Bunionectomy: 2 Weeks

Ugh. The last hour was very, very traumatic.

I was in constant, severe pain after I fell off my knee walker and took a step with my bad foot. Like, I literally fell to the side and put my foot down and put so much damn pressure on it. I’d say about 75% of my body weight. I did have my boot on, but man, as soon as I pressed that foot down with that amount of pressure, I was lying down and crying on the floor hysterically. I was horrified. I had to call my dad and wake him up to come to my room and help me relax, get up, and ice it.

This makes me really worried. Could it be bruised? Could I have messed up the healing process of the inside of my foot? My foot is, of course, still swollen but I know I didn’t rip my incision because thankfully there was no bleeding. If there was bleeding after that step, I most definitely messed something up.

I am on strict orders of ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT BEAR for 6 weeks. Today marked exactly 2 weeks. That’s especially too soon to even think about having any kind of pressure on my foot. There’s a reason why there’s supposed to be no weight bear for 6 weeks; the tissue needs to heal, and so does my bones, which has three screws in it. Putting any kind of weight on my foot this early can disrupt the healing process, making it even longer, and very possibly fracture my bones surrounding the screws, or the screws could move out of place and my bones will heal incorrectly in the wrong place. All of these are possibilities.

I really just hope I didn’t mess anything up by taking that intense step.

It’s been a little over an hour since it happened and my foot is still in a lot of pain, even though I am currently icing it and took a pain pill. It’s intensely throbbing and I’m feeling very sharp pains. I’m hoping that icing it will keep my foot from swelling even more, if it is, and just keep my foot alright until morning. I guess I’ll just see what happens tomorrow, if I have any more pain or if it’s bruised or anything.

I visit the doctor for the second time on the 4th, and I’m taking xrays and having my stitches removed, so hopefully my doctor will be able to tell me whether or not I disrupted anything.

Btw, this is why I try my best to not move much or at all and just stay in bed unless I need to pee. I never want to risk getting hurt, bumping my foot, or experiencing what just happened. All I was trying to do was turn the light on, and I paid the price for it.

I just hope everything will be alright with my foot.

[Next day update: My foot is still in pain from last night. It’s not as painful as it was, but still way more painful than it has been for the normal days. I’ve been icing it all night and I am currently still icing it, hoping it will make a difference. The pain has moved from under my foot, where it really hurt last night, to the top of my foot on the right side where my incision is. It is also a little red near the middle of the incision where the screws are. Honestly don’t know what this means, but hopefully everything will be alright.]

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