My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

I finally got all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I was totally terrified to be honest. Any surgery involving my face or mouth just freaks me out. But my doctor was really nice and funny and before I knew it I was knocked the fuck out lol I don’t even remember falling asleep; which is weird because with my previous surgeries I’ve always felt myself dosing off, getting loopy, and finally going under, but this time I instantly knocked out.

The procedure lasted about an hour with no complications at all, and before I knew it I was completely awake in la la land. After I woke up with gauze hanging out of my mouth, I don’t know why I started snapchatting everything. I have very vague memories of what happened and the things I said, but I don’t actually remember filming anything or doing those things.
I was talking about weird things like how I was a walrus, how I wanted to eat pizza, and needing to buy deodorant lol

My snapchat started with me going back to have my surgery, then after I wake up I’m all confused because I actually went in with a bun and when I woke up my bun was gone and my hair was down so I was like mindblown😂
I was also trying to look for my wisdom teeth because I wanted to look at them but they weren’t there and that made me sad.

I had no pain leaving the surgery center of course, and when I got home my parents put me on the couch and let me just chill there and drink water. I was loopy for maybe another hour before it wore off and then I fell asleep for a couple hours and woke up super hungry so I ate some scrambled eggs, took my amoxicillin so I don’t get an infection, and just chilled on the couch all day. I couldn’t feel the entire bottom half of my face, it was completely numb for a few hours after. Even parts of my ears were numb 😂

After I had eaten and began talking even more, I did notice that the numb feeling in my face was going away slowly. I did start to feel a little more soreness with my jaw. I can’t say it was painful since I have a very high pain tolerance and surgery pain never really effects me anyway. But for the average person, they would probably be in pain and need the paid meds. But again, I’m totally anti pain meds, so I don’t take them unless absolutely necessary. The soreness wasn’t bad at all, it was just a slight lingering type of soreness.
While the rest of my face had already been back to normal, the left side of my bottom lip was somehow still numb. It was still tingly when I touched it.
It wasn’t until 11pm when the numbing went away completely.

As for pain, the only time it got really bad was when I was trying to sleep. My jaw kept throbbing and it was annoying so I decided to take half a pain pill so I could sleep. Other than that, I’ve felt fine. I just have to take my amoxicillin every 8 hours and eat soft foods. Basically I’ve been eating scrambled eggs all day.
Today, being day 2, is when I have to do warm salt water rinses 3 times a day and the medicine rinse my doctor had given me twice a day. To be honest, the warm salt water rinse was way worse than the medicine rinse. At least the medicine was minty. It basicslly tasted like mouthwash.

The inside of my mouth looks pretty interesting. The top extractions I can’t really see but they just look dark red from dried blood, the bottom left side I could see the stitching and some bruising and the right side where my wisdom was already through the gum just had a big gaping black hole in the spot it used to be in. The only stitching I saw for that one was on the side of my cheek so maybe either the hole wasn’t able to be closed up or maybe it came undone from all my blabbering on the way home lol
But either way it seems to be doing just fine.

I do plan on uploading a new video probably tomorrow about my wisdom teeth experience via my snapchat, which will basically just include all of my snapchats from yesterday after I was done with my surgery. Once I upload it, I will do another post and embed it so you can watch it(:


As always, if you guys have any questions about this surgery or any previous surgeries of mine, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! And I hope everybody has a great day(:



2 responses to “My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

  • tam

    Wow. I’m guessing they were giving you trouble & that’s why you had to have them removed? I only have 1 and worry about one day needing it removed ALL the time 😖

    • aliapplejack

      Only one was causing me pain once in awhile but they all needed to come out anyway cause they were pushing against my teeth 😦 you have nothing to worry about unless it’s giving you pain or your dentist says it needs to come out. Some people have room for them and just let them grow in lol

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