DIY Adventure Time Finn the Human Pillow, Part 2 with photos


Hey guys, after being really sick for a week, I am now recovered and feel a lot better, and I’m back with a continuation DIY!

You can go read my original DIY Adventure Time Finn the Human Pillow by clicking the link.

That’s actually one of my most popular posts. And in that post I explained step by step how I made my giant Finn the Human pillow, and since I had previously made that pillow a year before I had even made this blog, there wasn’t any step by step photos to go along with it and show you the process. All I had to show was the final product.

But today I’ll be giving you some photos to help guide you if you plan on trying to make one yourself.

If you don’t want to make one yourself, I am making a few of these miniature versions and selling them on Poshmark for $28 each. You can download the Poshmark app in the app store, it’s free! But the app is currently only available in the US for iPhone and iPads. Sorry android. But you can also shop my closet directly online HERE. These pillows are made to order so if you’d like to buy one just let me know(:

So I’ll be doing a very very brief overview of my original post on how I made this pillow and put some photos to help. To read more detailed versions of what I did, be sure to check out the first link in this post(:

Obviously you need all of your materials, which are:

1. Fabric of your choice in colors white and beige.

2. Crafting felt in colors black, white, and red.

3. Sewing needle and thread in colors white, black and red.

4. Fluff to stuff your pillow.

5. A pen

6. Sharp scissors.

7. Sewing pins (optional)

Cut out the shape of his head with the white fabric, the shape of his face with the beige fabric, and cut out his eyes, mouth, and teeth with the felt sheets.


The white fabric is inside out by the way. The nice side of the fabric is on the inside.


I pinned the eyes, mouth and teeth on his face to make sure it looked proportionate.

For this pillow I just went ahead and sewed the teeth on the mouth, the mouth on the face, and the eyes on the face using the appropriate colored sewing thread.


Then I just laid out the face on the right side of the white fabric to make sure it looks good, then sewed the face on using white thread.


White fabric is right side out.


Stitching the face on the head.


After the face has been sewed on.

After sewing the whole face on the top white fabric, I turned the white pieces over again so it’s inside out. The face you just sewed on will be on the inside, and both quilted sides of the fabric will be on the inside.


Then you take your white thread and sew the two pieces together, only sewing 3 of 4 sides. It should look like this:


Now just turn it right side out, stuff it with your fluff, and sew up the one open side!



And there you have it! A cute Finn the Human pillow(:

Hopefully these photos will aid you in helping you make your own Finn the Human pillow!

Make sure you go check out my original post on how I made this pillow HERE, and check out my closet on Poshmark!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!

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