Bunionectomy Post Op: Week 6

YESSS!! You guys it’s finally here! Week six post op from my bunionectomy and osteotomy. Six weeks means that I can now stop being a sad crippled potato, and start to walk again(:

I had a doctor’s visit today in the afternoon and they took some xrays of my foot, my doc took a look at my scar and joint movement, and then gave me the okay to start walking again. I’m so happy and excited. Like this is what I’ve been waiting for! To get back on my feet again and feel normal. When she gave me the okay I just wanted to WOOHOO around and start dancing. Lol

But let me tell you, I definitely tried to make the best out of this experience. Patience is not a quality I possess so all this waiting while my bones were healing was a bit tough on me. It’s crazy to think that it really has been six weeks. Six weeks of just waiting around and doing absolutely nothing. But now the hardest part for me is over.

As soon as my doc saw my foot she was like ‘Wow! You really are healing super fast!’ Which is always awesome to hear. I should be healing super fast since I’m young.

Here’s photos of my foot and scar now at six weeks post op:




The articles and stories I read from others who have had the same surgery all said the same thing; that the surgery is extremely painful and they felt like they were dying, and omg it’s so bad and junk, which actually didn’t apply for me because I didn’t experience any of the torture they were describing. I guess I’m either the only one who was smooth sailing throughout this surgery, or I’m just a young tough cookie.

The whole ‘learning to walk again’ process that other patients were describing were just as bad. Saying that it was hard to walk again and it was painful taking their first step.

(For reference purposes, I’d like to point out that the articles I was reading came from patients in their twenties. And I’m just 18. So it’s not like they’re older folks where it would take them longer to heal and to have their bones fuse back together properly.) I’m not sure why these other patients were having pain and complications, but I wish the best for anyone who will be having a bunionectomy done.

But just like I predicted from the beginning, I didn’t have a problem starting to walk again. At all. Slowly of course, I put some pressure on my foot and it didn’t hurt, then I stood up straight and had equal weight on both of my feet. I walked out of that doctors office without a problem and without my crutches.

I can walk just fine but I won’t be overdoing it. Just cause I can walk doesn’t mean I’ll be walking everywhere. I’m only going to walk when I need to, like when I’m at home. My doc wants me to wait another two weeks before I can drive, however, I might bump that up to next week if my foot’s feeling up to it. I mean, if I can walk just fine and put that walking pressure on my foot, then I can drive since it doesn’t put nearly as much pressure on my foot. But I will give it another week and see how my foot’s doing before I start driving again.

I admit, I am extremely eager to get back into life and do something and see people. But I need to make sure my foot is well enough before jumping back in. My foot is fine for some simple walking, but nothing major.

I feel like I should be rewarded with a big bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream for getting through the last six weeks without going crazy and stabbing someone with a fork.

6 responses to “Bunionectomy Post Op: Week 6

  • Brent

    woo hoo! no more crutches!
    yes, being a sad crippled potato is no fun…lol
    good luck on that road to recovery!
    (and go get that ice cream! you deserve it!)

  • Nicole

    Hi, I found your blog thru google 🙂 I’m 20 yo and had a bunionectomy done on my left foot 4 days ago, I’m glad to read about your experiences! The pain is definitely not as bad as some ppl made it seem, and the most sucky part is definitely the hassle to pee. What other exercises do you suggest to avoid the loss of muscle mass?

    • aliapplejack

      Thank you for stopping by my blog!(:
      Unfortunately there’s really nothing you can do to avoid the loss of muscle 😦 Since there is no weight bear allowed, your muscle will begin to lose its mass. But once you’re allowed to start bearing weight again you will slowly start to get the mass back. I started walking again almost 4 weeks ago and the muscle in my right leg is still not back to what it was before.
      Hope you have a good recovery! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!(:

  • barbly1

    I had a bunionectomy done on July 2, 2013, so I am three weeks out from my surgery. I had my stitches removed today. I began exercising on the floor to keep my fitness and try to prevent some of the muscle loss. I remove my boot after sitting on the floor, do situps, lay on my side and raise and lower each leg straight up, toward the front, and toward the back. I am also doing girlie pushups for upper body. This works arms and chest, abs, glutes and quads. I am 60, love to exercise, and find this makes me feel more normal. Can’t stand laying around on the couch, either.

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