Devil Scratches 

So the other day my boyfriend and I were sleeping and out of nowhere at 5am I get woken up by the sound of loud scratching. It was creepy and it sounded like it was coming closer or like it was right by my ear. I had been asleep but had been hearing it go on for about 10 minutes. I immediately thought devils for some reason lol I was like oh my god is there a devil scratching at the wall or something??? I didn’t even know what to think. 

But then I opened my eyes and looked down to the floor all tired and I see my little pet hedgehog rummaging around on the floor, scratching at a box. And I was like wtf is he doing? What’s he doing on the floor?? HOW DID HE GET OUT OF HIS CAGE??? 

I just kind of looked at him for a minute and was so confused. I got up and went to pick him up but I couldn’t really see him too well, so I walked over to turn on the light and stood there for 5 seconds while my eyes adjusted. 

I walked back over to where my hedgehog was but he was no where to be found. So again I was like WTF. 

At this point I was tripping and thought maybe I was imagining things cause how could he have possibly been on the floor instead of in his cage? How could he even get out of his cage when it’s 16 inches high? I came to the conclusion that I was basically on drugs and seeing things earlier cause he definitely wasn’t just casually chilling on the floor. I go to his cage to make sure he is sleeping in there, but I check AND HES NOT IN THERE. So of course I trip out even more cause I’m still 80% asleep and I’m not sure what the fuck is going on; if I’m seeing things or dreaming this. But I was like okay I saw him on the floor and thought I was dreaming, I checked his cage and he’s not in there, so I must not be dreaming, but I turned around to look at him and he wasn’t even there so wtf is going on here 😂 At the time, I couldn’t make sense of anything lol

So I go back over to the bed to look for him, thinking he’s hanging out in one of the shoes or something but he wasn’t there. I had a feeling he crawled behind the bed since he’s a hedgehog and likes to hide in small spaces. And surely enough after I shined a light behind the bed he was all nestled tightly inbetween the bed and the wall. And then I was like ‘RALPH! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?’ 

I had to wake my boyfriend up so he could move the bed back so I could grab him and put him back in his cage. 

Turns out he did find a way to get out of his cage. He ended up crawling on top of his litter box and climbed up the side and fell 16 inches from the top of his cage. What a little retard. 

So a couple of questions come to mind:

Why was he trying to escape? I give you everything and you’re trying to escape why??

Did it hurt when he fell out of this cage? Cause that’s a pretty big drop and I hoped he didn’t get hurt.

How long was he out of his cage for? We fell asleep around 1am and he woke me up a little after 5. So he could have been cold and hungry the whole time.

Why did he decide to come over to the bed? Which I’m glad he did do, because there are so many places he could have hid and gotten wedged between. Like behind the oven and I would just cry…

Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t be trying to find ways to climb out again, since there’s no food, water, or warmth outside of his cage lol

Long story short, a hedgehog scratching at a box next to your bed at night is scary and sounds like a devil scratching at your walls. 

Never underestimate a hedgehog.

Thanks for stopping by! 

And have a great day, everyone(:

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