Movie Boredom Pt. 2

Today I’ll be sharing more movies that I’ve been watching while recovering, along with their movie trailers. I’ve honestly been so bored out of my mind. I’ve seriously been sleeping all day, most days, and just watching tv or movies or something to keep me busy. But I’m dying of boredom ._.

Anyway, here are a few movies that I’ve been watching these last four weeks(:

1. Catacombs

This movie was interesting to me because it took place under the city of Paris in the catacombs where over 6 million bodies were buried. It was weird, and pretty much the typical horror suspense film, but I liked it x)

2. Nothing Left To Fear

This wasn’t too bad. But it wasn’t that great either. It’s still the generic horror flick, but it was definitely creepy and I liked the effects they did on the faces in this movie.

3. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Though the title of this film threw me off, confused me, and made me giggle, I actually really enjoyed this one. A haunting in Connecticut that happens in Georgia… lol. This movie was pretty long, and when I thought it was over cause all this intense stuff happened, I looked at the time length and there was still a good 30 minutes left x) But overall, it was a pretty good film and I liked it.

4. Carrie (2013)

I was truly, truly impressed by this film. I’m usually not a fan of remakes because they always turn out stupid and completely different than the original with bad actors with mediocre acting, but this film was on point. It was done very, very well. This definitely holds up to Carrie’s legacy and is for sure a film to watch if you’re a fan of the original.

5. The Shock Labyrinth

The trailer for this film made it look really cheesy and what not, but I did like this. It is a Japanese horror film, I love Japanese horror/suspense films so much, so if you watch it you’ll have to read subtitles, but I never mind. It had some pretty cool 3D aspects to it where things sink into the walls and stuff, which was something I’ve never seen before. Even though it took me a bit to put things together and figure out what was actually happening, cause, you know, Japanese films make you do that; I did really enjoy this one(:

6. Free Birds

GOSH I LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH. I love cartoons and animations, and I love birds, and the previews for this looked so cute, so I decided to watch it. This movie was so funny and cute. It had me laughing before the movie even started with its ‘This film is fiction’ clause in the beginning. Then two minutes later it had me laughing about turkeys. I thought this movie was really good. Good for kids, good for families, and good for an almost 20 year old with childish likes like me.

7. Don’t Look Under The Bed

Okay, so I couldn’t find the actual movie trailer for this one, but you can watch the first part of the movie in the video above. Don’t Look Under The Bed, I think was always one of my favorite Disney original classics from when I was a kid. It was dark, and creepy, and scary for kids around my age, and a little corny cause that’s how Disney is, but I always liked this movie. I still like it x)

And that’s all the movies I can remember watching recently. There’s obviously more, but no point in remembering all of them x)

Right now as I’m typing this up, I’m watching Mysteries at the Museum on Travel Channel. I love this show and wish it came on more, but it’s only on Thursdays 😦 Mysteries at the Museum along with Monumental Mysteries, and Castle Secrets and Legends, I really enjoy watching.

Anyway, have a great day, everyone!(:

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