What I Don’t Understand…

There’s obviously a lot I don’t understand in the world and my list keeps getting longer and longer as I live on.

Today I’ll be sharing 40 things that I just don’t understand. (Not to be confused with my Things That Bug Me posts.)

So let’s go!

What I don’t understand:

1. Thigh gaps and hipbones. Why are people obsessed with having either of these nowadays? And why is it mainly the younger generation who’re obsessed and so fixated on having this unhealthy and unrealistic, stick thin look? It’s unsightly and a little disturbing really. I understand if you’re naturally petite and absolutely can’t help if you have a thigh gap or visible hipbones, but the people who somehow think it’s a godsend to have or achieve them are just idiots.

2. CROCS, the people who wear them, and the people who made them. Just, ugh. Why? Eww, oh my god, they need to be removed from the world. Please someone burn every single pair ever made. Just destroy them all, thanks.

3. People who private their Instagrams. The whole point is for people to be able to see your photos and possibly creep on you. You post photos because you obviously want people to see them and what you’re doing or how your life is. Setting it to private just defeats the purpose.

4. Psycho ex girlfriends/boyfriends. Really? You’re pathetic. Move on. Just move on.

5. People who rush into marriage. Or people who think marriage makes or will make a relationship better. Marriage can only mean something when you’re together with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Otherwise, it’s just a pointless piece of paper with no meaning. Your feelings won’t change as soon as you get married. And things won’t all of a sudden change and be better.

6. Parents who make an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or any other social site for their babies and post things as if their freaking baby child is posting them. Having captions or updates like, ‘Mummy took me to the park today and bought me ice cream! Yum!’ Lol what’re you doing. You’re dumb.

7. I don’t understand when people say/write/post things like, ‘I miss you so much gramma, rest in peace.’ They’re dead. Who’s gonna see it? I just don’t see the point. There IS no point.

8. Why a relationship still exists when one of the partners is being treated like crap.

9. How I can go to some old, ugly, hole in the wall, dump and a half food stop and they have the best tasting food ever, but when I actually go to a nice restaurant the food’s decent but not nearly as good.

10. Pornography. I mean, we all watch it. But why do we watch it? We’re watching other people have sex. And that’s just weird. WE SHOULD BE HAVING SEX, NOT WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IT. lol

11. Why people can’t just be happy. It’s really not that hard. Simple even. Stop focusing on everything you don’t have, don’t dwell on past actions and choices, stop comparing yourself to others, stop being a hater, and just do your own thing. YOU’RE in charge of your happiness.

12. Immature adults. The ones who act like they’re still 16 and make unnecessary and idiotic comments on everything. Grow up.

13. Fat people. They say things like, ‘I know I shouldn’t eat this, but…’ or ‘I should get up and do something, but…’ LAZY. That’s what you are. Lazy and fat. They say that it’s a problem or a mental illness. It’s not. Stop putting food down the jugular.

14. When people cry at the movies. Lol

15. When people/families send out holiday cards. Sorry but no one really cares. I don’t wanna see your children dressed up as elves and wearing Christmas sweaters and everyone having an awkwardly happy smile.

16. When families actually sit down and eat together all the time. This isn’t the 50’s. Eating together at the table once in a while is fine, but doing it everyday is kinda strange. Like when the mother wakes the children up and makes them all pancakes and waffles and orange juice and they all sit together for breakfast and talk about the day’s plans. And then they all sit down and have a civil dinner together and have friendly chats. No one does that.

17. Pizza boxes are square, the pizza is a circle, and the slices are triangles…. this completely makes sense.

18. The ‘To Open: Push Here’ tabs on food boxes NEVER work. So why are they there? It’s supposed to make it easier for you to just punch the tab in on the side of the box rather than ripping open the entire top, but they never work anyway.

19. The grading system. A, B, C, D, …..F. The E does not exist.

20. I fail to understand the usage of the word ‘pair’. Whether you have a pair of jeans, or a pair of underwear, you still only have one of them.

21. What’s the point of bite sized or fun sized candy? Bite sized just means you have to eat more of them to get the same satisfaction you would with a normal size. And fun size just means less candy. Both suck.

22. Why is ‘W’ called a double-u when it’s clearly two V’s put together? Double-v…

23. Why my dentist always tries to talk to me when they’re cleaning my teeth.

24. Kidz Bop and Now That’s What I Call Music albums are still being made. Why were they ever made in the first place and does anyone even buy these?

25. Cartoon characters always wear the same thing in every episode.

26. My lemonade has artificial flavoring but my furniture polish and dish soap is made with real lemons.

27. Transporting something by car is called a shipment. Transporting something by ship is called cargo.

28. Cigarettes are sold in gas stations but smoking there is prohibited.

29. Rubber duckies are yellow. But real ducks are green or brown or white.

30. Abstract art. Apparently it’s all about interpretation, but most of the time it just looks like a jumbled mess on canvas.

31. Needles are sterilized before being used for lethal injections. It’s a lethal injection. This person is supposed to die. Who cares if the needle is clean or not.

32. When people try to tell you that high school is the best 4 years of your life. Well, they’re lying to you. BIG TIME. Don’t listen to them cause high school sucks and it’s stupid wherever you go.

33. Why students are also called pupils. I am not a pupil.

34. Restroom for paying customers only. Yeah okay if I go someplace and the restrooms are for paying customers only I’m just gonna pick out the .25 cent small candies in the front.

35. Why people find british accents so attractive. What makes it better sounding than any other accent?

36. Why was it necessary to learn cursive in second grade? You will NEVER EVER EVERRRR have to actively write in cursive after you’ve learned it. I remember my teachers psyching us out saying that from this day on we’ll be writing in cursive all the time. For the rest of elementary school, through middle school, high school, and college. That was a goddamn lie.

37. I will never understand why girls insist on being sluts. I just don’t get it. I always hear females say they’re going to, quote on quote, slut it up tonight. And I’m just like o_o okaaayyy. Like you’re not gonna have any friends that are girls, everyone’s gonna talk shit about you behind your back, and guys aren’t going to respect you. I really don’t get it. Why would any girl announce that they are or want to be a slut? Like ‘Yeah I’m gonna go out and be a slut tonight.’ Enjoy your tarnished reputation.

38. Where do all my bobby pins go? Is there some magical bobby pin land where they all go as soon as I take them out from my hair and set them on my vanity? They always seem to vanish.

39. Keyrings and why they’re ridiculously difficult to open. I have a few keyrings and I hate them so much. When I do need to get one open I’m prepared for it to chip my nail polish or possibly break my nails. It’s just a bad invention.

40. When people shave off their eyebrows and retardedly draw them back on EVERYDAY.


And that’s it for now!

That was a pretty long post and if you actually took the time to read through it, I commend you x)

And yeah, I guess I’ll end this with a random bathroom selfie.


Have a good day!(:

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