I remember when I was really little and I used to get so happy and psyched when it was near my birthday. It was something to look forward to, but now, I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass. That’s a weird expression by the way and I don’t know why I just used it…. x)

I’m only bringing this up because I turn 19 on August 2nd, and after thinking about it a while ago, I noticed I really don’t care about birthdays. At least not the way I used to as a child. I don’t get excited anymore. I haven’t been excited about my birthday since I turned 12. From then on my birthday wasn’t a happy, jolly, thing really. It wasn’t something to look forward to anymore. I mean of course it was acknowledged and celebrated with a birthday card and cake from my family and I was the spotlight for ten minutes, but it was always just another day.

Did I just stop caring? It’s not like I never got things for my birthday and it was always a drag. My birthdays were always really nice. I guess I just stopped wanting things? Honestly, I just don’t want the attention that everyone else wants on their birthday. The attention of a party or a lot of gifts. Those things don’t matter to me. And I don’t need those things to be happy.

I just like to spend my birthday with the people that matter most to me. And not gonna lie, for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually looking forward to my birthday tomorrow.


And yeah, Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leo’s out there!(:

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