Back to School Tips

First off I’d like to say good luck to all the kids and teens starting school this week. But if you’re having some anxiety about having to go back to school for a chunk of your life, then worry not, because today I’ll be sharing some tips for going back to school.

I think everyone’s had that anxiety and somewhat nervousness of going back to school. Whether you’re new to a school, or you’ve been going there for a couple years, people tend to stress themselves out about going back and that first day (or maybe even the whole year) of school.

I feel like the first day of school is always the worst. Just because people kind of have a thought of what’s going to happen and they psych themselves out with all these scenarios cause they don’t really know what to expect, yet they do know what to expect because it’s the same every year.

School can be scary. My school experience wasn’t all that great and I was often distant, however, you can choose to make this school year better and brighter for you with just a change in attitude.

So my tips to you if you’re going back to school are:

1. Be comfortable and confident with yourself and who you are.

  • Possibly the most important thing anyone can master is being comfortable in their own skin. So you’re different. Embrace it! There’s no need to be like everyone else anyway.  You’re your own person so dress how you want, say what you want (to your own discretion), do what you want and be confident in your choices and opinions. Never change who you are and never be afraid to show people who you really are. You are you and YOU ARE AWESOME(:

2. Do what’s right for you, not what’s cool.

  • It’s no secret that people want to be cool and liked in school, but that doesn’t mean you should give up what you stand for or believe in. Don’t do what others are doing just so they think you’re cool. Do things because YOU want to do them. Don’t be a people pleaser. Remember, those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

3. It’s not a fashion show.

  • I never understood why you’d want to wear super nice clothes and shoes to school. Of course you want to look nice and cute but c’mon. Heels? Really? Brand name shit? It’s just school, not a fashion show. No one cares what you’re wearing. Dress accordingly, and dress comfortably to you. You can still look cute in skinny jeans and a tee or cardigan and some sneakers.

(This obviously only applies to you if your school doesn’t require you to wear uniforms.)

4. Try your best and you will not fail.

  • Not everyone’s going to get A’s and not everyone will fully understand the material. And that’s okay. Don’t worry if you’re not getting straight A’s or making the honor roll. None of that will matter in ten years anyway. But as long as you know that you tried your best, that’s all the matters.

5. Surround yourself, (or not), with positive people/friends.

  • It’s always better to be surrounded by people with positive, friendly, and warming attitudes. Who wants a friend or to hang out with someone who constantly talks shit about people and has nothing but negative things to say? Those people are secretly miserable and tired with their own lives. Your group of friends should be the ones who make you happy. If they’re your friends they won’t pressure you to do or say things and they won’t make you feel bad, ever.
  • Or, on the other hand, if you’re like me and more on the loner side of things, then you don’t really need or want a group of friends. I always found that it’s better to have that one really good friend than a group of them. And that’s okay too.

6. Stay away from the drama.

  • Drama is dumb and unnecessary, but hilarious to listen in on. Just don’t be the one starting it and don’t get involved in other people’s drama. There’s no need for such nonsense. Or if people are trying to start drama and spread rumors about you, then as simplistic as it sounds, just don’t listen and don’t care. Who cares what they think. They’re obviously trying to get a rise out of you. Let them talk. They’re dumb. You know who you are and that’s all that counts.

7. Dating is not necessary.

  • If you’re dating someone, it can be a good thing and a bad thing. On the plus side, you both go to school so you’ll get to see each other a lot and probably have classes or lunch together. On the down side, you can become too focused on this person and lose focus on the real reason you’re in school; to freaking learn. A relationship can come with it’s own set of drama and problems as well. If you’re dating someone, please let it be with someone that you actually really like and care for and want to be with. Because dating isn’t necessary and finding someone to date shouldn’t be a priority in school. Don’t be afraid to not date anyone.

8. Have realistic expectations.

  • People often have unrealistic expectations of what the next school year will bring. Like no, you’re not going to be friends with everyone and you’re probably not going to have all the classes you want and signed up for. Don’t get your hopes up because almost every year of school is identical and the same things happen. Keep it realistic..

9. Don’t be afraid to say hi.

  • Talk to people. Make a new friend. Introduce yourself. Just don’t be afraid to say hi to someone. It could make their day a little better just by acknowledging them and saying something.

10. Be prepared.

  • For anything. Just be prepared for anything. Expect things to not go as planned. Expect to work. Expect to hear some drama. Expect to make friends and lose friends. Don’t go to school being a naive and innocent little rodent.



Those are just a few tips I think everyone should know for going back to school.

Good luck to anyone starting school again! Try not to piss off any teachers on the first day. You have the rest of the year for that x)

Good day everyone(:

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