The Past Week

I guess you can say I’ve been busy lately. Over the last week, I’ve done a lot of things; lots of family time and I even had a few new first time experiences that turned out to be quite awesome.

So I’m just going to rant on and tell you about them and how my week went(:

Here’s a little list of things I will cover:

1. Goodwill

2. WinCo

3. Double rainbow

4. Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

5. Boulder City Historic District

6. Morning mountain mumbo jumbo

— — —

So my first new experience was going to a Goodwill thrift store. I’ve been to a few thrift stores in town and I have my favorites, however as well known and mainstream as their name is, I’ve never stepped foot into a Goodwill store. BUT, last week I did. And I’d say it was a mostly positive experience. I was surprised at how store-like the place really was. It actually looked nice like a department store at the mall. The most an item of clothing would be is $7, which was kinda cool. I ended up finding something I was looking for too, a plus.

The only downfall to this experience, and this happens with all thrift stores, was that the smell got to me after while. Anyone who’s been inside a thrift shop knows the scent I’m talking about. That subtly rancid stench of old clothing that starts off light and less intense then within an hour seems to consume your nostrils and you as a whole and gives you a headache cause it’s probably eating your brains out. Lol I started to feel really light headed and sick after awhile of being in there.

Overall though, the majority was a positive experience(: I’ll definitely be going back to see if I can find other things I’m looking for.

— — —

A few days ago I went with mum to the WinCo down the street. I knew what WinCo was but I’ve never been in there. I really don’t like the idea of discounted food and items. I’d rather pay full price and trust what I’m buying. But that’s just me. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club and WinCo or whatever, with the whole big warehouse discount food/everything shopping is just weird to me. But I went with mum because she wanted me to.

There was, however, one particular thing I really enjoyed about it, and that was their candy bar. It was awesome! x) I love candy! I got a bunch of strawberry sour belts and Laffy Taffy’s. And of course sampled what I was getting to make sure they were good, even though the signs say not to sample them. Whatever. But yeah, that was pretty cool.

All that candy I got is already gone btw x)

— — —

Then we came home that same day and low and behold, a double rainbow was right outside my house. Lol

The first one was super bright and pretty and a FULL freaking rainbow, which I’ve never actually seen; and the second was more faint and not a complete rainbow. You could see both the left and right side of it but not the top/middle of it.

I tried to take a photo of it using the panorama, and this is what I got.

It kind of just looks like a bubble… but I still think it looks pretty cool(:


And here’s a random photo, taken at the same time as the rainbow mini panorama, but facing the opposite direction towards the sunset.


— — —

My last first time experience this week was hiking through the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail at Lake Mead. Well it wasn’t really a hike, I suppose. It was more of just a really long walk that took us through some old tunnels and break spots where there were some historic information, and the trail leads all the way to Hoover Dam. But still, I’ve never been on this trail so it was pretty cool to do something new with the family.

I also saw some bats in the tunnels! Which I’ve never seen before either. They were squeaking and making bat noises and flying around and being weird.

Here are some photos from that day(:




— — —

After our little hike, we went to the Boulder City Historic District, which is probably one of my favorite little places. It’s the cutest little ‘perfect for tv’ town where the people are all nice and happy, the grass is always green, no crime at all kinda vibe. Seriously, this little district looks a little too perfect in appearance. It probably holds some dark, sinister secret like all the movies with perfect little towns do.

I love that they have cute little shops and eateries.

We ate at this cute pizza place and I made friends with a cow at the ice cream shop(:



— — —

Then this morning, my dad took me and mum up to the mountains and went for a little hike/walk around thing. The weather was perfect. Super cloudy, a little cold, and almost stormy(: And we just hung out.

And here’s some photos from that outing(:




— — —

So yeah, that’s pretty much all of the outings I’ve had within the past week. It’s been fun and pretty tiring. Every night when I come home I just want to shower and go to sleep and not participate in life the next day…

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful week!(:

Thanks for stopping by!

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