2 Months Later

Hey guys! So it’s about 2 in the morning right now and for some reason I’m deciding to blog…

The fact that I haven’t blogged in a very long time honestly really upsets me. I feel like I used to have so much free time and empty days, that all I wanted to do was blog about my life and the things that were happening. But as time passed, I suddenly became extremely busy with my life and didn’t have time to really sit down and type out a blog post or even begin to think about what I wanted to write about. But now that I’m here, and I have some time to type up somewhat of an update, I don’t ever want to stop pressing on my keyboard. I just want to keep on typing away and tell everyone about how my life has been lately.

I’ve been so so busy with work, basically ever since I got this new job in July. Basically all I do is work. I work every single day, with just Monday as my day off. I basically set my own schedule and work whenever the heck I want to. And with the insane kind of money I’m making at this age, I absolutely don’t mind working every single day!

When I’m not working, I just sleep to be honest. I don’t do much of anything else. I just focus on making my money and spending time with the few people who matter to me. On Mondays, I try to spend the day with my best friend Timmy. I have 3 best friends; Timmy, Danny, and Michi; but I really only get to see Timmy since he is always down to hang out since he only lives right down the street from me. Danny works a lot, which is awesome, and so do I, but we just never really have the same schedules to see each other all the time. And Michi lives about 45 minutes away from me, so it’s a mission to go and see her. But that’s totally alright, because lucky for me I have the kind of friendship with those two where we don’t have to talk or text or see each other all the time to know that we’re still best friends. We can not talk for the longest time like it’s no big deal, but the second we do get to talk to each other or hang out, we’re reminded of why we’re best friends and why we freaking love each other so much. I feel lucky to have friends like them because I honestly really suck at keeping in contact with people, even when I really care about them. But they know I love them(:

I’ve also done some traveling lately if you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts or my YouTube channel. Now that I have a car, money, and the means to travel, I just kinda get up and go anywhere I want, when I want, which is super cool. Sometimes you just need to get away and chill, so it’s nice to be able to jump in my car and drive away to the mountains and just relax away from everyone. I’ve been solo road tripping to California lately and it’s always super fun and awesome when I do. I’m already planning when I’ll be back there; which will be right after Christmas and through New Years. But I’m not just going back for vacation or just for fun; my fucking adorable ass boyfriend Brian lives there, so it’s like I get to be in one of my favorite cities with my favorite person.

He’s so cute omg.

I’ve also been working on my half sleeve tattoo that I’ve wanted to start since last year when I first got the tiki on my arm. As of right now, it’s almost completed, I just need to go back for one more session to color in the white parts and fill in the background. But talking about my tattoo will probably be a whole different post on its own. You know, if I can find the time to consistently blog like I used to. But I do want to try! It’s definitely going to be challenging to find time between working and sleeping to not only come up with blog posts, but to also continue making videos on my YouTube channel, which you should totally go and subscribe to right now if you haven’t already(:

I did upload a video yesterday, which I’ll probably embed in this post right after this sentence.

After many years of having the same hair; my long dark hair with my white blonde streak on the side; I decided to cut off my long locks and begin the process of lightening my hair. Which you will get to see in the video above, should you decide to watch it. I very briefly talk about why I wanted to change my hair and what I wanted to do with it, but it’s a great change. I honestly feel so much better with short hair, and more like… myself? If that makes any sense. Besides, short hair is sexy. And I’m absolutely LOVING mine. With that being said, I definitely have to update the photos I use on this blog so that they actually reflect on what the heck I look like now.

I just want to say thank you so much to all the awesome people who follow my blog here and like my posts and comment to ask me for advice and stuff. Like, that’s pretty freaking cool and awesome that certain posts inspire you guys and you actually want to comment to talk to me and tell me how you feel, or that my posts were helpful to you, or ask me about experiences I’ve had with things, and you leave me feedback. It’s still so awesome to me that random people of the internet come to open up to me, a total stranger, and ask me for my advice and opinions or to share their story with me; especially when it comes to my Bunionectomy posts. So thank you for an always awesome blogging experience! I love hearing from you guys!

I hope everyone has a great day or night or whatever time of day you happen to be reading this. Thanks for stopping by and continuing to read my blog!(:


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