Talking to the Prideful

[Disclaimer: This is not an angry rant. I simply just want to talk about an experience with a prideful parent.]

There’s times when I don’t even know why I try to communicate with my parents. I feel like because they’re parents they think they override all, everyone else is wrong and they rule Earth because they’re parents. What they don’t realize is that their way of thinking doesn’t help any situation. When there is a situation, they don’t talk about it rationally and non dramatically the way people should. Instead they play the blame game, or see themselves as the victim and that they never do anything wrong.

You see, the difference between me and my parents is that I know when I’m wrong and I can admit it. They can’t. They’re way too prideful to ever admit that they could be wrong. And I’m not going to deny it, I KNOW I have a little bit of pride in me. I admit it. It’s not a good thing to have but I admit that I can be a little prideful at times. And normally, I’m able to catch myself when I’m being prideful and stop myself from being dumb and arrogant and tell myself that okay, maybe I’m in the wrong here; But there’s a difference between being prideful and taking pride in something. We’re taught to take pride in ourselves and our work, but to be prideful is frowned upon. Prideful people can’t recognize the truth in themselves or anything for that matter.

I can see situations from all points of view and can listen and understand the opposing person, where on the other hand, the prideful one can’t and my perspective gets slammed and attacked simply because I disagreed with what they were saying and they’re not okay with me disagreeing or questioning them. I don’t need it to be known that I’m right, I just want to simply state my case and be done with it. I’m not looking to have some dumb argument about something that shouldn’t be argued about. But that just doesn’t happen when you’re talking to a prideful person.

And honestly, that’s pretty much how it is with my parents. Now I love my parents, I love my family, but they went berserk today over an argument and I feel like things went way too far. I’m not even mad about what happened honestly, I’m really just bummed and sad about some of the things they were saying and how they thought about me and how I couldn’t say anything without being told I’m wrong about everything. And it sucks that I can’t even really talk to them about it because talking to them is like talking to a pile of bricks. They don’t want to hear it because it doesn’t coincide with their opinions and their way of thinking is being called into question. I almost feel like I’m not allowed to have my own opinions, because my opinions are ‘wrong’.

So is it just the human response to become defensive and angry when being pointed out and called into question?

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