Story Time With Ali!

Hello and welcome to Story Time With Ali, where I tell true stories about random and sometimes strange things that I have done or that have happened in my life.

Today is the story of the time I set the bathroom on fire on Thanksgiving.

Ten years ago on Thanksgiving day, back when we were living in our very first house, my family made this super awesome and massive Thanksgiving dinner for our family and friends. We had a bunch of people over for dinner that night. And just as everyone was getting ready to sit down and eat, I decided to be a good little 10 year old and go to the bathroom to wash my hands.

In the bathroom, there was a single candle lit on the counter and I remember just standing there staring at it for awhile because I thought it was cool. Lol I was mesmerized I guess. And then being a dumb and curious little 10 year old girl, I wanted to play with the fire. So I took a long sheet of toilet paper and hung it over the fire until it caught fire at the corner. Then I freaked out because the fire was spreading and climbing up the toilet paper and getting closer to my fingers, so I dropped the fireball of toilet paper on the floor and it started to burn and melt the floor since it was like this rubbery bathroom floor tile stuff, so I quickly picked it up again and put it into the trash can; which was made of plastic xD So then the trash can started melting and then I really started to freak out. And for some reason, it didn’t even occur to me to first drop it in the sink and turn on the water or to try and put it out somehow with some water instead of letting it melt the floor and trash can. Lol

So I ran out to the dining room where everyone was enjoying their meal and I was all embarrassed as I walked in. I looked at my dad and was like ‘Uhmm, I started a fire in the bathroom…’ I was so awkward about it.

And then my dad went to go put out the little fire in the bathroom and all was good. But it was definitely embarrassing that I did that on Thanksgiving and in front of family and family friends. Like hey Happy Thanksgiving I started a fire!

That was 10 years ago and I still like playing with fire. But at least now, if something goes wrong I know how to handle it instead of freaking out. But hey, I was just 10 years old x)

— —

Hope you enjoyed this Story Time With Ali!

Have a great day everyone!(:

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