Detention (Movie Review)


So the other day I was on Fearnet on demand and I watched a movie called Detention, starring Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, and Spencer Locke.

This movie was about a town called Grizzly Lake, where the high school students are being murdered by someone dressed up as the killer of a fictional horror flick, Cinderhella, and a group of random kids, who’re all in Saturday detention together, are trying to figure out who the killer is in a race against time before the end of the world.

In my own opinion, this movie was hilariously bad; but I couldn’t stop watching it because as bad as it was, I loved every dumb and ridiculous second of it x) This is indeed a comedy/horror flick with an emphasis on comedy.

I think what I really loved about this movie was the humor. It came so quick and witty and you really have to pay attention or you’ll miss it. There’s so many little details in this movie, you’d have to watch it more than once to catch all of them. I loved how hilariously snarky and snappy the dialogue was, and how the movie seemed to be shot in a modern quirky style and featured excessive knowledge of 90’s pop culture, that are helpful in order to enjoy the movie more. It’s super fast paced and there’s virtually no slow or boring parts. Something odd is always happening.

There were a lot of weird, funny aspects to this movie like a meteor mutated jock who has fly blood in him, a stuffed high school mascot that’s been modified into a time machine, and a sci-fi angle about UFO’s and brain switching along with the whole world exploding.

If you don’t see this movie, you’re not missing much. But if you want a good laugh, I do recommend you go online and watch it, or go to Fearnet on demand under free movies and watch it there. I think you’ll also find it hilariously bad and kind of cheesy, but oddly quirky enough to keep watching cause you want to see what other randomness will happen next x)

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