My Top 10 Favorite Songs Of The Moment Vol. 1

Woo! Let’s start June off with some music!

Here are my top 10 favorite songs of the moment, along with links so you can give them a listen(: I did title this as a volume 1, because I plan on doing more of these in the future, since obviously favorite song of the ‘moment’ change and some of these may not be the same.

It’s kinda hard to pick out my favorites from all the stuff I listen to, however the majority of these songs have been my favorites for years. They’re my favorites for specific reasons. So I guess this is kind of a mix between my favorite songs of all time and favorites of the moment? Oh whale.

So here they are(: (and yes, the order is significant)

1. Last Letter Read – Miles Away

2. Maritime – Window Is The Door

3. The Dangerous Summer – Northern Lights

4. Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me

5. The Sunstreak – Great White Coma

6. Ben Jenkins – Gone

7. The Morning Of – Reverie

8. Chasing Thrill – My Ballad


10. Theory of Flight – Next To You

I do want to mention that I consider songs, bands, and genres to be completely different things for me. So my favorite songs won’t necessarily be part of my favorite genre or belong to my favorite bands. And songs in my favorite genre won’t necessarily end up on my list of all time favorite songs. Most of these bands aren’t even close to being favorites, they just happen to have that one extremely relevant song that I connect with for different reasons, whether it be the lyrics or the music.

Anyway, happy June to everyone!(:

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