Valentine’s Day 2016

I’m sure my feelings about Valentine’s Day will always stay the same. Meaning, it’s so pointless. It’s not a big deal and I would never make it a big deal because it’s really just another day to me. Who cares about getting gifts and flowers and chocolates or teddy bears or the retarded ‘traditions’ on Valentine’s Day lol. As if you’re ‘supposed’ to or something. Get me a gift randomly on any other day of the year and I may be impressed. But Valentine’s Day, no thanks.

I’ve been in Hollywood for a little over a week now with my boyfriend and how I look at it, basically every day that I get to spend with him is Valentine’s Day. Just because I love his company and we’re always affectionate with each other anyways. Our Valentine’s Day was simple. We just hung out at home all day and watched shows and listened to Kanye West lol

Then around 8 we went out to dinner. It was simple and nice. There was no need for some big extravagant gesture of love, like wtf, just getting to be with my boyfriend is enough because he’s so awesome. Like look at him 😭😭❤️

 I did have a good Valentine’s Day with him and just a great week in general. I hope everyone else has been having good days and enjoying life however you want to.

I was only going to stay in Hollywood for like 10 days but I decided I’m going to stay for 2 weeks again. I really have no reason to go back to Vegas at the moment so I’m just going to enjoy my time here and spend every day with my boyfriend.

Anyways, I hope everybody has a great day, and thank you for continuing to stop by my blog!(:

Feel free to go back and read my previous Valentine’s Day posts(:



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