For the past two weeks, the tissue behind my bottom right molar has been shredding and tearing and pulling away from the molar, leaving a little awkward space between the gum and that molar. Constant aches have also been a problem. It’s not painful at all, but it’s very uncomfortable and the tissue is so sensitive that I can’t even chew food on that side of my mouth.

I assumed that it was either my wisdoms coming in or some type of gum infection. After two weeks of having this constant aching and not being able to chew properly, I finally got in to see my dentist, who did a pano and told me that it is my wisdom teeth coming in and bothering me. And it’s impacted so it’s not coming in straight either, so that’s what is causing the pressure and ache because it’s been pushing on the molar in front of it. Actually none of my wisdoms will grow in correctly because they all hit my molars x)

So I am getting referred to an oral surgeon to have all of them taken out at once, but we need to get our insurance’s approval first so that will take about 2 weeks. But after that, I can get all 4 taken out before they start to cause me real pain.

While I was at the dentist, they had the pano they had just taken of my teeth on the computer screen so I took a photo of it x)

On the left side of the photo where it has the little ‘R’, you can see how that wisdom is closer to the surface than the other 3. And you can see how they’re all impacted and hitting the molars.

For the record, I’m 20 years old, so this is about the right time my wisdoms should be coming in. I’ll have to muddle through a few more weeks of uncomfortableness in my mouth, but I’ll be relieved once I go get them removed(:

4 responses to “Wisdoms

  • John

    Great photo, clearly showing the issues. I had these out and it was – an experience… My son had his out recently. That kid laughs at pain… Looking at the photo I have to wonder why these teeth even exist though, there seems to be no reason for them to be there.

    • aliapplejack

      Lol your son and I have that in common then! Pain is of no concern to me, for some reason, I don’t feel pain xD So I know I’ll be just fine(:
      I have no idea why these still exist either. I see no point in them x)

  • Jade Sambrook

    There is nothing worse than living with constant tooth aches even if you handle pain well. Its a good thing that you saw the dentist right away! My wisdom teeth were so straight and had I had a half millimeter more of space in my mouth I could have kept them. They came out really easy, I had no pain and no swelling and was back at school the next day. Hopefully everything goes just as smooth for you! JS

  • Kurt Struble

    i enjoy your blog … a nice ”voice” … organized thoughts, perceptive, informative, personal .. mature … thanks for stopping by … ks

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