Valentine’s Day

Ahh yess, the one day where every guy tries to make up for their lack of daily affection by buying pointless gifts and going all out to show their fake affection.

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day are the same as they’ve always been and the same as my old post from quite awhile ago. Now I’m not anti-Valentine’s Day or anything, but I just dislike how everyone makes it stupid. People are dumb in general but when it comes to love and relationships it’s like everyone’s dumbness gets amplified to the extreme and they become unrealistic and greedy sacks of stupid.

I’m all for being with the person you love and enjoying each others company, but it shouldn’t make a difference whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not for you guys to show affection and feel loved and appreciated. Lucky for me, I’m not retarded. It wouldn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s Day or not, I will always show affection and say how much you mean to me regardless of what day it is. I would always take care of my significant other and do everything for them without wanting them to ‘return the favor’. And I certainly wouldn’t expect anything more from a guy just because one day says so. If I do something for my significant other, it’s because I care and I want to. And vice versa.

These are just some random thoughts I was having when people and tv brought up Valentine’s Day. I honestly just laugh at the people who get a little too excited for it. If you’re going to spend the day with your sweetheart then just do it. There’s no need for some big romantic gesture to ‘prove’ how you feel.

Enjoy your partner everyday that you have them and never take them for granted. Love and appreciate everything you have and feel because of them. Make each other feel special and loved every time you get to be with them. And never pass up a chance to tell them how much you love them.

3 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  • Keith Channing

    I’m with you 100% and always have been. I don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell my wife how much I love her, any more than I need Christmas or birthdays to buy her a gift. The best reason I can think of for buying a gift is “just because”.
    And while we’re there – I tell her to her face that I love her, not on facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other public space. It is she who needs to hear it, not my friends or friends of friends, and certainly not the general public.

  • eloquentdeviance

    This is true. One thing I can’t stand is when I see people that on a daily basis show how much they don’t care about their significant other use Valentine’s Day as a get-out-of-jail-free card. As if buying a more than likely thoughtless gift can make up for years of neglect. My boyfriend and I are the most insufferable couple we know, just because we love each other. Every day. Like we are supposed to. It’s kind of the point of having a relationship. So many people take that for granted.

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