. The obvious yummy favorite of youngins around the world.

6. Fruit roll ups. I gotta have these babies stocked in my pantry or else I go crazy.

7. Alfredo sauce. If I could drink this stuff without vomiting, I would. But since I can’t, I just eat it with bread as a dipping sauce. Or over fettuccine of course.

8. Mangoes. Oh gawd, they’re the best thing ever!! I love them suuuper ripe and sweet(: If you stop by my house and drop off a bag of mangoes I’ll love you forever :3

Seriously, the above eight foods I could eat whenever and forever.

This was a short, random and pretty straight forward post today.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!(:

31 Of My Favorite Things

Since August is my birth month, I figured I would make some posts about me and things I like. I should’ve thought of this earlier cause the month is almost over, but whatever. I still have a few days! So here’s a random list of all my favorite things(:

Enjoy learning more about me!(:

Color: Burgundy

Movie: Back To The Future

Cartoon: Courage the Cowardly Dog

Number: 2

Drink: Orange soda

Ice Cream Flavor: Pistachio

Animal: Alpaca

Fruit: Mango

Cereal: Cap’n Crunch Berries

Season: Autumn

Flower: Plumeria

Muppet: Beaker

Breakfast Item: Bacon

Scent: Rain

Month: October

Decade: 1950’s

Genre of Music: Progressive Metal

Book: The Great Gatsby

Time of Day: 11pm

Childhood Memory: Building forts with my bro x)

Word: Delish

Country: Austria

Tv Show: The Twilight Zone

Comfort Food: Mac n Cheese

Day of the Week: Saturday

Bubblegum Flavor: Strawberry

Shape: Squiggle

Holiday: Halloween

Candy: Laffy Taffy

Weather: Cloudy and breezy or rainy

Movie Genre: Suspense/Drama


And that’s 31 of my favorite things!

I shall end this with a selfie from earlier today(:



I remember when I was really little and I used to get so happy and psyched when it was near my birthday. It was something to look forward to, but now, I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass. That’s a weird expression by the way and I don’t know why I just used it…. x)

I’m only bringing this up because I turn 19 on August 2nd, and after thinking about it a while ago, I noticed I really don’t care about birthdays. At least not the way I used to as a child. I don’t get excited anymore. I haven’t been excited about my birthday since I turned 12. From then on my birthday wasn’t a happy, jolly, thing really. It wasn’t something to look forward to anymore. I mean of course it was acknowledged and celebrated with a birthday card and cake from my family and I was the spotlight for ten minutes, but it was always just another day.

Did I just stop caring? It’s not like I never got things for my birthday and it was always a drag. My birthdays were always really nice. I guess I just stopped wanting things? Honestly, I just don’t want the attention that everyone else wants on their birthday. The attention of a party or a lot of gifts. Those things don’t matter to me. And I don’t need those things to be happy.

I just like to spend my birthday with the people that matter most to me. And not gonna lie, for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually looking forward to my birthday tomorrow.


And yeah, Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leo’s out there!(: