Model Homes Freak Me Out

There’s just something about a completely furnished house with no human inhabitants that freaks me out.

I recently went to go look at some model homes with my family, which is something we used to do a lot of, and while I was looking around I started to realize just how much of a love/hate relationship I have with it. Like, I enjoy looking at model homes because they’re always so nice and perfectly furnished and it helps give me ideas with things that I want done. BUT, I can’t ever look at them alone. It scares me.

That sounds really weird.

But I can’t be in a model home alone. I get so freaked out that it’s just…. well, a freaking model home. It sits there, completely furnished yet empty, no one lives there, and it’s always waayyyyy too quiet. Scary quiet. It’s the only silence that I don’t like.

I get so uncomfortable when I’m walking around a model home and it’s totally silent around me. I almost feel like I’m not supposed to be there. As if I’m snooping or something.

And I just always feel like the house is watching me. Like the walls have eyes and they’re just staring at me as I browse around. If I’m alone, I feel like magical model home ghost ninjas are gonna pop out of the walls and kidnap me.

I remember when I was little, probably 10 or 11, and my family and I went to look at model homes. I ventured off and was looking in other rooms and I could still hear my parents voices echoing throughout the house, and then they just left. I heard the front door close and everything was silent. And scary. And I freaked out and panicked like a little chickenbutt. Lol swear I thought I had ten seconds to find the front door and get out before the house swallowed me whole.

Now I’m almost 19 and it still freaks me out to be left alone in a model home.


I don’t know where this post is going anymore x) So I’ll just end it here.

Please enjoy some random derp photos of me from today(:


Have a good day everyone!(:

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