Bunionectomy: 10 Weeks

I apologize for the late update on my Bunionectomy this time around! I’ve been going out a lot and haven’t had time to write up any posts. And I’m kind of lazy x) But at the moment I am free and not doing anything of great importance, so I’m here typing up a few different posts for you guys(:

This one is obviously about my second Bunionectomy surgery that I had in mid January.

It is now 10 weeks post op! After 6 weeks is when I could start walking again, so I have been on my feet for nearly 4 weeks now. And just like last time, I didn’t have any trouble getting back on my feet. I just put some pressure on it and started walking just fine. Of course with a limp though because I had the big clanky walking boot on for about a week more. But since the swelling in my foot isn’t that bad at all, I was able to fit my foot into my vans shoe and wear them(: So yay for being back in my shoes! πŸ˜€

Of course with my normal shoes at first, I still walked with a limp because I wasn’t putting full weight on it and it also wasn’t familiar with the natural bend at the toes movement while walking since it’s been a while x) But because I’ve been walking A LOT, and I can’t stress A LOT enough, my foot got its groove back and I’m walking normally now.

My foot’s obviously not 100%, but it’s well enough where I can be out and about, walking around and even jog a bit. I’m still not able to stand on my toes of course, that’ll take another month or two to get that ability back. I actually forgot that I couldn’t do that yet and when I was at the store I was standing on my toes with my weight mostly on my right foot, and I set that foot down so my weight was on my left foot now and since I couldn’t hold up my weight with my toes yet, my foot kinda fumbled and I was like.. Oh yeah.. Forgot I can’t do that yet. It’s kind of like when you’re standing or walking and your leg gives way at the knee and you stumble x)

I feel like I haven’t talked about my Bunionectomy in the longest time, I don’t even know what to say about it. Lol

But just to sum it up, everything is well. My recovery is happening very fast, must faster than last time, I’m healing properly, and everything looks good. I’m not having foot pains when walking or anything.

Here’s some photos I took of my foot earlier.



My scars next to each other x)



Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and stayed on top of these updates and my other posts!

Have a great day, everyone!(:

6 responses to “Bunionectomy: 10 Weeks

  • Lee

    I dealing with bunions and considering surgery, if this latest attempt doesn’t work. Very interesting to read about your surgery.

  • Ashley Lily Scarlett

    Hello, there. πŸ™‚
    I have two blogs, one of which is a collaborative project on self portraits.
    This may sound like a strange request but I would very much like to include the image above, of your two feet, if you would give me your permission.
    Ashley πŸ™‚

  • KatD

    Hello I’m at week 4 post op of my bunionectomy on my right foot. I found your blog the day after my surgery when I was frantically researching why my toes were swelling like little sausages, lol. Right now my foot feels great but I am mentally over this whole no walking thing. Counting down the days until I can start walking 😁 Your blog was very helpful and comforting to let me know I wasn’t alone. Just wanted to say thanks for putting your story out there to help normalize this frustrating and anxiety provoking experience. Hope all is well. 😊

    • aliapplejack

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! And I’m glad that I could help you in not feeling so alone and give you my account of what happened when I had my surgeries. Wishing you the best during your recovery!

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