Tonsillectomy Post Op: Day 9 and Day 10

Day 9:

At about 4:30am I woke up because I needed to pee, but right when I woke up my throat was instantly uncomfortable. Throughout the night while I was sleeping, I was kind of suffocating myself because I seemed to be choking at random times during my sleep. I would inhale and my uvula or mucus or something would get stuck and I couldn’t breathe through it. My throat was in a lot of pain and I don’t have my extreme pain meds anymore. I did look down my throat to see if there were any problems and I saw that one side was bleeding. I think it was just starting to clot and stop bleeding because there was a big dark red chunk and it wasn’t dripping.

I ended up taking some of the baby meds in hopes that it would help with the pain, and then I went back to sleep.

I woke up again around 11am and my throat was just as bad, minus the bleeding. It just felt like it was burning and it hurt so much to swallow. And even though it hurt like hell to swallow, I drank 3 bottles of water to hydrate my throat. And it helped a bit.

I began eating normally and going about my day and it got a little better. I had to deal with some pain all day, but it wasn’t too bad I guess. I just tried to suck it up lol

The rest of the day was easy and eventually the pain, didn’t exactly go away, but it wasn’t extremely painful anymore. Other than taking the meds at about 4:30 in the morning, I hadn’t taken any all day and just got through it.

Here’s a photo from today:

Day 10:

I had my post op appointment with my ENT doctor today. He just talked to me a bit about how my recovery went and looked at my throat to make sure everything was good. He said everything with my throat looks really good, and to basically keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing as far as eating and drinking. I can pretty much eat everything I’ve been eating, obviously staying away from anything crunchy or dry that could scratch my throat. He said that I still have a small risk of bleeding because it’s still healing and there’s still white scabs in my throat. He advised that I stay away from those crunchy foods until all the white scabs have gone away. Then I’m free to eat everything again(:

I also told him about those painful body aches I was having the first three days and he explained that I was having a reaction to the anesthesia. Not necessarily an allergic reaction, but a reaction that effects my muscles, and that’s why I could barely move or get out of bed at all.

He also said that it was okay for me to start going out again since I’m not at risk anymore for infections. Just as long as I’m not doing anything strenuous, I’m good. So yay(:

And that was pretty much all we talked about; and everything was well.

I went to eat at Olive Garden with my family right after that cause I was starving and wanted pasta(: And the rest of my day was pretty chill.

Here’s a photo from today:

3 responses to “Tonsillectomy Post Op: Day 9 and Day 10

  • Shane

    I love your tonsillectomy story and it just give me power to continue… because Im about to take tonsillectomy too… but i wonder what it looks like when its completely healed, my request is kinda super late but i hope you can grant my wish. Thanks and goodluck 🙂

    • aliapplejack

      Wishing you the best of luck with your tonsillectomy! To be honest, when it is all healed it looks just like a normal throat. Same everything, just without tonsils lol like there’s no weird patch where it used to be, all you see is normal flesh colored throat lol

  • koppinganattitude

    I can identify–and sympathize. I underwent a tonsillectomy at fifteen. Not fun.

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