I’m Back!

Alright you guys, so I obviously haven’t posted ANYTHING at all since March of this year and it wasn’t until about a month ago that some of my old friends were asking me why I stopped blogging things. They all told me that they really loved reading my blog and a lot of other random people who have read it before said the same thing too.

I just stopped after awhile because I felt like I never had the time to make decent posts. There’s a process I go through to create and put a post all together to publish and it is a little time consuming and I just didn’t have the extra time between work and trying to see people when I’m not working, and then being tired cause I never got a lot of sleep. But after thinking about it, I really do find myself missing blogging on here, so I wanted to get back to it and post on here every once in a while. Definitely not every other day like I got to do before but hopefully once a week or something I’ll find the time to get shit together to publish.

While I was awake last night, I went through my ENTIRE blog, all 100+ posts of mine, and I read through all of them. And I actually really enjoyed reading my blog as well and it gave me some new motivation and ideas on what to write about next. So I am excited to get back to brainstorming and blogging.

But I do want to say thank you again to everyone who has seen my blog, visited my blog from other countries, followed, and enjoyed reading my posts. That’s pretty freaking cool(:

So thanks guys! And definitely stay tuned for more new posts to come! 😀

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