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Desert Shores

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good October! Please enjoy a few photos I took a few weeks ago at Desert Shores here in Las Vegas. I went in the early morning because I knew the water would be still and make for some cool reflection shots(:









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Hey guys! Hope everybody has been having a great week! Please enjoy a few photos I took at a friend’s party last week(:








The Linq & Flamingo Las Vegas

Please enjoy these photos I took last week while I was walking through the Linq and the Flamingo in Las Vegas(:

FullSizeRender 12-1



FullSizeRender 5-1








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Spring Mountain Ranch

Last week my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite places in Las Vegas and walked around to take some cool photos. It was fun to share my favorite place with him, even though it was hot and would have been much nicer in the fall or winter. But I’m glad he wanted to go with me.

Here’s a compilation of some fun shots we took together that day. Hope you enjoy!


The ranch house




Inside the bedroom in the ranch house



FullSizeRender 7-1






FullSizeRender 8-1




Shot by my boyfriend







Lake Harriet

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Exploring The Calico Ghost Town

It’s been a very long time since I wrote about photography or posted any of my adventure photos on here. So let’s go back in time a little, to April of this year, and check out my photo collection I took from my family day trip to the Calico Ghost Town(:

I believe this is also the first collection of photos I took with my new Canon T6s and I love how they came out. Hope you enjoy(:

— —

























Vacation Recap

Hey guys! So I recently went on vacation by myself to California, and it was so much fun! Today I thought I’d go through some of the things I did while I was there and share some photos with everyone.

I ended up staying in California for 11 days, and the first thing I did when I got there was head to the beach! I stopped by Santa Monica and went to the pier, got some food, walked the beach, and skated the boardwalk from Santa Monica Pier all the way through Venice.




I did head to Santa Barbara a few days after that to go see my friend Bree, and we just hung out for a few hours and went to go eat downtown at State St.

I spent literally all of my vacation in Hollywood with my friend Brian, which I didn’t mind at all because 1. I love Hollywood and 2. Brian’s awesome lol

While I was in Hollywood, we did a little bit of everything. We went shopping on Melrose, saw and went to some of my favorite hip hop and street wear brand stores, I went to Beverly Center for the first time, ATTEMPTED to hike Runyon Canyon and failed miserably lol, I went to Griffith Observatory, and of course stopped by my favorite record store, Amoeba! We did also go to Anaheim and went to Knott’s Berry Farm, which neither of us have ever been to, so that was fun to go check it out and ride all the rides. And I also randomly decided to get a couple of new tattoos.

I did try a lot of different food places that I’ve never been to before and that’s always fun lol. Food is basically my best friend.

image1(7) image2(2) image3(1)

I also posted a couple of videos on my YouTube channel of my trip to California, which you can watch below(:

I’m actually going back to LA at the end of this month, which I’m excited for of course. I was originally just going to go around Halloween for like 5 days to go to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, but I’m actually going a week sooner since I will be going to the Knotfest Music Festival. I’ve never been to either of these things so I’m excited to be going to them for the first time(:

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California Road Trip!

A month ago, my cousin and I took a little road trip together to California to go see one of my favorite rappers, Hoodie Allen, in Santa Ana since he wasn’t coming to Vegas on his tour. The show date we went to was Sunday November 16th, and we ended up staying 3 days in California, having adventures and literally going everywhere and driving around all of LA.

So I will be going over the whole trip and sharing some photos from those days(:

— — —

Our trip began really early on that Sunday morning around 5am I believe and we headed out on the road, making sure we had all the snacks and sandwiches and everything we needed. It was about a 6 hour drive from Vegas to Santa Ana, but honestly I love driving so the drive there wasn’t even bad. I enjoyed it. And being with my cousin, we always have a great time together so it’s not like the drive was boring or anything.

The only real stop we made was to go to Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner to go check it out together and have breakfast. It’s this super cute little 50’s diner and it’s so adorable. Like they have pies and malt shakes that are so yummy and they have lots of memorabilia on the walls and it’s just a super cute place(:

— — —

The plan was to leave early in the morning, arrive in Santa Ana, check into our hotel and then head to the show later on. When we got to Santa Ana, we first went to go check out the venue since our room wasn’t ready yet and we were only staying a few streets over from the venue. It was like 1pm and there were people in line already x) After we checked out the venue and where it was, we decided to go to the beach for a little bit to walk around and get some snacks before heading to our room. We drove down to Newport beach since it was literally right there. And it was windy, but still really nice(:

— — —

When we got to our hotel and checked in, we went up to our room and settled in and omg I was so surprised how freaking nice it was! Definitely one of the best places I’ve ever stayed in. We were at the Courtyard at Marriott and the room was amazing(:

— — —

The show itself was absolutely phenomenal. Easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. We got in and went to go check out the merch since we both wanted like at least a shirt. And I had such an awkward meeting with one of the merch guys. He recognized me from instagram and I was like oh shit this is weird, but hey can I get a shirt? Lol he was cool though.

I ended up getting a tour shirt and a snapback. And at the end of the merch table, Hoodie Allen was there meeting everybody and signing their merch. I asked him to sign my hat and iphone x) And he was such a cool dude. He was real and took the time to talk to you, which was really cool of him.

The show was great! My cousin and I had such a great time together at the show and we danced and sang our lungs out. Lol we honestly didn’t meet any cool people there unfortunately. Pretty much everybody there or at least everyone we came into contact with was kind of a snob ._. So there were no chill people there, just a bunch of retarded girls.

And shout out to that one dumb girl who was crying about getting a little bit of cake in her hair. I hope you melted(:

I really didn’t take any photos, I mostly did some short videos but I was living in the moment for the most part so I wasn’t really concentrating on taking good photos or videos x)

— — —

The next day we went on a big LA adventure and went all over the place. We started off with breakfast at Panera down the street from our hotel and from there we went to Hollywood and we walked the Hollywood walk of fame and I took my cousin to my favorite record store, Amoeba Records, where I ended up getting a couple posters, of course x)

We went to The Grove and checked out some things there and saw their big sky high Christmas tree, which was really cool and full of holidayness.

And as we were driving down some random street in west LA, we found this awesome junk yard place with all these really cool things. There was actually something there that I really wanted to get but it was $100 and too long to fit in my car ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And if you have me on snapchat, you may have seen it on my story, but for the sake of maybe going back to get it, I’m not going to say what it was xD I found it like hidden behind some other things, so hopefully if I go back for it, it will still be there and I can actually get it. Lol

I also took my cousin to Chick fil A for the first time and she loved it! Like I don’t even like chicken that much but their chicken is just so good how can you not love it?!

Then around 10pm that day, we decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier for a bit and hang out. And whenever I’m there I have to stop and take a photo being on Ocean Ave because of Yellowcard โค We sat on one of the benches and took ugly photos together then moved to a different side of the pier and watched the tide roll in. It was such a great night (:

— — —

We originally only had our hotel for one night and we didn’t want to pay another night for a room but we wanted to stay another day in California, so we decided to be badass and we slept in the car for a night x) Since we stayed at the Marriott, they gave us a valet parking pass to put on my car so they know we’re staying there so we actually just ended up sleeping in the car in the parking lot of the hotel we stayed in x)

The next morning, we went back to LA and we went to go visit the American Horror Story murder house from the first season(: The first season is the best one in my opinion so it was really cool to be able to go and visit it in person and see it.

The last thing we did before heading on home was driving up the mountain to go see the Hollywood sign together. I would have loved to actually hike up to it but no time for that shit. We went to Griffith Observatory at the top and it was really cool. It had the most incredible view of LA and we were there for a good hour or two before we decided it was time to head out and go back home.

— — —

The drive back to Vegas, not gonna lie, took a toll on my back and ass. Like I was aching and I felt like my leg and part of my ass was going to fall off.

It felt good to come home after being gone for a few days with my cousin. I had the greatest time with her as always on that road trip. Everything was such a great experience and I’m thankful I got to do it all with my cousin and best friend. She’s seriously my ride or die girl. I can always count on her for anything and she’s always down to do crazy fun things with me. I’m glad that I got to run around and explore some of California with her(: I look forward to having more road trips and adventures in the future(:

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An Overview Of The Last 8 Months

Let me take you through the last 8 months with me and just briefly explain all that I’ve been doing and share some photos along the way.

Since I take photos all the time, my camera and phone are a big help here because they can tell me exactly when I took a photo since they have time stamps. Which saves me a lot of time trying to figure out when the heck something happened. So yay for time stamps!

As I’m typing this up, I’m just now realizing this could be a lengthy post. But let’s get started(:

On March 29th, I went to the Extreme Thing Sports and Music Festival here in Las Vegas. Which I pretty much go to every year and it’s pretty cool. It’s always at the same place at Desert Breeze Park and the festival features 6 stages where different music acts come to perform and showcases national musicians, rising bands, and Dj’s. And that day was fun for the most part. I brought my Canon with me so my main focus being there was to get photos, not so much be in the crowd cause I obviously don’t want to risk damaging my camera. But I honestly didn’t get to take too many photos because someone was dragging me down and trying to ruin my day x) But here are a few photos from that day.

Volumes at Extreme Thing 2014

— — —

On April 7th, I spent the day with my friend Timmy again, and we went around the town and took photos of different parts of the city. We went to Fremont Street and the Downtown Container Park, walked the Vegas strip and went to The Linq for the first time. That was a super cool day going out to shoot with my friend.

— — —

April 12th, the family went up to the mountains and we just had a little picnic and went for a hike.

— — —

On May 20th, I received my new penny board in the mail. I was wanting one for the longest time and I finally had the chance to get one(: The one I got was part of the organic collection so if I ever decide I hate my penny board I can just put it in some soil and it will break down and become one with the earth since it’s biodegradable. But that won’t ever happen cause I freaking love cruising around on my penny. The deck was originally a dark green color with white trucks and yellow wheels, but I decided to spray paint it a different color. And now it’s a bright sea green kinda color.

— — —

Starting in June, I spent my summer as a lifeguard at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino after getting certified in April. It was honestly a really cool experience and I had a lot of fun this summer and got to work with some really cool people. I have a lot of crazy fun memories with the people I worked with and I’m glad I got to be a part of something like that. I’m excited for another season of lifeguarding next summer!

June 19th, I went to Warped Tour again. Cause I go every year; and it was pretty fun for the most part. I really didn’t take much photos that day because early in the day when I was in the crowd watching Yellowcard’s set, I got thrown into a big dude and somehow my left contact fell out of my eye xD Lol like how does that even happen?! So I had to go through the whole day with only one contact and it was pretty bad. My vision was getting progressively worse every hour and by the end of the night I was basically freaking blind. The only decent photo I managed to take was of Yellowcard, probably a minute before my contact decided it wasn’t suited for my eye anymore.

— — —

I turned 20 on August 2nd, and I spent my birthday at work and it was honestly a really good day. Definitely one of the oddest birthdays I’ve ever had but I’m glad I got to spend it with my coworkers. They got me a little birthday cake that my lead ended up putting my face into, and my friend Keegan got me a sick hat with my name on it, which was freaking cool of him(:

— — —

On October 14th, I got a tattoo on my arm which I absolutely love, but I’ll make a separate post about that later x)

October 16th, I went to go see Yellowcard with Memphis May Fire and Emarosa at the House of Blues. It was such a good show. I don’t really listen to Memphis May Fire but they did put on a very good show and I enjoyed it a lot. And I was excited to see Emarosa live because I’ve never seen them before and they were so good. I also picked up their latest album, Versus, while I was there too, which is now one of my favorite albums at the moment(:

My Halloween was pretty cool too. I spent the whole day with my cousin and friend Keegan and we went out to eat together and just chilled until we picked up our other friend Brian from work and we all went to Frightdome together. And my cousin had a panic attack like 2 minutes in and I thought she was faking it at first xD But then she blacked out and I was like WTF. She was alright after the medic people fixed her. Lol but other than that, it was a pretty chill night with cool people.

On November 16th, my cousin and I took a little road trip to California together to see Hoodie Allen in Santa Ana, since he wasn’t coming to Vegas on his tour. And it was seriously one of the greatest experiences of my life. But I’ll probably make a separate post about all our adventures in California a little later.

— — —

Definitely a lot more stuff happened in between all the things I just talked about but I don’t want this post to be ridiculously long so I’ll just end it here x)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!(:

Last Week

Today I’m just going to post photos ofย things I did last week(:

On Tuesday, my family and I went on a mini road trip to Arizona to Rosie’s to buy some lottery tickets. It was my first time seeing the new building again after it burned down a couple years ago. So it was nice being there again.

Before we got to Rosie’s we stopped by Winchell’s Donut House and got some donuts x)





We stopped by a couple little random touristy spots with those silly face cutout things and took some photos there. It was super artsy, there were like 30 different paintings and murals on each side of the buildings.

And then there was Rambo xD





Then we stopped by the Boulder City Historic District for a bit just cause I wanted to go to their Area 52 store with alien memorabilia and stuff. I walked inside a pretty cool antique shop that had wayyy too much to look at in it. There was so much going on in that little store.

I only took a few shots around that area.






Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset




My dad said we should come back and actually walk around that little town cause it’s pretty big and we’ve never seen all of it. But that’ll be another day(:

Adventures With The Cousin

So it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog x( I actually do have a lot to post about, I’ve just been too lazy to type them up and post them. But today I’m just going to talk about my week with my cousin and post photos of our random adventures together(:

Saturday night, when I picked her up, we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and ordered the most delicious plate of our lives! (So far. lol) We had the Island Grilled Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp, which was BEYOND amazingly tasty. The fish was so freaking good, and holy cow, the shrimp was so beautiful and succulent. We both love seafood, so this dish was absolutely perfect for us x)

(Described on the menu as wood-grilled, wild caught mahi-mahi and a shrimp skewer brushed with a papaya-BBQ sauce and topped with fresh pineapple salsa.)

And of course, their biscuits are so yum(:

Sunday, we walked to the park across from my house and took some photos there and hung out since it was such a beautiful day, then went back home shortly after cause my gramma cooked lunch and was coming over later. And I think that’s pretty much all we did on Sunday x)

Here’s a couple photos from that day(:


Just a cool random car in my neighborhood.


Looking out from the park’s amphitheater.

On Monday, we didn’t want to stay home all day so we went out for a walk and explored the neighborhoods and streets around my area. We walked for about four hours straight, stopping to take photos along the way of random things, saw some nice farmland scenery and made friends with horses. Lol

I took her down this street that I had only been on once before. It’s all farmland and ranches and it’s a nice, quiet street with trees down either side of the road, with some horses and cows, and just nice air. It was just a really nice day to be out(:

We ran into a bunch of horses and hung out with them for a while and took some photos. We passed by a lot of farmland, a cemetery, lots of old, shack like houses and random objects.

Here are some photos from that day(:


Horsey :3


Such an adorable horse with his tongue out x)


Cutie :3



My cousin, the horse whisperer.


I don’t know what this even was x) It was a weird face on a tree.

Then after we came home from our four hour walk, we ordered Pizza Hut cause we were starving. We got a cheese stuffed crust pizza with beef, mushrooms, and bacon on it x)

Tuesday, we tried something new and went to eat lunch at Teriyaki Madness for the first time. We both got teriyaki chicken bowls and they were so damn delicious! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I love teriyaki and this place is right down the street from my house. I’ve been living in this house for over two years and I’ve never tried it ._. But it was so good, and a great experience.


My food from Teriyaki Madness

After that we just hung out in that area, went to Petco to look at fish cause we wanted to get another betta and a bigger tank for him. Then we went to the clothing store, Bath and Body Works, Claire’s, Sally Beauty Supply, and Tokyo Discount. I ended up buying a little Eren Jaegar keychain plushie :3 I was stuck between a titan and Eren, but decided to go with Eren. They were too expensive to get both x)


Cute little Conure at the pet store


Then Wednesday, we just walked to Von’s across the street and made some money by scanning stuff with our app, then just went home had a late lunch, mum made salmon, which we both love, and we just watched tv and hung out and listened to music for the rest of the day and night.


And Thursday we basically did the same thing and went to the store to make money scanning things, then went to Bath and Body Works cause I wanted to buy a new lotion, and then we took my cousin home x(


I’m glad that I was able to spend a lot of time with my cousin since we don’t get to see each other all the time.