Oh, The Holidays

As my brother and I get older, our family seems to slip away from all the holiday traditions we used to do as kids every year. I agree, Christmas time is much more exciting when you’re a kid and you know you’re going to get a lot of toys and presents, cause let’s face it, when you’re little you don’t care or think about the family aspect of it all; you just want to rip open presents.

But I’m 19 now and my bro’s 21, and my family has slowed down on the holiday spirit and kind of stopped doing a lot of things during the holidays.

(I’d just like to point out that my bro and I are completely different people. I care about doing holiday things with the family, but I don’t think he really cares whether we do anything or not. He just does his own thing. )

Something we’ve always done was cook Thanksgiving dinner at our house and our family would come over, and we’d put up the Christmas tree; then closer to Christmas time my gramma would cook a big Christmas dinner for all of us at her house and we’d all go over there. It’s really just about getting to see the family and have all of us come together and enjoy some food and talk and hang out.

Last year we had our dinners as usual; but last year we almost didn’t even put a tree up. And I was just like wtf why not, we do it every year. It took some convincing cause no one else wanted to do it, but my mom decided to help put it up with me and we made a day out of it together. And after it was up, the rest of the family loved it.

This year, we didn’t even have a Thanksgiving dinner. I was actually really bummed out about that cause I was looking forward to it. Mum and I bought potatoes and stuffing and all we needed to get was a turkey, but then she decided she didn’t feel like doing anything ._. Like, we could have just had a small dinner without a giant turkey, but no, we didn’t have a dinner at all.

And of course, if I hadn’t said anything, the tree wouldn’t even be up this year either. I asked my dad yesterday to bring it out from the garage so I could put it up cause I know no one else was wanting to do it.

I ended up putting the tree up by myself and decorating it all by myself. It was honestly kind of sad and I was pretty bummed about it. I would’ve liked for someone to have done it with me.

I don’t care if there won’t be any gifts under it this year. It’s just a part of the holidays that I’ve always loved, so of course I’d want to do it. With or without the family.


I kept my tree simple this year with just colorful glass ornaments and changing blinky lights. The lights are actually my favorite part. The photo doesn’t do it justice because, well, it’s a photo, but these lights have a little remote at the bottom of it with a button where you can change the rhythm that the lights flash. From super blinky, to constant light, to fading lights; there’s like twelve different settings so it’s kinda cool x)

Hopefully later in the month we’ll still have a Christmas dinner at grammas house.

Honestly, it’s those little things that I really enjoy during the holidays.

Hope everyone enjoys their holidays!

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