Surgery in the morning

I have my second Bunionectomy and Osteotomy surgery in the morning. My surgery’s at 7am so I have to be there at 6.

Right now it’s about 11:30pm and I’m friggen starving ._.

One of my pre operative instructions is to stop eating solid foods after 7pm, and no liquids after midnight. And this is the time that I usually sit around my room with two different bags of chips, some ice cream and candy. Lol so I’m dying right now.

Yes, I’m glad that I am finally able to have this surgery, and this is the last one, but still, it’s foot surgery so I won’t be able to walk for over a month. Which is disappointing. I already know what to expect since I’ve done this before in April of last year. It’s not much to expect, pain wise; it’s really just mentally exhausting.

If you want to read my previous Bunionectomy surgery updates from last year, CLICK HERE(:

I don’t have much to say honestly. I guess I’ll just write an update tomorrow after I get home from surgery or maybe the day after(:

Have a great night, everyone!(:

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