My Tattoo

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog(: Hope everyone is having a great day! So in today’s post I’m going to be talking a little about my tattoo that I recently got about 2 months ago and just talk about the experience.

I absolutely love how it came out and I’m super thankful for Cam at Broken Dagger Tattoo here in Vegas for doing it for me. You guys should definitely check out that shop if you’re looking to get some work done. All the artists there are talented and do great work. And the shop was really cool and clean and they had some wicked awesome artwork on the walls. You can check them out on Instagram(:

— — —

So the tattoo I got is of Aku Aku, the magical mask that protects Crash Bandicoot and I got him in color on my upper arm coming up onto my shoulder. I got this simply because Crash Bandicoot was my favorite video game as a kid and still continues to be a game that I play all the time. It really doesn’t have a deeper meaning, I just got it because it’s something I like(:

That same day, my cousin also got a tattoo of a little heart on her wrist. Which was cute for her(:

When we went to go get our tattoos together, we got to the shop around noon and signed our waivers and stuff and just waited for our artist to set up. My cousin went first since her tattoo she wanted was simpler. And he finished hers in like 10 minutes x)

Then we got ready for mine and I told him how I wanted it placed and drew something up for me right there and I loved it, so he put the stencil where I wanted it and started on me. Honestly, getting the tattoo itself didn’t hurt at all. I thought maybe it would be a little painful but it really wasn’t. Sure I definitely felt it more when he got up to my shoulder area cause you know, bones, but even then it wasn’t ‘painful’. It was just like a pressure feeling. And it wasn’t bad at all. Keeping in mind though that I have a very high pain tolerance when it comes to needles and I don’t really feel that kind of pain easily. It was funny that when we were sitting and waiting there was this big guy there getting a little tattoo and he was like, crying about it and making noises cause it was painful. And then there’s me who just sat there and felt nothing x) But what actually sucked and kinda hurt was after he was completely done with my tattoo and he had to wipe it clean. Because he had been tattooing me for nearly 3 and a half hours, my arm and shoulder were swollen and sensitive. So every wipe I was cringing. Lol like my arm felt like a noodle.

After the outline was done(:

More progress

Adding in the color

Freshly done. Swoll as hell x)

But yeah, I sat there for about 3 and a half hours and I’m very happy with everything and how it came out.

Afterwards, my cousin and I decided to go to the fashion show mall to pick up a couple things and then we decided to go eat after that since we had been in the shop nearly all day and came out starving. And my cousin and I have this thing where we like to go try new food places that we’ve never been to before so this time we went to Serendipity 3 on the Las Vegas strip and it was really good. Idk what the heck we ordered but this was our food x)

My tattoo is not completely finished though. I know what I want to do with it.

I wanted to get a half sleeve and it will be themed to Crash Bandicoot. I was going to have all my favorite relics and items from the game put together and add fillers so that it’s hopefully all one nice piece. And I was going to have it stop maybe a couple inches above my elbow. And it’s going to all be in color so half of my arm is going to be pretty colorful x)

When I’m ready I’m going to talk to my artist about it and see what he draws up for me. I’m thinking of getting it all done maybe April or May of next year, depending on how fast I get other things done for myself first. But I can’t wait to get it all finished one day(:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post(:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!(:

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