Bunionectomy: This Time Around

I’m lying in the back seat of the car right now as I’m writing this in the notes app on my phone x)


I just left the surgery center and my surgery went real well(: It was just under 3 hours long like last time.

I did have this Bunionectomy and Osteotomy surgery at a different place than last time so a couple things happened differently, but ultimately the same. Such as, last time they had already given me the anesthetic  before going into the operating room. So I was already knocked out beforehand; whereas this time I was wheeled away into the operating room and was fully conscious and saw the room and everything before being given the anesthetic that knocked me out. 

After surgery, I woke up in the recovery area, unlike last time when I woke up during part of my surgery. Lol

The nurse had me stay for another 30 minutes before I was able to go home. During that time, I drank 3 little bottles of water and had a couple oat bars cause super starving.

The major difference in the appearance of my foot after surgery, from what I could see as the top of my toes were all that were showing, is that my big toe is purple ._. It’s nothing to worry about though. It’s just discolored but not, like, dead. It does look pretty strange and a little scary though. The nurse talked to my doctor just to make sure everything was alright with it and it was. Cause when the nurse touched it or lightly pressed down on the top of the big toe, it turns pink, then back to purple. Which indicates there is blood flow and my toe is fine, just discolored.FE545318-6535-46DE-BE66-6B8F12A9E781_zpsilzdx6ic

Other than that, everything seems to be the same.

Oh! And I can actually wiggle my big toe a little. Lol Actually I can wiggle all my toes, except for the pinky toe cause it’s hiding under the wrapping so I can’t really see it x) I remember I think it took a few days before I could wiggle my toes last time.

We’re pulling up to my house now.

I’m actually writing this and saving it as a draft for now until I can get to my laptop and make some changes and take a couple photos. So maybe reading this all at once will sound weird since I went from in the car to almost home, to posting this while I’m sitting at home in my bed .__.  Whatever. lol

As far as pain goes, I expect it to be just the same as last time. The only pain I had was from the splint digging into my foot. Of course I still have my extreme pain meds from last time in case I happen to need them. But I doubt it. The mild pain pill did the trick for my splint pain.

I really appreciate all the love and support I get from having this Bunionectomy. People tell me all the time that they’ve had it done too or someone they know has had it done and it’s the most painful surgery ever, they hope I can handle it and stuff; but I think I’ll be fine. I’m not too worried about it.

Well I’m just kinda lying in bed right now with my foot elevated typing up the rest of this post and I’m really hungry so mum’s making me a hot ham and cheese sammich(:


It’d be nice to just take a nap or something but I can’t cause

1. I’m wide awake

And 2. Our realtor guy called and there’s people who want to see our house and they’re coming at 1:30ish. So I have to be awake. I can’t like, just be sleeping while these people come over and look at our house. Lol

But I’m fine with that. I can sleep later.


I shall keep doing random updates on my foot like last time for those who are interested in my Bunionectomy and for those who may be having one done(:

And for anyone who wants to know specifically what I had done, I did take a photo a couple weeks ago of one of the papers I had to sign. It just says on it the type of Bunionectomy I’m having done as far as the proper name for it. It says my diagnosis is a bunion deformity, properly called Hallux Abducto Valgus and the procedure I’m having done is a McBride Bunionectomy Arthrodesis 1st MC Articulation.


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